Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yeay! An interview with Yuna!

Email from Nuffnang:

Hey Ya,

Thank you for wanting to join us at Yuna's press conference tomorrow, 26th January 2011.

Attached is the whole run down for your reference, you can call me at 016-243**** or Michelle Wong at 016-311**** once you are there?

Be there on time okay? Because you don't want to miss any moments with Yuna hahaha...

Till then, can't wait to see you guys there, yay for Yuna! =)
Thanks again.


Best Regards,

Jestina Goon
Account Servicing 

m: (+6016) 24*****


So Jestina from Nuffnang called me this evening to invite Rayyan Haris and I to the Astro Hitz Yuna Inspired Press Conference. We are among the selected 10 DiGi representatives to meet and greet Yuna at the press conference. Surprisingly, we are also tasked to interview Yuna at the event, so I can't wait to be the next reporter in town. I am going to prepare lots of questions and take lots of pictures with Yuna!

Press conference rundown:

Date: 26th January 2011
Venue: Spasso Milano, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.

2.oo PM: Arrival of media and guests
2.30 PM: Jojo to greet crowd and introduce video
2.45 PM: Video to be played
2.50 PM: Yuna to go on stage to say a few words
3.00 PM: Official sticker to be placed on guitar, Yuna to sign
3.15 PM : Official Q&A session
3.40 PM: Impromtu' Yuna performance using signed guitar
3.50 PM: Refreshments
4.30 PM: End

*As copied from the attached document with the email.

Yuna, Diba and Azham!

P/S: I can't wait to meet Yuna and Jojo for the second time after we met each other during the Vaseline Amazing Skin Celebration Party last year. If only Diba the Dibot can follow me too tomorrow but she is quite sick now. Hope that she will get well soon. Take care...

PP/S: Spasso Milano is an Italian Restaurant! Oh God, You have helped me so much, I don't have to feed on stale bread anymore... Alhamdulillah.

PPP/S: Internet sucks here! I can't go for blog walking for a few days. Sorry yea but I will make it up to all of you once I pay this broadband bill. I am truly sorry...


zakiranSiraj said...

vosovic: waw! awesome. I pun nak jugak/ kasi la chance beb

Miss Zati (^___^) said...

wahhhh.. bez gilerrrrr... tgl interview dy ske x mamat tu... her scandal... haha... kem slm ae am.. hee~ :)

cikdiela said...

wah..bestnye dpt jumpa yuna.. :)

touya said...

Fewittttttt leh jumpa Yuna

AfiQ said...

congrats!!!!! my god!!! u r so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!

MTM said...

wow!!! you one lucky human!! hahaha....jeles3....

Aly89 said...

Wow! Bestnya! Send my regards to her, ok! Hehe...

kaizen shinobi said...


nice2... hehe

amek gambar bebanyak tau!

SizZLing SuZai said...

harrr lar whats ur prob with diba's sickness(erkk bunyikejam erk..hehehe) no lar INVITE ME LAH!!!! XD warghhh..super jeles ngan u skg nih!! XP xnk kwn~

ijatnuar87 said...

wah...terbaik la bro...kirim salam skit deh,hehehe..kalu ader otograph lebey pom boleh gak,hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Zakiran: hehe, you can always have another chance next time... heheh

Zati: ala, x sempat nak tanya Yuna soalan tu...

Cik Diela: mmg best jumpa Yuna tapi...

Touya: hehe,feewit kt Yuna ke kt sy? hehe

Afiq: thanks Afiq...

MTM: hehe, thanks Sis Mira..

Aly89: thanks sis!

Kaizen: yes, I have taken lots of photos, see next posts yea..

Suzai: she's sick so she doesn't want to infect me with her flu, she's a truly best friend of mine

Pokjat: hehe, tak de autograph Yuna la... hehe tapi kt CD ada la.. hehe