Friday, April 29, 2011

Year 1, Semester 1: It's Over!

So final exam is officially over! Oh I really love this feeling! Seriously, I can't wait to go for all sorts of outings planned within this month. I want to go back to Penang, spend a day with my friends in Genting Highlands, ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid, spending a night in Bukit Ampang and many many more! 

Oh dear, what a feeling I am having right now! But I don't want to be overexcited as things can go wrong at the point of time that I don't want it to be. Lots of hard work for me too starting June until this September. I am going to start working and spend my money that I earn myself. And I want to be a bad boy too for the rest of the holiday, tired of pleasing everyone on earth when I am the only one suffering. I will come back to IPG KBA, for good this September, clean from everything. 

Four months of holidays, here I come!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Magic

Oh it's magic!
I have started to seeing tables
Swimming in the lake while attempting
My final exam paper yesterday.

The questions were totally out of the world,
What I read was not what they asked.
I just hope I will pass the exam,
Oh God I don't ask you much.

P/S: Thanks to one of the Linguistics questions yesterday that gave me the idea to write this post, it's crazy!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Her story

What a sad life... 
No sparkling spotlights,
Not even her name on the highlights!
Not so glamorous leaving the limelights.

She is not a favorite of the country
So she has to eat up her own dignity.
The value system of a mean autocracy
Made the songstress step down the hierarchy.

That is just a bit of her story,
Not a history.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Break a leg, literally!

Tomorrow is my final examination for this semester and I quite like it. Why do I strangely feel like that? Well, the examination will be on for a week then I will be officially free from assignments, books and everything. I just have to stay back in IPBA until May 28th, Graduation Ceremony for my beloved seniors, Kak Miza especially and then I can go back to Penang. 

So this is my examination schedule:

Monday    (2-4PM)       : Kemahiran Berfikir
Tuesday   (2-4PM        : Falsafah Pendidikan
Wednesday (2-4 PM)      : Linguistics
Thursday  (8.30-10.30AM): Prose Forms and Poetry
Friday    (8.30-10.30AM): Communication Skills

From the bottom of my heart:

To all my friends in IPG KBA, B. Ed TESL for Secondary School especially, I wish all of you good luck and happy answering the question papers. I hope we can all get excellent result in the examination and enjoy our 4 months of holidays okay? Do your best people!

I would like to apologize to all of you if I have done anything foolish throughout this semester. There are fourty of us and we are all naughty right, so let us forgive each other. I forgive all of you as well, and I hope that we can answer the papers with a vivid memory and comprehension. 

To every student of IPG KBA, I know that tomorrow marks the exam week for all (except the juniors) so I wish all of you too good luck. I will never ever forget all of you, and when I say all of you it means all of you okay? Do your best people! 

Break a leg, literally!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My sister Paris

Awww, this is so cute Paris and Nicole...Can you give me one of your expensive car to me? I would accept any of that with no prejudice so please please please...And I would still love you Paris, my dear sister even though you were the first to be born and I was given to another family. I know that the Hilton hotels would be mine one day, pray hard Azham...

P/S: Oh, I really miss The Simple Life


So sad reading indirect notes... it's okay Azham, just go with the flow okay. Don't get involved in anything stupid because it can seriously injure both of you. Just love your good friends and blog readers dear, because they are always there for you. I should not care anymore because a fight is such a headache.

Kingdom of Love

In my case, my blog readers and followers. My good friends are in the list too, so thank you guys and girls. This kingdom of love between us shall not be torn down, hopefully.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just go with the flow

Poor that princess because at least, I have my friends around...my good friends actually. Now, my agenda is to make my haters wonder why I am still smiling for everything that I have gone through. I won't declare a war...I will just go with the flow. Maybe this is what I should have done earlier right?

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Showdown 2011 Back Atcha' with Nick Demoura: The Review

It was a hectic week for me, so when Nuffnang called me to join that event, I was all fired up to distress myself. Well, as I have posted in my previous post, Madam Yashwanora was supposed to join this dance workshop but she had to withdraw for some reasons actually.

So, I posted an "advertisement" in my blog for those who might be interested to join and the result was negative. I texted most of my friends and they were too busy with assignments and sports events. Well, I was lucky because at last, Syazwan was interested to join me on that night. 

So we went there, at Celebrity Fitness Lot 10 with so many talented dancers and bloggers. It was a shock actually, because I thought that there would be only 4 bloggers and 4 guests but more than 100 turned up last night. They got the invitation from Facebook because 8TV was shooting for the show Showdown 2011 with Nick Demoura too. The session for bloggers started quite late and I was already demotivated to dance at that time.

I am not pervert okay but I took this picture as a proof that the place was quite packed with talented dancers. Look at how they were dressed and danced! I seriously can't catch up that fast but at least I tried right? Okay, maybe I have asked too much here but I need to point out few things that I think should be improved one day. Well, Nick's presence last night was not really helpful because he had to handle lots of people. I think the organizer should reduce the number of participants or maybe get more people to help Nick on the floor. 

Then, at 10 PM, we both went to McD and eat! Yeah, we enjoyed the night even though we had to go through the crowd. I think I should never get too excited when I get any invitation for events later. They usually will not turn up to be great as I expected. Well, another lesson to be learnt!

Funny Cupcakes

This is the pictures of the cupcakes that I selfishly ate without knowing that I have to give one to Alexs Nuk. I deliberately took these pictures and enjoyed them silently in my room, and then suddenly Alexs Nuk came to my room and said:

"Hey, Diba said she gave me something and it's on Shafik's table. Do you see it? She said that it's small and..."

And I was like "Oh my God! Did he mean the cupcakes just now? It's inside my tummy now!".

Then I told him the truth and bought him Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence as a substitute. Thank goodness that Alexs Nuk was very tolerant and not so fussy about it.

Well Diba, thank you so much for buying me the cupcakes! You should also remind me that you want to give it to Alexs Nuk too, so I won't do it again next time hehehe. And that was a funny story behind that cute little Bisou cupcakes! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Haters can only hate the things they cannot have and the people they cannot be. The most important thing is, haters just make people like me famous. 

P/S: Okay now I feel like I am Rebecca Black! 
Not so famous, hehehe.

Thanks BFF for your support, I have already felt better once I read your text message yesterday night. That was so thoughtful of you. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eat Up

It is okay for you to hate me,
I am born in this world
To deal with such hatred.
Just remember one thing,
It will eat you up one day,
That is all...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance Partner

I am just sad that my dance partner for the event tomorrow can't make it. I want someone whom I can go crazy with, someone with a style that is not afraid of him/herself. Contact me now if you think you are one and I will consider you...thank you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Invitation to Showdown 2011 Back Atcha' with Nick Demoura

This post is not meant to brag about this invitation, I just want to share this with fellow bloggers and readers.

Dear Nuffnanger,

Thank you for confirming you attendance. You're cordially invited to the the Showdown 2011 Back Atcha' with Nick Demoura Workshop happening on;

Date: 20 April 2011
Time : 8.15 pm – 10.15 pm
Venue: Celebrity Fitness LOT 10 (next to Rootz)

TWO (2) invites have been reserved under your name and email address at this point. There is no set dress code for this event, but you are encouraged to wear something that you would feel comfortable moving around in as this would be a dance workshop. Last but not least, have fun gettin' down at the workshop!

Thara Sofian
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

Alhamdulillah, finally I receive this invitation to join that dance workshop with Justin Bieber's dance choreographer, Nick Demoura.

The name might not sound familiar to you but he played one big role in Step Up 3D, not as an actor but choreographer. He has worked with Natasha Bedingfield, JoJo, The Pussycat Dolls and Justin Bieber! Yes, you read that right; Nick choreographed the slick dance moves you see the teenage heartthrob performing and is in fact, on tour with Justin at the moment!

Oh My God! I really can't wait for this Wednesday to come, despite the fact that I have my final examination in the week after. It is okay, I regard this as one of the exercises to kill the stress right? Take it positively people!

So, who will be coming with me? That's a secret I will never tell. I have that particular person in mind and she is.....

The forever-young lecturer, Madam Yashwanora. I have texted her and she too can't wait to join the dance workshop. I really am looking forward for that event and don't worry, I will keep you guys and girls updated. Let's pray that Justin Bieber is going to make a special appearance there too, hopefully hehehe.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ghosts inside this building

So there are ghosts inside this building;
An eerie-looking hostel for us the naughties.
They will push the tables and lockers upstairs, 
Run on the floor and knock on my house's door
At 2 AM every morning, religiously.

Yesterday I encountered one spooky experience.
There was something running in front of my room
When everyone of us were sleeping soundly but me.
I knew there were nobody else awake because we 
Won't run like an animal at 2 in the morning.

So who was there last night?

Gadis Semasa Sunsilk : The Concert Review

As mentioned in my previous post, today is the day that I will upload pictures about the Gadis Semasa Sunsilk Concert that I went to last night. Thanks to Mr Aiman for taking all those photos, I will definitely call you for future events and help me with the photos okay?

This is Aiman, the photographer and photo uploader. Thank you Aiman, seriously.

That was the stage,small but very intimate to the audiences.

Look at the crowd! There were even people from Sungai Petani who came there to watch Hujan's performances.

I really enjoy going to clubs like that, to experience different things with new people I met there. I hope there will be no curfew hours in my hostel for weekends so I can go to more concerts and events in KL.

The part when Melda Ahmad, the Gadis Semasa was being introduced to the crowd. Can you spot Ally Iskandar on the stage?

Ally and Melda. Look at how small Melda is because Ally is even taller. Melda can improve her singing skills but she has no problem interacting with the crowd, trust me! She sang the song "Kimia" too and the crowd sang along with her, what an achievement for a newbie like her.

One Nation Emcees, they are fabulous! They can sing and dance with a very entertaining attitude. Mimi, the female vocalist has a great voice and she danced like international superstars! I think that One Nation Emcees can go beyond Malaysian market and hit America like Yuna too!

This is the part when Yuna and Melda sang along the song "Gadis Semasa". Honestly, I think they both should collaborate in a song together-lah! 

I wish that one day Yuna can compose a song for me and I can be a singer like her too. Dream on, dream high Azham!


The peak performance of the night, HUJAN! Yeay, I manage to sing along with the crowd too. I think I have fallen in love with this band Diba...

Oh wait, I have a suggestion! Why don't Red Productions produce a new TV series, something like Blogger Boy but in a reality TV? They can search for bloggers and follow them around to see how bloggers get ideas and blog about it. Malaysians can see the reality of a blogger's real life, and the emotions coming out from their writing. Wow, I should really email my suggestion to Red Productions! Okay people, don't copy this hehehe. Let's see who will be the lucky one if this idea has been approved one day. I mean, we should compete healthily and through the right channel right? 

So, that is all for today, from Mr. Vosovic. Until I get new invitations to events and concerts some other time, take care and God bless!

Gadis Semasa Concert

Gadis Semasa Concert
8 PM until late,
Orange Dragonfly Club Kuala Lumpur.

That was Ally Iskandar, the emcee of the night. We met him when we went to the "surau" in Pavilion for Maghrib prayer. He was not the same as I watch in TV; he was quite short and plum, sorry!

Melda Ahmad, the "Gadis Semasa" as shown in the series. She's small, slim and needs more practice. You go girl!

Yuna, my forever favorite Malay singer! She sang "Dan Sebenarnya", "Penakut", "Cinta Sempurna" and "Gadis Semasa". Seriously, she was the best performer on that night and the crowd went hysterical when she sang "Penakut". Love that song so much!

HUJAN! Yes, the crowd went literally mad when the band came out as the last performer. Well, Ella and One Nation Emcees performed as well for the concert but I totally forgot to snap their pictures. My photographer, Mr Aiman has taken lots of photos and videos but I have to wait for them to be uploaded first okay?


To Diba, I wish you were there last night but it's okay. Your duties as a daughter is more important and I am totally cool with that. So, I will award you for your kindness with this little something in that black box. Hope you'll like it!

Fitness First

Hi guys and girls, how are you today? Well, I am so happy to blog about my activity today. I got an invitation to join my lecturer, Madam Yashwanora to accompany her at Fitness First gym so we went to the gym at Menara Manulife, Damansara Heights. That was my first time in an official GYM actually, if IPBA's gym is also counted. 

Well, for weekends, Platinum members like my lecturer can bring other people to join the exercises for free. As it is free, then why should I waste that opportunity right? She picked me up at 2 PM and we went there straight and changed our attire. I started off with just a simple warm up on the treadmill while Madam Yash was enjoying her coffee hehehe.

At 3 PM, we started with Body Balance class, which involves our coordination and balance. It was very hard to be done as I had to stretch every muscles in my body. The trainer was very flexible as she can do all sorts of movements while I was struggling quite badly. This class integrates Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility and Core Training to distress our mind with a sense of wellbeing and calm. If you are having stress with your work loads then you are recommended to join this class.

After 45 minutes, we joined the Body Jam class, which I think is the best so far. If you are a dancer than you should join this dance-based workout. It incorporates rhythmic and dancing skills so if you loves dancing, then you have no reason to skip this workout. Seriously, I think that my dance skill has been improved though it was only my first day there. I love the choice of music and dance steps that they have there!

I have also applied for a free 7 days of trial with Fitness First Avenue K. I will be going there with my friends after my final exams so if you guys and girls are interested in getting a healthier mind, life, body and soul, don't hesitate to log on to www.fitnessfirst.com.my and get all the benefits there.

Oh wait, I went to "Konsert Gadis Semasa Sunsilk" at Orange Dragonfly Club Kuala Lumpur at 8 PM too. You see, how Azham Vosovic has turned to be a socialite now? Well, I love my new status so don't be jealous people because we all have our own specialties right?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lonely in a crowded room

I always feel that awkward emptiness atmosphere when my friends are busy answering the exam questions.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Love hurts but shopping heals.
So I'm terribly addicted 
And I just can't get enough.
Maybe I should not stay alone
And shop for more lot!

Bring her down

I'll bring her down,
I'll bring her down,
The Head of Department with no crown.
I hate her now, I hate her now, 
The Head of Department is going down.

P/S: Which Head of Department? Only I have the answer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day Out for Self

For the sake of a plate of rice, I need to go out and do all sorts of donkey jobs to make sure my tummy is full for another day. What a sad life because other people can have their meals on time while I am struggling here and there with my assignments.

Until today, I managed to sneak out of my busy life and went for food hunting, again! This time, I had to deal with my cravings for Japanese Soba in Secret Recipe! Oh yea, I have settled my cravings and where is the next pit-stop?

Bangsar Sports Complex, the only place in Kuala Lumpur that I can go swimming with a cheap rate! Seriously, RM 2 for two hours of swimming session and there are less people there too! 

Then I went to Nasi Kandar Pelita. I had one roti canai and one roti telur and am still full until now.

 My friends, Azam, Shafik, Imran and Fizur were there too but since this post is about a day out for myself, I decided not to include their photos in this post. It sounds mean right but what to do?

After that, I decided to take a stroll back to my hostel. Can you imagine that I had to walk from Bangsar to IPG KBA? It was fun though, the best scenery in Bukit Pantai! Well, I love "kerja gila" like this because some of my friends don't. 

And that is the view of my hostel from Bukit Pantai. Only IPBArians will notice this old building right?

To add some creepiness to that old building, I edited the picture to look more haunted than ever. Most of the hostels in IPG KBA are haunted actually as I have heard stories from my seniors and friends. So far, I have not experienced any ghostly adventures yet and not planning to get one!

So I reached the hostel at about 6.30 PM and here am I, completing this blog post to all of you. Oh wait, I have published it already, hehehe! Enjoy...