Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is for my people who have been very thoughtful when I am around them in IPG KBA; my dearest friends and lecturers. This is a heartfelt good bye to all of you because I am leaving Kuala Lumpur tonight at 10 PM insyaallah. If I am still given a chance to breathe in this world, we shall meet again in September. 

Thanks to all friends, for being so supportive and sweet when it comes to entertaining my sensitivity. Only God can repay your kindness one day, I hope that our friendship will last forever, and we can graduate together in 2015.

To all lecturers, thank you for not giving up on me and all of us. I know that we are the rebellious group of students, and we did not study hard as well. I hope that I can do better next semester, because I want to be an excellent English language teacher one day.

Dear followers and readers of Love Hate by Azham Vosovic, I hope that all of you enjoyed all the dramas that I have posted here. I wish that I will have more time to blog but I need to find a job, and get paid for that. At least I have something to do for my semester break right? Wish me luck because this will be my first time working.

Thank you so much for appreciating my presence. Okay guys and girls, I will see you around... Take care and god bless!

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Happy Family

I love you, 
You love me,
We are a happy family,
With a great big hug
And a gift from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too?

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So now I am having fever, what is going to happen on the day of the convocation? I have practiced with the choir members since the last three months and now I am sick. Oh God, I have promised to sing for Kak Miza and Kak Arifah... will they be able to see me this Saturday? Oh God please, let me recover from this sickness and perform on that day? Oh God, please, please, please.

Love is Pain

Capital A texted me and all I received was just a complete awkwardness between the two of us. God, love is so painful.

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Young and Restless

This GIF image describes all the best things about my life as a teenager! Thumbs up to the creator of this GIF, I totally LOVE it! I am young and restless forever and always...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crush Crush Crush

The awkward moment when your crush happened to be in the same class actually. How are you going to face him/her everyday?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


People in Tumblr are superbly creative, sometimes mean, gorgeously attractive and damn humorous. Well, I joined Tumblr about a year ago after I saw thedibalicious own account and decided that "Yes, I must have one!". We at Tumblr love scrolling down the dashboard, re-blogging other people's post and the best thing is, I love their GIF images which I sometimes re-blog here. Another quality that we all at Tumblr share is that, we are all "forever alone" right Tumblr-ers?

Capital A

The smell of Capital A is fading, 
I think no more love is coming?
Bye-bye memories.

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Azham Vosovic with one of the famous Tumblr-rer in IPG KBA, thedibalicious. I will not see her in the next three months but don't worry, she'll be busy "Body-Jamming", skipping, and doing a secret task I will assign her. I just want to keep her busy this holiday, and see the results in September. I really can't wait to see the changes in my first trainee...honestly. By the way, I need to help myself too as I have stopped jogging for quite a while now. It is dangerous you know, I think I should jog around the lake in UM this evening...

Visit her Tumblr at:

Gloomy Days

Gloomy days are going to be over; I will show the world why I keep on smiling the next day in the morning. Thanks for the talks, texts and tweets everyone, I will keep them safe at the back of my mind. You know why I still believe that I should not pen down my writing? It is definitely because of all of you, the people who care and excited about everything. Thank you guys and girls, I love all of you. Let us all spread LOVE in our writing, peace to every body (",).

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Monday, May 23, 2011


My future lover should love the random things that I do. Well, when I said that I needed an exercise, I went all the way from IPG KBA to Mid Valley and again back to my hostel. And when I said that I wanted to be alone, I went to Pavilion just to read the magazines at Times, and then walked all the way to KLCC and visit the Petronas Gallery. 

Nevertheless, I will be penniless at the end of the month with no more money in my account. All I have is more than enough to keep me alive for the rest of this week; luckily I bought my train ticket earlier. So I must state it loud and clear here that I have to put a stop to my RANDOM lifestyles because after all, I am not a real socialite born in a wealthy family. My parents are just normal people, both work hard in the police force to keep food on our table the next morning. I am the eldest in my family so I should know better right? I am sorry mommy and daddy, I promised I won't be that random again. Okay I promised that I will try, at least (",).

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P/S: Don't ask me about the reason I chose this picture, it is all random hehehe.

Beyond Horrible


The awkward moment when you try to take a picture of yourself, and every picture you take is beyond horrible.

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Last Forever

Love that smell,
Hope that it will last forever on me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hap-PENANG : Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Okay, after a very long delay about my trip to Penang, so here I am keeping you guys and girls updated with the latest story. On our second day in Penang island, we went to a stall named "Nasi Kandar Line Clear" to have our brunch there (brunch at 12 AM) right Yazid, Diba, Amariah, Hakimah and Aliff? Gosh, we were so hungry at that time and I ordered a lot of food on my plate.

I asked for two pieces of big prawns, extra "nasi beriyani", "telur dadar" and "cendol" as well. Well, I was seriously shocked with the price that was charged for my food. Okay, read this clearly okay, RM 23 for a breakfast+lunch! Argh, all I could say at that time was "padan muka" because I forgot that I was a tourist, and it as my bad for ordering too much. Aliff said that I should speak in Northern slang because they would know that I am a local people there and apparently I did not. 

This is the "cendol" that I ordered and it tasted awesomely! I am serious, that is one of the best "cendol" in Penang island. They use a very fresh coconut milk a.k.a "santan" so it totally fresh, and delicious as well. Even Diba ordered the same dessert.

This is Yazid with his food. It costed him for about RM 10++ for a plate of Nasi Kandar. Well, that is much better than mine.

Hakimah's food costed her for about RM 8++, which is quite okay. Oh god I am so hungry right now...

This is Aliff and I think that his food costed him for about RM 11. Oh my, I miss that "papadom".

This is Amariah and she did not quite like the food. It tasted a bit spicy for her to handle, sorry Kak Mariah, that is the real "nasi kandar".

This is the Wall of Fame at the restaurant. Note that many celebrities have come and tasted the food here. I can spot Awal Ashari, Afdlin Shauki and Sharifah Shahirah there, can you?

The place is quite simple for a well-known stall like this. I wonder if the owner still want to keep the nostalgia of the place by preserving the looks of the stall. I think that maybe the owner can do a bit of improvement to the stall, maybe by installing more fans or air conditioner because it is quite warm there in the afternoon. The food quality is undebatable, that is the real "nasi kandar" in Penang, I looooovvvvvveeeee it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live Dangerously

Okay my life has been kind of boring now. I need some fun, maybe some dangerous things to do? I need some thrill, an adrenaline rush maybe? Well, thanks to Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf for influencing me to live my life dangerously. Thank you girls, xoxo!

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Happy Birthday Izati

Happy Birthday Izati!!!

I hope you are comfortable with your age now. Hello you are twenty already hahaha. I wish you a Happy Birthday, don't worry because twenty is just a set of numbers. Most of us are still nineteen, so let us be hehehe.

This picture was taken last week, May 12th when we had an advanced birthday surprise for her. This is the picture before she was pranked, taken in HR Steakhouse Kampung Baru.

This is the picture after the celebration! Yeah, we managed to cover her in flour when we walked near Menara TM, just after we got out from the LRT. Now imagine that she had to walk looking like that back to the college. Yeah, we are so mean and luckily she can take the joke. Well, birthday is celebrated only once in a year right? I can't wait to see and experience the surprises on my own birthday. My friends are going to be here in college on December 15 so I'll wait for my turn hehehe.

So Izati, I have this special gift for you since you LOVE Auntie Anne's pretzel so much right? I have called Madam Ann to make one for you (since you two share the same birth date) but wait, you are not in college already right? Oh my I have to cancel the plan right away hahaha.

She was also wearing her favourite jeans, t-shirt, scarfs and handbag on that night, what a coincidence. Okay enough with the ramblings. Dear Nurul Izati Binti Zainal Abidin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All the best in your life, have a blessed journey ahead. You are one of my close friends in college and thank you for willing to sit next to me in class. I know that I annoy you sometimes and I do miss our times spent in the class. Take care Zati, see you in September, salam. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

All Boys Party

Tonight is the all boys party in my room and we have various choices of horror/thriller movies in the hard disk. I have Abul, Azam and Fizur on my bed, looking so terrified to see what is coming in this movie, "The Unborn" and the best part is, someone (or something) has just knocked my room's door and when I opened it, no one was there. Okay I know this hostel is haunted and I am quite paranoid now but please not tonight. Oh Aiman please ask them to stop knocking...

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A rainbow for me

If I don't make it today,
Will there still be a rainbow for me?

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Not ready

Everyday I hear news about people departing to another world, the eternity. I will be shocked, as always but I know deep inside that I am not ready. I just don't know when the time will be that I am ready.

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May 16th


On May 16th, I went to see Madam Yashwanora and she said that I have gained weight. "You have chubbier cheeks!" she said; and guess what? That is how I reacted on the day of Teacher's Day Celebration.

P/S: Some of you may wonder why I keep on writing about this iron lady? Well... she do not judge people, and she managed to make me look positively about my life. Plus, she is good in English grammar so that really help my proficiency in English. 

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A Lonely Road

I walk a lonely road
In a place that I don't belong.
I have nothing to say,
Just some tears to soothe my sanity.
I love myself...
But people loathe me,
That is how beautiful my life is.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To talk to you

I knocked your door last night because I need someone to talk to. My roommate has left, my P-I-C is in Labis and my friends are so occupied with their life. I figured that I can have a little chat with you but...you felt asleep when I was in the middle of the conversation. So sad, I want to talk to you because I need guidance in life as I want to change; but maybe next time buddy? 

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Never give up

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hap-PENANG : Night Life at Batu Ferringhi

Okay, I hope that there will be nothing wrong with this blog post this time.

Salam guys and girls, how are you? Now is another update regarding my vacation in Penang last week. As mentioned in my previous blog post, we were so hungry and there were no cheap restaurants available in Batu Ferringhi so we had to starve for the day. On our way back to the hotel, we suddenly came across this "mamak" restaurant just near our hotel sh*t! 



Hungry faces, poor us...

After our dinner, we went back to our room to bathe and pray...and I had a big gathering with Syariful Radhi, my long lost mate in Kem PLKN Syruz, Bukit Mertajam. Oh I miss him so much because he is like a brother for me. Thank you Radhi, for keeping us company that evening; I am glad to see your face again after two years of separation...

After Radhi left that night, all six of us went out to the bazaar in Batu Ferringhi town. It is open daily, from 7-12 PM with so many choices of gifts, t-shirts, cute items and more.

You would have to walk for about an hour to finish shopping from the beginning to the end part of the bazaar. It is located alongside the main road of Batu Ferringhi, so don't worry you guys and girls will not be lost in time while shopping. 

Look at thedibalicious, she bought a small bag/pouch for herself and nothing for Nebai hehehe.

You can also buy the lanterns for RM 30+ each and display it at your house. I would love to buy it but I would have to face the trouble carrying it around while traveling. Also seen in the scene is thedibalicious.

This is one of the home decorations that caught my eye because of the design and its colors. The lamp is on sale for RM 20 each and I would love to buy it and put it in my room but I shall wait until I have my own house in future.

You can also get this one for RM 20+, and it is cute for home decoration. Well unfortunately, the model in the picture is not for sale.

Okay, thedibalicious and I did something to irk Jaazli Ahmad as he is one of Bruno Mars's biggest fan. I hope that I managed to make him hate me for doing a pose like that hahaha. Not to forget, Miss Sizzling Suzai is also a fan of Bruno Mars...

Last but not least, please don't forget to drop by at the bazaar in Batu Ferringhi if you are so happened to be there. There are varieties of stuff you can buy for your family, friends and followers. So, wait for my next post okay, it is about "Nasi Kandar Line Clear". 


"If you want the rainbow, 
you have to tolerate the rain"

-Thumbs up Alexs Nuk, I just love your Facebook status and decided to share it here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hap-PENANG : Batu Ferringhi

Okay, since I have lost the post I made about Batu Ferringhi, I have to make a new one and here it is.

This is the beautiful scenery of Batu Ferringhi, RM 2.70 for the bus fare from Komtar to this small town and it will take us for about 30 minutes if I'm not mistaken. We stayed at EQ Ferringhi Hotel for RM 118 in a room equipped with 3 single beds, a set of television with Astro channels, air conditioner and shower with water heater. Wow, that is affordable right?

Our next agenda is to hunt for food, so we walked in the town with hopes to find a restaurant with good food but offers us an affordable price. We stopped by at "The Golden Thai restaurant" because there were so many aquariums and big marine life in it. Nevertheless, the food served there was so expensive that we can never afford it. One exciting information about the restaurant is, we can fish/catch the fishes or marine life by ourselves and let the chefs cook it for us.

Next, we peeped inside this enormous restaurant called "The Ship" but again, the Western cuisine served there will cost us for about RM 40++ for a plate. It's okay, so where is our next stop?

We had to walk along this beach with an empty stomach but luckily the view was great. At least, the breeze and the sun managed to distract us from our sadness and hunger for a while.

Then Yazid, who is well-known as a businessman among us decided to try 'para-sailing' for only RM 50. That is cheap, even I would like to try but I am not mentally prepared for that.

Look at Yazid, he is reciting some prayers for his safety. Good luck man!

This *coughsexyshirtlessguy here reminded Yazid about a few precautions of what to do and not to do while he is literally flying. 

Okay, now is the time for him to go. Yazid, if anything happens to you, I would like to have your car please please please.

Yeay, he is already up in the air. Look at how static he is, not moving at all. Are you scared Yazid?

The boat took him for a tour for about 15 minutes until we can hardly see him anymore. For me, that is a very affordable and meaningful ride...

And now it is time for him to touch the ground, to where he belongs.

Ooopppsss! Quite a bumpy ride!

Yeah, he made it! Yazzeid Yassein (his name in Facebook) managed to do it! Way to go boy! Okay people, wait for my next post about the night life in Batu Ferringhi. See yeah...