Monday, May 2, 2011

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert: The Review

Hey guys and girls! How are you today? Feeling better than yesterday? Well, glad to hear that from all of you. If you are feeling stressed up with heavy work loads and all, just take 30 minutes to work out, loaf around and greet everyone on earth. Trust me, it helps to distress! Oh by the way, Happy Labor Day people,(but bloggers have no holiday).

Yunalis Zarai

So today, I am inspired to review about the event last night, Yuna Inspired Secret Concert, powered by DiGi(not so secret anymore). Yes, it was held in Solaris Dutamas, a quiet and serene place in KL actually. Thanks to DiGi for asking Nuffnang to call me to cover the event and to Astro Hitz, Canon Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines too for making Yuna Inspired such a happening TV series! Without all of you, I would not be there for the press conference two months ago and the concert last night.

Jaazli Ahmad

Rayyan Haries

I went there with my college mates, Rayyan Haries and Jaazli Ahmad as we are DiGi Super Bloggers (not to brag but we are kind of like DiGi's little ambassadors already hehehe). There, we had a bit of reunion with fellow Super DiGi bloggers, Mokky Mok, Myrmia Mealodies, Sis Ruby, Naim, Elwyn and few more. I wish all of us were there but some of us had something going on so it is okay. We can still see each other in future right Super DiGi blogger? CHALLENGE!!!

Mokky and Jaazli

Jaazli and Naim

The event started at 9 PM when Jojo Struys finally announced the songstress to get rockin' on stage. Yes, Yuna was stunning as she would ever be! She performed the song "Dan Sebenarnya", "These Streets", "Penakut" "Cinta Sempurna", "Coffee" and many more. I was really impressed as I heard such a melodious voice she has and the inspiring lyrics in her songs.

For those who have been following Yuna Inspired in Astro Hitz and YouTube, you guys would probably been informed about the purpose of the Secret Concert. Yuna has already finished recording the song entitled "Memo" which she collaborated with her fans to give ideas for the missing lines in the song. For two months straight, Yuna had to scroll down her Twitter timeline and Facebook wall to search for the best line that would suit the song. 

Yes, you read that right! Her fans had to inspire Yuna by sending the ideas via Twitter and Facebook and they could get interactive with her. This is probably the first time that the fans could contribute in a song in Malaysia, and doing it via social media networking. To celebrate the release of the song, a Secret Concert for her fans was held last night so we could all get intimate with her.

Jaazli and Jojo

This show is directed by this lady, Jojo Struys who have been following Yuna all around the world, from Kuala Lumpur, New York and London to shoot her music journey. Well, Yuna has also signed up with Fader Label so watch out people because the Yuna that sing the song "Dan Sebenarnya" is now an international songstress! What an achievement Yuna, way to go!

During the press conference after the event, I asked Yuna about the probability that the second season of Yuna Inspired would be about the journey of Yuna as a mentor to her fans. I mean, the fans can collaborate with her in a song, sing with her and win Grammy awards together right? Hahaha, that is quite a big dream to achieve but I know she can do it!

Here are the four people in-charge for making the song "Memo" a reality. If it is not because of Nur Jawahir, Shamiera, Sarah and Jesse, that song would still be kept in Yuna's diary maybe? 

In this photo, SuLin Lau from DiGi and representatives from Astro Hitz and Canon Malaysia, the iron ladies behind this project. They are very generous and brilliant for making this music-documentary because not many artists have the same opportunity like Yuna. 

As a media a.k.a blogger on that night, I received these awesome gifts, and really am thankful for that; glad that media's presence on that night was given a very warm welcome. I am grateful for everything that I had and experience that night so I am looking forward to attending more blogger's events in future.

Well, this is Mr Azham Vosovic reporting for Yuna Inspired Secret Concert, powered by DiGi! I have to hit the bed now, so tweet and blog about LOVE everyone! See how we can inspire people with that unnoticeable acts, see yeah!


AfiQ said...

one word.. JELOUS!!!!! u r so lucky la!!! huhuhuh..

Azham Vosovic said...

Afiq: alhamdulillah...rezeki lps exam hehehe

randomtalks said...

bestnye...kenapa xdak iklan pon :(

aqmalazmi said...

just tengok yuna dekat 705 jeww..heee

Anonymous said...

giler best!

Azham Vosovic said...

Randomtalks: hehe, mmg xda iklan kot sbb ni konsert rahsia....hehehe

Aqmalazmi: huhu, xper la kan, still tgk juga...jgn lupa tgk episode yg kat Secret Concert ni tau...

Azham Vosovic said...

IzudeanIzed: hehe, mmg best huhuh... sgt seronok...

Jesse Jeremy Joy said...

thanks for the mention by the way. :D

Azham Vosovic said...

Heheheh... no big deal bro! you deserve it...