Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out Of Fuel

Have you experienced a car out of fuel in the middle of a highway on a late night and nobody on the road care to stop and help? Well, I experienced that last month, with my friends when we were on our way back to college.

We went to Sunway Pyramid earlier and took the New Pantai Expressway (Lebuhraya Pantai Baharu) because we were a bit behind the time. It was nearly 11 PM and we were supposed to be inside our hostel compound but suddenly the car stopped. I was driving but I did not realize that the car needs a refuel. Luckily there were not many cars on the road so I managed to stop at the side of the highway.

We tried to call for help but it occurred to us that most road users were afraid to help. Maybe they thought that we were some kind of orang jahat trying to rob them if they stopped? 

I was very lucky that night, that my friends were there as well so I do not feel ashamed and scared alone. Imagine that I have to go through that shameful and scary incident all by myself, in the middle of a highway where the petrol station is nowhere seen. 

I tried to do something with the engine but I know nothing about cars! I have never even opened the car boot and service my own car, so I was seriously not able to make things better. Now I know that MEN must know a little bit about cars, so that MEN can figure out what is wrong with MEN's cars.

Luckily we managed to call the NPE Helpline, so their service people came to the rescue about half an hour later. We gave them RM 20 and they went to the nearest petrol station and bought a big tank of petrol for us. If it was not them who helped us, I think all of us would have stranded on the highway until the next morning. 

Then can you guess? Did we go back to our college straight after the car has been refueled? Nope! We headed to Putrajaya since the  time had passed 12 AM already, and we have informed our warden about the incident. He allowed us to come back a bit later so why waste this chance right?

The view in Putrajaya was scenic, and it was windy so we stayed there until 1 AM. After most of us felt sleepy, we headed back to our hostel and the security guard did not scold us. You see, what a blessing in disguise. I can tell my kids one day, that this experience is blog-able too ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gasoline Cafe

Have you ever been served by an emo/punk girl with heavy make-up and dark clothing in a restaurant? Well, why don't you guys and girls try out this place...Gasoline Cafe in i-City Shah Alam. 

Gasoline Cafe is another option for food lovers out there and you can also experience sitting cross-legged (bersila) with your friends. It is so rare to find a restaurant that offers this kind of attraction so Gasoline Cafe really let us experience the difference. 

I went there with my friends last Saturday night to celebrate Nurr Shafik's birthday. It was his girlfriend's idea, Nateesha that brought us to i-City but I suggested this cafe.

We ordered a lot of food because the price is quite reasonable. For appetizers, we had a basket of salmon ball (RM 6.90), French Fries (RM 5.90) and fried nuggets (RM 5.90). We ordered orange, watermelon and mango juice for RM 5.00 each and also mango tea latte for RM 5.50.

For the main course, this birthday boy ordered Portugal Chicken Rice for only RM 7.90.

I ordered wrapped fish and egg with vegetable rice and it cost me  RM 7.90 too.

This is the special cheese curry chicken rice and it is baked with cheese on top of it. Seriously scrumptious, RM 16.90 per plate.

Nateesha ordered Thai style fried rice (RM 7.90) and she loved it. 

For readers out there, no worries because this cafe is certified HALAL and we can have a free wi-fi access as well. The music selection in the cafe is also up-to-date so we will not feel so dull while enjoying our food. 

If you are interested to try out this cafe, why don't you head out to its nearest branch as Gasoline Cafe is also available at Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid, Sungei Wang Plaza and The Spring. This is certainly the place where food lovers stop to fill in their stomach and not for gasoline ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Faraway Land, i-City.

Parking: RM 10 per entry and that is all I think.

Nurr Shafik and Alexs Nuk

With Nateesha Zhabernyh.

Went there to celebrate Nurr Shafik's birthday, and all four of us had the best of time spent there. The lights are all beautiful, it makes us feel that we are in a fairy tale land actually. 

The atmosphere is very calming and suitable for family outing. I see no love couples doing extra-curricular activities there too so I think that the park is safe for all age group ;)

Sometimes I wonder why it is called 'i-City' and not the 'City of Light' or any other name. Does anyone care to share with me? Too lazy to google-lah.

Well, I am very well proud that Malaysia has this kind of tourist attraction, that is why we should promote our own places of interest to the whole world. 

There are Snow Walk, Reptile and Animal Farm, fun-fair, games arcade and a strand of restaurants too with an ambiance of warmth. I do not know why but the people around there are very helpful, warm and cheerful so I feel like I am home. 

And yes, at 12 o'clock in the morning we sang a Happy Birthday song to Nurr Shafik and ate at a restaurant which we can sit cross-legged (bersila), so wait for my next post okay?

P/S: The maintenance at this park is great but I am quite disappointed with the toilet. Duh! Please flush whenever you have settled your thing dude! Yes, it happened in a male's toilet and seriously shameful.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hustle-bustle of the city

I am leaving Kuala Lumpur for good tonight; bye-bye Pavilion, Suria KLCC and Mid Valley Megamall. Argh, those shopping malls for my favorite window shopping *No, I do not shop for windows just stepping in and out of stores trying my hardest to resist the sale. Please...let me save my money, save my money and never marry a foreigner ;)

I hope that my coming back to Penang tonight will be a blessed journey and I can settle TITAS and Sosiologi Pendidikan assignments before 10th of December. Yes, I will be back in KL for a seminar in UPM on the 10th, and will stay here for my study week until I sit for my final examination in January. Insyaallah, everything is going to be fine. For those heading out to their hometown, have a safe trip home and please take care of your health. Ring me up if anyone of you are planning to visit Penang because who knows we can meet up right?

P/S: I am probably inside the train by now, just want to lie down on this bed and clear my mind from the hustle-bustle of the city.  In fact, I am in a dire need of a vacation so mommy daddy please bring me to Langkawi ;)

The Cancerous Jaguar

This is a sequel of the previous blog post about this Jaguar:

I heard that it survives, 
the African Jaguar and it revives.
Lethal injection did not kill it, 
even the mechanic could not catch it. 
Though it has Stage 4 cancer 
it runs like a predator,
the fiercest of its roar. 
Sometimes it coughs and it pukes,
Such old Jaguar needs to be renewed.

P/S: Take care Jaguar, I may not need you anymore. 
Let others drive you around town, and make sure they fill up the tank. What I earn by sending people all over the world is merely deficit, but I thank you for the experience. At least I can tell my kids this painful story.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Black Swan on Ice

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Price: RM 23 for school holidays.

I have been longing to skate for over a year and yesterday I managed to fulfil my lust. Yeah, I think this second time skating was not too bad, at least I did not fall and wet my jeans ;)

A heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my TESL seniors, Abul, Acap, and Farouk for the fun we had (minus Rizal, the small boy there because he is my classmate), and the pain on our leg now.

Sorry, we cam-whored a lot but thanks to Aliff and Acap for the photos. 

We had our skate-shoes on, gloves and everything complete but had to wait for the ice-rink to be cleared. This "Black Swan" is really a great skater and I think that she enjoys her work here.

Then after 15 minutes or more, the rink was opened and there goes everyone...There was such a crowd so we had to slow down skating as we do not want to fall or hit anyone.

I was nervous because I do not want to fall but luckily ice-skating is just the same as skating on a roller-blade. Thank God that I used to skate when I was a kid so I applied the same principle. I tried my best not to get into other people's way and let them "gelabah" because falling is not fun! However, it is worth the experience but I still do not want to fall hahaha.

After nearly 2 hours, I got off the rink and left the place. My feet were in pain because you need to tie the shoe tight or you will feel discomfort later. Walking with the skate-shoe on a normal floor/tile feels cool too, as I feel so very tall and confident. Yeah, not on the ice-rink or I will fall hahaha. 

Well, ice-skating is simply a good exercise, especially for those who want to try something new. I sweat a lot even though it was cool down there, I guess that I burnt a huge amount of calories too people. 

P/S: Bring your own socks and gloves, no need to get the expensive one there ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Johnny's Restaurant-One Utama

Hye guys and girls, how are you doing today? Have you treated yourself something good, a vacation or maybe a special feast for your tummy? Well, Diba and I went to One Utama on Wednesday night because we were so bored at our hostel although we were supposed to read "Green is the colour".

Please blame this person as she has been asking me out like nobody's business; thank God that I am single and available. I like to try out new restaurants, good food and various taste although it is not good for my health. It was Johnny's Restaurant  turn, so I hope that I review it good too.

This restaurant consists of halal Thai steamboat with sumptuous choices of seafood, meat, chicken and vegetable. The price ranges  from as cheap as RM 2.00+ to RM 165 for abalone, and we can order other Thai cuisines too. The ambiance is serene as there are quite private areas for visitors to enjoy their food but most importantly is the price. Believe me that we all afford it, seriously!

Diba ordered hot and spicy fried rice, something like that. I observed that she enjoyed the meal so I hope that the meal is delicious.

I ordered this fried rice with belacan, seriously I forgot its name but it was terribly good! There are a lot of rice on the plate too, very filling!

Both of us are not fans of seafood so we ordered basic item just to experience cooking. We should have ordered "tomyam" as the soup but it is okay, we will do better next time.

All in all, I gave Johnny's Restaurant 7/10 because of the above justifications. Some people may have different opinion so it is up to you guys and girls. Why not you try out for yourself first, and tell me about it. 

P/S: Nazim Othman was there too, with a special friend of his ;)

Log on to http://www.johnnyrestaurant.com for more information and promotion people.

The Glamorous of Them All

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the glamorous of them all?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why The All-IPG KBA Rejects?

This is the answer to all of your queries; why the tittle for the previous blog post is "The All-IPG KBA Rejects"

Some of you might know that I am in the Twinning Program with Universiti Putra Malaysia although I am a student in Institut Pendidikan Guru, Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa(IPG KBA) Kuala Lumpur. My course mate and I will be going to UPM in February next year insyaallah, to finish our 2nd and 3rd year degree and come back to IPG KBA for our final year. 

Then why I name my group The All-IPG KBA Rejects? The reason being is because some of the lecturers in IPG KBA regard us as "anak UPM" and we should not be here anymore. Some students said that we are the snob (sombong) group because we are in the twinning program and we demand a lot for hostel matters, classes and assignments etc. 


That kind of things made us wonder; are we at fault for applying to be in the TESL Secondary Group and have this chance to further our studies in the university next year? That is seriously unfair as some people made us feel like we do not belong to IPG KBA anymore and they cannot wait for us to leave. I feel that we are being rejected from IPG KBA itself, the whole institution.


They never know that in UPM, we are called the "Budak IPG" especially from those in the same faculty. I experienced it firsthand when I went to UPM last September for the orientation week, that "Budak IPG" will always be treated as "Budak IPG". You see, even I feel that UPM rejects us to. The people around push us aside so where do we go now? Maybe one day we will be The All-UPM Rejects too?


Nevertheless, I feel secured to be around my other 39 classmates because we love each other. I know that if anything ever happens to us, there will be hands to hold, eyes that will observe and ears that hear. It is alright guys and girls, we go to UPM, we collect as much knowledge we have from that different world and come back to IPG KBA to serve for the country. 

Sorry Ustaz Azman, I am in my holiday mood so I did not pay attention for TITAS class just now. I am too busy scribbling my justification about this All-IPG KBA Rejects blog post and cannot wait to go back to Penang this Saturday. 

P/S: My name is Azham...not Azam ;)