Friday, September 30, 2011


This post is dedicated to Kay, who happens to be my competition apart from Qi Razali too. Introducing the collection of old pictures with my forever favorite singer, Yunalis Zarai ;)

Vaseline Amazing Skin Celebration Party,
Luna Bar (2010).

Yuna Inspired Press Conference,
Spasso Milano (2011).

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert,
Solaris Dutamas (2011).

I love Yuna and her music, so proud that I see her grow from being just the singer of "Dan Sebenarnya" to achieving her dreams in the United States of America. Seriously cannot wait for her next album, and to attend her concerts in future. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Zombie


Walked out of the class like a zombie at 5 and sat down on the bench under the tree to read short stories for the "Malaysian Literature in English" component. I managed to finish two short stories, "Go East" by Karim Raslan and "Mariah" by Che Husna Azhari in an hour then headed to my hostel to have my favorite long shower ;)

I reached my room and my roommate said that his girl friend Nateesha bought Big Apple's doughnut out of the blue. I could not thank God and Nateesha much because it seriously made my day. Well, today was a really tiring day but I like it very much. I love this kind of sensible stress because my life should be this kind of adventurous; running here and there to get to classes like The Flash but then the lecturer dropped a bombshell,

"Class is cancelled, we'll replace the hour on Saturday morning".

At that point of time, there is nothing more that I can say but a fluent curse. DANG! There goes my weekend!

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Functioning Heart

I like to take a long shower after class; I will sit on the floor and enjoy the drips of water on my face every evening especially when classes end at 5 PM. Then an hour later, my housemates will knock the door because they know that I have fallen asleep in the shower room, the result of the tight schedule this semester. 

Sometimes I cry in that safe place too, because I am not a robot who does not need to sleep, eat and play like a normal human being. Lecturers and friends will never know that I am restless this semester, not even a fine time to catch up with my family members until my mother had to call to ensure her son is still alive last week.

And everyday in class, I wear a smile that hides my pain and the thickest wear to cover up my wrinkle. Concerning on the amount of stress that we are going through now, I am not surprised that one day one of the forty classmates will end up having a heart complication, all the best seriously. God knows when, so I will try to manage my stress my level best and channel it to do the right activity. I need to start working out like I used to, jogging in the University of Malaya in the evening and measure my diet cautiously. I know that wealth is wealth, and nothing can ever replace a good and functioning heart ;)

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Cat

Amjal Restaurant, Jalan Pantai Baharu,
Lembah Pantai Kuala Lumpur.

Sushi King @ Mid Valley

Went to Mid Valley on my first week in Kuala Lumpur right after the Orientation Week in UPM which was held three weeks ago. My class mate, Alexs and I decided to give ourselves a little treat after a long and hectic week in Serdang and off we went to Sushi King.

Alexs fancy sushi and Japanese food and had been craving for it so as a friend, I wanted to accompany him and not planning to eat at all. I couldn't resist his offer when he said that he was going to treat me that evening, syukur alhamdulillah.

I forgot the name of this set of food but the price is quite reasonable and it is filling. Seriously, I love the "sayur celup tepung" hahaha; sorry I am not familiar with Japanese food and that was my first time trying ;)

This is what I had there, seriously tasty and not bad at all. It is like the Japanese version of "mee kari" with "sayur celup tepung" included. I had this that day and I do not have to dinner later in the evening. Thank goodness for the scrumptious food, may Allah bless Alexs with wealth and health in his life. Next time, it is my treat to Madam Kwan's in KLCC okay? 

#Wordless Wednesday: Speechless

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrate the Age

Birthday parties pranking people,
Balls and loons the nasty devil,
Cake cake cake and light the candle,
Smack smack smack that face that handles.

P/S: An appreciation to birthday pranks, cakes and the celebration of the age ;)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Director

Don't forget to pray because Allah is watching all the time. Remember that we are just the actors and actresses in His play production. We are not always the main character in this series, and we never signed a lifelong contract to secure this job. We never know when we are going to die, we never know when is the time that the Director will cut us from this show. I hope that I manage to go back on the right track and serve for the Director before my contract ends. I want to get my pay when the time comes and probably a press conference before I leave. At least, I will have the time to repent and say good bye to all my friends ;)

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

F&N Big Fun Fest

F&N Big Fun Fest was held successfully yesterday for the second year at the same rockin' road, Jalan Bukit Bintang. This year, the event aims to assemble the biggest dance mob in Malaysia plus concerts and street party until midnight.

I was there last night to cover the event and I seriously had a great time watching the dance mob and observing the people who played the street games. Visitors can decorate their own F&N funky t-shirt, download freebies and get awesome gifts by joining the games held there. 

As F&N is the organizer of that street party, of course they serve soft drinks as well. I saw one guy who kept on coming to collect as many cans of drinks probably for his family at home ;)

The peak of the night was a concert hosted by Awal Ashaari and another female host; and more people started to jam the front row so I moved to the side of the stage.

And at the side of the stage, I could see clearly the performances by the artists via the screen and shockingly Awal and his co-host were sitting there too.

I waited for One Nation Emcess to finish their awesome performance and then I left to have my dinner. I did not stay until the concert ends because I need to go back and start doing my assignments, which are still pending until this point of time because procrastination is my best attitude ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Purple of Health

All was well...and all was hell. 

My head hurts like it is going to explode in no time, tick tock...tick tock...tick tock. The mucus in my nose blocks my breathing and now my throat sores and I cannot even swallow my own tongue. I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze and I am short of tissues in my room. Then sometimes at night...I cough and it wakes up my room mate, poor fella. 

This is the effect of the uncertain weather in Kuala Lumpur; it rains and it shines as He wills it. Oh my people, keep yourself hydrated and please avoid the rain or you will end up having fever like me. I drink a lot of water to cure this sickness but I have become the frequent visitor of the toilet, really. Nevertheless, I like my condition right now as my friends keep on asking me to take the bitter pills as prescribed by the doctor, not the professor. I know they love me, I know they want me to be in the purple of health like everyday ;)

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If I fall unconscious one day, I promise that I will try to survive. I promise I will try...and I hope I will try it hard. If I do not make it through, you know what to do right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#Wordless Wednesday: The College

Our college is so near to the Telekom Malaysia Tower, Mid Valley Megamall, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, University Malaya, IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu and many more places. 

That's why I love my college, IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa ;)

P/S: Sorry, this is not really a #Wordless Wednesday blog entry.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Badminton in the hallway

I promise that I will play "meriam buluh" next to my housemates' ears each time they sleep in this Top Model's House. They ruined my beautiful and handsome sleep when they played badminton in the hallway, and shouted happily when they can always do it at a proper place or at least keep their voice down at this hour in the evening. Well...this is a revenge, I promise that I would bombard this house even though I really do not know how to light up a match stick. And at this point of time, Tyra Banks would come and give me a hug; a perfect Tyra Moment!

P/S: This is a true story and I am not mad at them, really ;)

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Smiling and Smiling

I may look happy when you see me in college, I may smile a lot when I walk past the eatery and I may laugh lifelessly even though no one is around me. I do all that just to ease the pain I feel in my chest, and it cures it for a while...really. And I keep on doing it everyday just to make sure that I have secured another day to achieve my worldly dreams. 

I do not have to swallow the bitter pills anymore as I know that this is the best medicine of the scientific technology. I do that for almost a month, and my friends like the new side of me and I appreciate it so much. I hope that I can look younger than my age too one day; the effect of too much smiling and smiling ;)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Like a DNA

My father is the Vice Chancellor of my university, but he is my father and I am myself. I just want to study here just the way I want it to be and please do not compare me with my father. I heard the lecturers' complaints about my status and they thought that I managed to enroll here because of my father's help; that is so untrue people. I deserve to be here the same as all of them...I started from zero as well.

And that is terribly unfair, because my father's knowledge can never be passed down to me like a DNA. I am just like all of the other students; let this be a fair competition for us to be listed in the Dean's List one day okay?

P/S: This is a short story, call me crazy ;)

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Hole Nose

I was obsessed with my own beauty when one day I was splashed with a bucketful of corrosive acid. That was the day I lost a pair of sparkling eyes, a hole is my new nose and my skin is the thickest when I have to face the public. This is a sad story of an infamous girl, made to remind all of you that she was famous before God decided to take back what He has borrowed the girl for nearly two decades of her life. And she still breathe through that "hole nose", although it is hard for her to do that.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

United Kingdom of Dreams

There is a tale of this village boy who wants to study abroad; he is the eldest in his family and he thought that by studying in the United Kingdom would make his family proud. So he studied hard, not smart, applied the TESL course in a teacher training institute and then one day, the seniors told him that his batch is not going over the sea

For three years already, he sobs in tears when he sees his seniors' pictures thinking how he is unlucky for not being able to be in their shoes at that moment. Then one day, his lecturer mentioned a really great news to him and the other 39 classmates that they are offered to study in a local university, approximately an hour drive from his college. 

Time passes by like a pretty old calender, and all he knows, he is partly in the university and the other half is in IPG KBA. He has to travel to both campus this semester, and finally reside in the university starting February next year. And all he can mumble everyday is a thoughtful gratefulness to Allah for still making his dream comes true. That boy is very thankful to his God, that he is also given the chance to study over the seas of Kuala Lumpur, and the united kingdom of dreams in his hands ;)

Well, this is a short story and it is not interesting...I'm sorry. 

P/S: Thank you Kak Shap Nuna for the key chain, and all my seniors in United Kingdom for still remembering me.

Madam Hasnah's Open House

Alhamdulillah, Madam Hasnah and family invited us to her open house in Klang this afternoon. We took a train from KL Sentral to Kg Raja Uda commuter station and her son picked us up there. 

This is the motherly Madam Hasnah and her husband; she taught us Language Development when all 40 of us were in foundation level.

She has to travel for nearly one and a half hour every day, to and fro IPG KBA because her house is in Klang; and this is her favorite spot once she returns home from work.

Madam Hasnah and her husband rear fishes in this pool and she said that by seeing the fishes in the pool, it calms her mind after such a hectic day at work. 

Well, I agree with her because she is not only teaching but has to do works for the Practicum Unit. Nevertheless, I can see that all her hard work pays off by looking at the gigantic look of her palace ;)

Okay, back to the main agenda which is free food hunting! Yeah, Madam Hasnah served us mee kari, nasi impit with kuah kacang, Chocolate cake and many more; all made by her and the daughter. Realy truly delicious!

I had my second helping because the mee kari was really delicious and so does Alexs, Ikram and Aiman...

Madam Hasnah's husband is a head master in a school and he have us a lot of inspiration to becoming a great teacher one day. I think that my friends who have been forced to join this teaching profession should talk to him so that he can open up their perspectives, seriously. 

At about 6.30 PM, Madam Razimah (in brown scarf) and family joined us there, and we had to kidnap her son so that she can eat. 

Well, I am so thankful that our lecturers in IPG KBA are so supportive and are like our own parents already. I hope that one day I am going to have a palace like Madam Hasnah as well, insyaallah. May Allah bless Madam Hasnah and her family with wealth and health always, so that she can throw more open house parties and feasts (",) *joking! 

I love my lecturers and I hope that one day I am going to be someone like them and give back to the society. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Eating Out @ Basil

Location: Basil, Bangsar Village Mall.

With Madam Yashwanora Yahaya, 

Alexs Nuk, 

Kamal Khairi and


Appetizers, a variety of popiahs and wantans  but sorry, we ate all of it and I forgot to take the picture earlier; there is just one left.

I had this noodle with minced chicken meatballs for RM 13++ and I love it so much. This meal is better than rice, plus I love the soup that comes with the meal. Really really lovely!

Pineapple Chicken Rice, Madam Yashwanora ordered this and she loved it too. There are plenty of rice so no need to worry people! And please don't eat the pineapple although it looks tasty. 

I forgot the name of this meal, but it is just the same as "Nasi Goreng Padprik". Alexs finished eating the meal in less than 10 minutes, see how hungry we were at that time.

This is my desert, sweet sago something (I forgot the name) and it is really really sweet. I like my desert, one of us had something that looks like "pengat pisang" and it felt very traditional, like the old kampong style.

So guys and girls, if you savor Siamese cuisine, Basil restaurant is the place you have to go, honestly! The dishes are scrumptious, the price is affordable, the ambient is inviting and you will feel like a celebrity eating out at a fancy restaurant. I love it, and I seriously loving the food. I will definitely come again with some other friends to try out other dishes. Thank you Madam Yash for once again, treating us at a place all of us can ever go. Hope that Allah will bless you with health and wealth so that you can treat us with your own cooking one day ;)

Random Pictures: The University


Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail and all around the campus of University Putra Malaysia.

The red UPM tie and the white shirt; luckily we don't look like someone from PULAPOL because of the uniform colors for the "Majlis Ikrar". Can you imagine, more than 3000 students wearing the same type of uniform, but it was cool though because red and white is such a perfect combination.

Senam Seni at Bukit Ekspo; tiring but I enjoyed every bit of it. I just hope that one day KTDI-ans will participate and cooperate in the "cheering competition". Tenth College manage to outdo all of other colleges, right?

Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail, the third college in UPM. My lecturers reminded us that the college is haunted, but alhamdulillah I still have not met any of "them" and I do not plan to.

Well, I am just tired of all the replacement classes, tutorial and assignments. Can all of you imagine getting the assignments on the first week of lecture already? Dang! I guess I can never have the privilege to blog and blog-walking like I am used to. So sad, I miss this blog and my readers. Guys and girls, please wait for my updates okay, and I will try my best to check your blog when I have the time to do it, insyaallah.