Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse

Dear bloggers, what if we start 2012 by signing this petition on Animal Abuse? Log on to http://stopanimalabuse.my/ and do your part. Speak for the animals and do them justice.

They feel the pain as well so make their presence appreciated; this simple step you take means the world to them.

P/S: I am serious...just because these photos seem funny, the cat is still being abused.

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The All-Hearing

Last night I had a dream that I did my prayers of repentance in a truly dark room and I cried until the mat was soaked wet. Then I woke up and found out that I was actually crying, and I know that it is a sign from Allah that I should start repenting, subhanallah.

I know this will sound like boasting but I am so glad that I know Allah listens to me. So the saying is true that if you want to talk to someone, talk to Allah because He is the All-Hearing.

What I told Allah is confidential, and what I want Him to fulfill is tremendously excessive. 

P/S: Thank you Allah ;)

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Makan Durian @ Muzium Telekom

Okay, I know that I am supposed to study and not going out to eat "durian" but it is too tempting! Imagine that you can have all-you-can-eat durians for only RM 15 (adult) and RM 8 for children; with other choices of local fruits too?

This Durian Festival is held at Muzium Telekom, Kuala Lumpur from Dec 27 until Dec 29 which is today so you guys and girls still stand a chance to grab this opportunity. It is open from 10 AM until 7 PM so hurry people!

Muzium Telekom is situated near Masjid Jamek LRT Station, but you have to ask people around as it is quite secluded. See my friends, they are so eager to eat durian!

Well, RM 15 is so worth it, and I cannot stop from getting more and more durians on my table. I had more than 4 big durians hence I cannot sleep tonight; "badan panas" actually hehehe.

Ever heard of the famous D24 durian? Here it is...hehehe. You have to pick your durians here, and then have it on your table.

Besides "durian festival", one can also buy local fruits here. This is the famous Harumanis mango from Perlis...

Pulasan from Johor Bahru..."masam-masam sikit", right?

I love this "jambu mawar"...too bad that I did not buy it.

Pineapple from Johor if I'm not mistaken...

Mangosteen, my favourite!

While enjoying the fruits, you are also entertained by our own talent during the karaoke session. I did sing too actually, Hapus Aku by Nidji. It was my first time singing in public and I humiliated myself hahaha.

You can also buy Malaysian products like "kerepek-kerepek tradisional" and it is sold at a very reasonable price.

Serunding ayam and daging.

You can come to the stall and taste the food, no one is going to scold you hehehe.

In Kedah, we call this food "pulut wajik"...My late grandmother used to prepare "pulut wajik" especially when we went travelling; she said that it is a good source of energy. Oh, I miss my late grandmother... 

Aiman and Amir testing the rojak buah....

Even foreigners came to taste our tropical fruits, and they said that is is lovely. Some foreign visitors who tasted durian for the first time said that is is one of the best fruit in the world, can you believe it?

Well this is my last call; please tell your friends and family about this happening Durian Festival at Muzium Telekom. Tag along your friends and your whole office because it is seriously something not to be missed. Hurry up because you still have today to enjoy the deal; support our local fruits people ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

LOVEHATE Ferocious Name Card

LOVEHATE by Azham Vosovic official name card


Alhamdulillah, the first batch of my blog/name card is done and ready to rock! Millions of thanks to @RizalSadiman for designing it in an approved way as I want a card that features BOLDNESS, styled in a classy black and white nuance and here I have it. I can finally pass my cards to fellow bloggers at blogging events i.e concerts, product launching, parties and gathering. Now I will never feel very small and unknown anymore because this card can be used for my blog's publicity.


Yes...my blog resolution for 2012 is to gain a thousand followers and pave my way to becoming the next celebrity blogger insyaallah. This is a small step I am taking but mind you that it is ferocious ;)  

P/S: Lots of love to my blog readers and followers. Please wait religiously for me to hit this blogging scene in less than two weeks I promise ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I know that I wrote this blog post but sorry I cannot resist myself from writing. Blogging has been a subtle part of my life and here am I, typing alphabets into words, words into sentences, paragraphs and a long boring blog entry ;)

At this point of time, books seems too thick, words are becoming too lengthy and paragraphs are too wordy. The clock is ticking and I am panicking like a chicken to be slaughtered over here. I try to jot down facts, scribble them into colorful piece of short notes but I fail to make it stick permanently in my mind until the examination is done. There is a sense of realization that I should have started studying a long time ago and not last week. 

Then the faces of my lecturers come into the picture; some smile creepily and the others frown happily. I do not know which is true and which is fake anymore? In our Facebook group, we interact with our lecturers just for the sake of them revealing what is going to be tested in the final examination questions and that is it. I do not know whether it is a healthy student-lecturer relationship but it is surely legitimate to do so.

Now I do not know why am I feeding this to my blog readers' mind? I just need to type in keywords on my keyboards and let it all out. Gosh, I seriously do not like this kind of pressure; why would we need Final Examination anyways? My friends and seniors in foreign universities are evaluated by coursework and no examination throughout three years of study for their degree, cool right? 

I hope that one day Malaysian education system will no longer be exam-oriented but integrate lifetime evaluation as well, so students does not have this idea that they need to pass final examination to succeed. I guess that is wrong with our education system nowadays; the students think that getting straight A's in UPSR, PMR and SPM is the peak of their life but some of them do not have the content at all.   

Well I am talking based on my experience; I memorize facts and figures just for the sake of passing the exam and will never remember anything else after it is over. I am sure most of us do this as well right, so we need to change. Let us change for the betterment of our knowledge people, say NO to EXAM-ORIENTED evaluation!

P/S: Please excuse me, I just need to distress from reading my Educational Psychology and Sociology in Education notes. 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twelve Days

Somebody just reprimanded me about my Final Examination which is coming in 12 more days and I am so dead, dead dead dead! I have to study one subject for two days since there are 6 subjects altogether and hope to be listed in the Dean's List insyaallah. This study leave from blogging is the point of realization that even though I have another interesting thing to endure, this boring studying is the first one that I made myself committed to. Well I do realize now that everybody wished for high scores yet we never studied, right? 

So this is firm that I am going to stop blogging for a while and focus on my studies. Honestly, I care for my CPGA more than my blog traffic and Nuffnang earning but still my blog readers mean the world to me. Simply put, I cannot fail any paper or I have to carry the subject next semester; who would want that to happen? I hope that my blog readers and followers understand my decision, that this is germane to the predicament stated above. I am not the intelligent kind, I have to push myself hard to level myself with other bright students. Take care and God bless people, don't be surprised when I finally disappear okay? 

P/S: 12 days of literally studying to determine whether I lose or win this battle. Good luck to other bloggers/readers for your examination too, break a leg people!

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Back to December

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Back to December-Taylor Swift

Everybody wants to get married and have kids; well I do too trust me. I have this imagination in mind that my parents are going to be so proud the moment they see me on the wedding dais and say "Oh our son is finally getting married". It is a pressure being the eldest in my family, especially when I have reached 20 years old few days back and most of my cousins are already married. I truthfully know that my parents are expecting heirs to continue this legacy my ancestors started a long time ago in this hotel industry.

Life is too perfect for me; and I have been living in this palace heavenly since my family business is doing quite well. We went all around the world for holidays when other kids in school have only reached Singapore yet they brag about it. I tell myself "No worries...one day my parents is going to buy that country". Then I move on with my too generous life and I never realized how I got myself a degree. All I knew was a three years stay in Australia and someone else completing my assignments. It was a really "knowledgeable" study trip for me since my parents sponsored the expenses; a filthy rich life of a socialite to live.

Now that I am handling my parents business and they have retired,  uncles and aunties cannot stop asking when I will get married. Couldn't they care less and focus on making more money for this industry? The truth is I am not ready although I am alone and horny. I set up a date and let them ask Taylor Swift's hands in marriage few years back and she rejected it. Last year I heard that she regretted her decision and composed a sad song which I know is meant for me. 

"Back to December" is the tittle, and the story line fits perfectly I must say. Too bad that this December I decided to grow up and apart from her. She has had the December and I have changed my mind by then; she has been wasting it all the time. 

P/S: Happy Belated Birthday Taylor Alison Swift, December 13. I hope my blog readers will never misunderstood this short story, it is confusing as it always be. Please do not sue me T.Sweezie, I am just a writer trying to scribble something compelling; but if you would like to write a song for me, that would be so sweet too ;0

Monday, December 19, 2011

#DGInsideJob: iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Pre-Launch Review

Salam and a Happy Monday to all of you. Now I am going to continue my story about the fabulous #DGInsideJOb. We had then chance to un-box the new and ingenious iPhone 4S before its launching in Malaysia. 

Yes, we are amongst the first to have a look at the new features of the 4S. Basically, one cannot tell the difference between an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S but why so?

The new 4S has "Siri" which allows you to send messages, schedule meetings, answer phone calls and many more by talking to it. Yes, Siri can understand provided you speak in English, and it even responds to you. Cool right? 

At this moment, Siri is not yet available to search maps in Malaysia, because the service has not come in yet. Nevertheless, one can still command Siri to do things, and even wake one up in the morning. Gosh, I need my own 4S hehehe.

While un-boxing the 4S, I accidentally scratched the back glass. Gosh, is DiGi going to ask me to replace it with a new unit? Fret not because I scratched the plastic cover, plus that is just a prototype unit which will be destroyed later. Oh, please give me the unit and don't crush it... 

And DiGi is so very kind to let me have this iPhone 4S forever for a day hehehe. Though I am not a gadget freak but I still feel honored to have touched and explored the device when everybody else is anticipating for the launch at night.


Everybody else is excited, but we cannot post the photos and write reviews of the 4S yet. Apple is very stringent with its devices so any reviews/photos must come out only after its launch. Wow, that is very confidential! 

Next, we are also introduced to the iPhone 4S plan by DiGi. DiGi offers the most affordable plan, which various choices of plans to pick. Visit DiGi Online store for more information, and one can also upgrade your iPhone hassle free. Consult the nearest DiGi outlet/kiosk/store for a better explanation people.

The iPhone 4S Launch Party
@ Solaris Mont Kiara

All DiGi Super Bloggers are given the chance to witness the stampede of the year, yeah! Since everybody is excited to get the new 4S in hand, they have queued from 5 PM, get their number at 11 PM and come back to purchase their unit. 

See the crowd? Wow, they seriously cannot wait to enter!

When everybody was still outside, other bloggers were given the explanation of how things work at this DiGi Outlet. DiGi also invited famous bloggers like @MariaElena, @ceeramoon, @Budiey and @HanisZalikha.

Mr & Mrs Asfirdaus, gosh they are such a sweet couple!

@Ceeramoon and I hehe ;)

The most important thing is this photo! Yeah, I feel so humbled standing next to this couple. They are so sweet and I don't know, just sweet! Please invite me to your wedding even if you both don't know me hehehe.

This is Su Lin, Head of Marketing Department in DiGi and the one responsible for choosing me to be part of this #DGInsideJob. Thank you Su Lin, I owe you much ;)

Then at 12 AM sharp, December 15 the glass door was opened and all of the gadget freaks rushed in like a stampede in African bushes (is there any?). 

Thank God that they have their number, so they need to sit and wait for their names to be called.

This is the first person to purchase the iPhone 4S! He waited in line since 5 PM and there he had it, the latest sensation of iPhone in hand. Congrats bro!

Well I guess that that is all for today. Tune in tomorrow for the story behind The Yellow Man. You know who the Yellow Man is right? I bet you never know his story :0

Sunday, December 18, 2011

#DGInsideJob: D'house

CEO Meeting Room, Midgaard (Danish meeting room) and Serambi (Malaysian meeting room). Since Telenor Company owns like 64% of DiGi (correct me if I am wrong) so a lot of Danish come here to have meeting hence the two different meeting rooms.

This is where the #DiGizens get to pay off the utility bills, postal and courier service, withdraw money, and service their own laptops. They don't have to go out and do all those things anymore; it saves time, money and energy. Cool office right? 

You can even print photos, and buy a DiGi Starter Pack at a  kiosk there, hassle free. 

Next, we were brought to the Studio which held most Press Conferences and training session for DiGi staffs. For those who went to #DiGi Done Right Camp, I am sure that they have been here right? 

You can also find treadmills located in front of the main lift. The reason being is to allow the staffs to exercise after work, and donate money for each kilometer that they have walked/ran. Yes, they can book the training session, log in their ID and then DiGi will pay for each kilometer that they have gone through. They will have a better health and have the chance to do charity too.

This is one of the paintings on the wall done by the staffs' children. It is an activity done to include child's presence in their parents workplace, to better inform about what their parents do at work. 

See...their parents go to the office, they get to abuse the wall hehehe.

This is a green building not because of the plant okay but its energy usage. DiGi is very stringent of its energy consumtion so it tries its best to make sure that all DiGi buildings use energy efficiently. 

The air-conditioner will turn off itself when it senses no motion in a particular room, collects electricity from solar panels, an extremely ingenious water cooling system and plant of the Pandan variant to cool off the heat. 

Can you see the vertical garden there? I salute your effort DiGi, not many have applied this kind of eco-building facility right?

This is one hell of an office to work in; in a positive way I am saying that you guys and girls should work here. I have got my experience...funny when I think about that. I told myself that I want to work here one day when I went for the #DiGi Done Right Camp, never thought that it happens finally, thanks #DiGi Telecommunications and Nuffnang for chosen me ;)