Saturday, December 24, 2011


I know that I wrote this blog post but sorry I cannot resist myself from writing. Blogging has been a subtle part of my life and here am I, typing alphabets into words, words into sentences, paragraphs and a long boring blog entry ;)

At this point of time, books seems too thick, words are becoming too lengthy and paragraphs are too wordy. The clock is ticking and I am panicking like a chicken to be slaughtered over here. I try to jot down facts, scribble them into colorful piece of short notes but I fail to make it stick permanently in my mind until the examination is done. There is a sense of realization that I should have started studying a long time ago and not last week. 

Then the faces of my lecturers come into the picture; some smile creepily and the others frown happily. I do not know which is true and which is fake anymore? In our Facebook group, we interact with our lecturers just for the sake of them revealing what is going to be tested in the final examination questions and that is it. I do not know whether it is a healthy student-lecturer relationship but it is surely legitimate to do so.

Now I do not know why am I feeding this to my blog readers' mind? I just need to type in keywords on my keyboards and let it all out. Gosh, I seriously do not like this kind of pressure; why would we need Final Examination anyways? My friends and seniors in foreign universities are evaluated by coursework and no examination throughout three years of study for their degree, cool right? 

I hope that one day Malaysian education system will no longer be exam-oriented but integrate lifetime evaluation as well, so students does not have this idea that they need to pass final examination to succeed. I guess that is wrong with our education system nowadays; the students think that getting straight A's in UPSR, PMR and SPM is the peak of their life but some of them do not have the content at all.   

Well I am talking based on my experience; I memorize facts and figures just for the sake of passing the exam and will never remember anything else after it is over. I am sure most of us do this as well right, so we need to change. Let us change for the betterment of our knowledge people, say NO to EXAM-ORIENTED evaluation!

P/S: Please excuse me, I just need to distress from reading my Educational Psychology and Sociology in Education notes. 

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semutsengal said...

relaxlah bro,

exam je kot, HAHAHHAHAHA

delarocha said...

then u should study abroad bro :-)

Azham Vosovic said...

semutsengal: haha, aku no over-reacting ckit hahaha...

delarocha: alamak bro, rileks r..tgh nervous ni hehehehe

aleen aiden said...

i've been in your shoes and i'm glad it's over.nyahaha

ol da best! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

your studies is over?

GREAT! I envy you hehehe

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

haha student life never gets better bila tekanan ngan lots of things to do.. gambatte bro! i know u are strong one :D

rozeeta rashid said...

no exam would be awsome! hehe. definitely true. lepas exam lupa habis dah semua. haha. study pun 1 or 2 days before. mana tak lupa. =)

Azham Vosovic said...

Zuan: hehe, thanks dude! I have a lot of pressure right now...penat sikit hehe...

rozeeta: oh, I wish that we don't have exams hahaha....but it is a good type of evaluation....what a student to do?