Friday, December 30, 2011

Makan Durian @ Muzium Telekom

Okay, I know that I am supposed to study and not going out to eat "durian" but it is too tempting! Imagine that you can have all-you-can-eat durians for only RM 15 (adult) and RM 8 for children; with other choices of local fruits too?

This Durian Festival is held at Muzium Telekom, Kuala Lumpur from Dec 27 until Dec 29 which is today so you guys and girls still stand a chance to grab this opportunity. It is open from 10 AM until 7 PM so hurry people!

Muzium Telekom is situated near Masjid Jamek LRT Station, but you have to ask people around as it is quite secluded. See my friends, they are so eager to eat durian!

Well, RM 15 is so worth it, and I cannot stop from getting more and more durians on my table. I had more than 4 big durians hence I cannot sleep tonight; "badan panas" actually hehehe.

Ever heard of the famous D24 durian? Here it is...hehehe. You have to pick your durians here, and then have it on your table.

Besides "durian festival", one can also buy local fruits here. This is the famous Harumanis mango from Perlis...

Pulasan from Johor Bahru..."masam-masam sikit", right?

I love this "jambu mawar"...too bad that I did not buy it.

Pineapple from Johor if I'm not mistaken...

Mangosteen, my favourite!

While enjoying the fruits, you are also entertained by our own talent during the karaoke session. I did sing too actually, Hapus Aku by Nidji. It was my first time singing in public and I humiliated myself hahaha.

You can also buy Malaysian products like "kerepek-kerepek tradisional" and it is sold at a very reasonable price.

Serunding ayam and daging.

You can come to the stall and taste the food, no one is going to scold you hehehe.

In Kedah, we call this food "pulut wajik"...My late grandmother used to prepare "pulut wajik" especially when we went travelling; she said that it is a good source of energy. Oh, I miss my late grandmother... 

Aiman and Amir testing the rojak buah....

Even foreigners came to taste our tropical fruits, and they said that is is lovely. Some foreign visitors who tasted durian for the first time said that is is one of the best fruit in the world, can you believe it?

Well this is my last call; please tell your friends and family about this happening Durian Festival at Muzium Telekom. Tag along your friends and your whole office because it is seriously something not to be missed. Hurry up because you still have today to enjoy the deal; support our local fruits people ;)


Anonymous said...

rindunye nak makan durian banyak2...

blog-tips-kurus said...

meriahnya! nyaman!!

*rakam tak karok tu??

Anonymous said...

manggis sedap!

Aziela said...

Woww....wowww.....woww..... No words...just woww!

semutsengal said...

muka kau nampak macam artis hollywood bila makan durian. AHHAHAHAHAH

puteri.dyne94 said...

waahh,.nmpk sdp nyee die mkn durian..huhu..
mlgnye pu3 x suke durian..hee..
wahh..byk gilee buah-buahan..
manggis..dah lama kowt x mkn..huhu =)
nice picture + nice entry dude.. =D

khairul akmal bin azman said...

baju tulisan cina tue.
pailang ni!

Azham Vosovic said...

chemay: kenapa nk mkn durian mcm nk mengaum? hahaha

BTK: hehe, ada rakam...x upload lg hehe

Lelaki Ini: yeay! my favret too...

Aziela: hehem thanks akak.

semutsengal: hehe, jahat siot! hahah

Pu3: hehe, rugilah kalau x suka durian hehe.... thanks yea awak ;)

kay: hehe, pailang ey? jahat la kau hahaha

puteri.dyne94 said...

heheh..x rugi ape..tapikan..
kalau laa awk dok sini..pergh!..asenye dok dpn durian je kowt..
yelaa...atok saya ade byk dusun durian..hehe =) saya kat umh dah x lrt bau durian da...fenin pown ley gak...hak2.. =) ur welcome dude..