Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stylish Syawal with Roselle Scarf

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This is a good news for all my girls who love spending their cashes on trendy and stylish items and accessories. Roselle Scarf is going all out with its Raya Promotion this festive season; get scarfs for only RM 19.90 per scarf (previously RM 28) excluding postage services for a limited time only. Before that, let me introduce this gorgeous female entrepreneur plus a full-time student in UPM whose ambition is to share her stylish secrets with all women out there!
Full name: Nur Asmahan Nor Azman
Birth date: 3rd September 1990
Origin: Alor Star, Kedah
Course: Bachelor of Agriculture (Animal Science)
Business number: 017-2934098

Roselle Scarf is a hobby-turned-business because she loves sharing stuff that she likes. Asma, a humble and jovial human being started her business with a small investment of her own savings and a bit of funding from her supportive parents. 

Hajar by Roselle Scarf

Limited stock with 3 colours available

From left: 

It's Japanese Cotton with 175sm length and 56sm width

How to Purchase? 
- Inbox me your detail: code, name, address, and phone no

ask me anything 0172934098 (wattsapp)
"To venture a business while I am still studying is really tough; I need to schedule my time for business and studies equally. Things get more complicated during the examination week when I have to entertain my customers while catching up with my studies", she explains. 

She decides to start her own online shopping emporium because she feels that it is easily manageable while juggling with her studies in Universiti Putra Malaysia at the same time. In fact, online shopping is really comfortable, quick and easy as most Malaysians spend their time on the internet and make life decisions at the click of a mouse. 
She receives the stocks of shawls and scarfs from local suppliers and wholesalers that sell scarfs online and relies mainly on Roselle Scarf's Facebook page for promotion. Her main business prospect is for scarf and "tudung bawal" lovers around Malaysia with a significant hijab lovers from UPM. 
"Roselle Scarf also has its fans amongst the guys because we have the special "Gift for Someone" service whereby buyers can present the scarfs to a special person. We provide a packaging service with a reasonable prize and the scarfs will be delivered to their special someone without additional cost. However this service only applies around UPM area at the moment but we will expand our service in future", Asma explains further.  

Apart from scarfs and shawls, Asma also sells Kimono cardigan, "tudung bawal" and telekung for travel purposes. The designs are very recent and definitely up to date to the latest style of the fashion industry. Most importantly, the items sold at Roselle Scarf puts on importance towards covering the aurah of Muslim women.
"Kimono cardigan"
"Tudung bawal"
"Bawal cotton"

"Travel Telekung".

To purchase Roselle Scarfs, all you need to do is SMS or Whatsapp Asma at 017-2934098 the codes of your preferred items. She will inform you the details of the payments and the items will be delivered as soon as the payments have been made. This is to ensure the quality of the service to her dearest customers. Payments can be made via Nur Asmahan Nor Azman's bank account:

CIMB Bank: 0211-0045330-521
Maybank: 1520-6894-1770.

Customers can check their tracking number by double clicking the icon "POS Laju Tracking" and insert your tracking number to trace the parcel, easy right? 
To end this interview session, Asma adds that Roselle Scarf's targets in two years time are to diversify the range of her products and to increase the quality of its service by making her customers happy. That is all the time we have for tonight and to my dearest my blog readers, please browse through Roselle Scarf's Facebook page and purchase one or two scarfs for yourselves or your loved ones this Hari Raya okay. Insyaallah you will have the most Stylish Syawal with Roselle Scarf this year but be quick before the stocks are sold out! Take care and god bless :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


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Dear God and readers, I have been wanting to write this confession for a very long time. Please read it with a very open mind and leave me if you think that I am not worthy of a friend. I have kept this for too long that it has started to eat up the very best part of me, my personality.  I was born with the very least of masculinity within me; I have been fighting it for too long that I started to become someone else that I truly hate. Ask anyone around me how much I have distanced myself from them just because I was ashamed of my own self? Ask them how many times that I appear snob-b*tch in public just to hide my true personality even though deep inside I am not? Ask them how frequent did I pretended to appear strong and manly while I was suffering on the very shallow part of my soul? I cannot change even if I tried and even if I wanted too but I know that God knows how much have I fought this trait. 

So here at MRSM Ulul Albab Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang, I learnt about masculinity in the very subtle of way. My students appreciate me and my lesson when I start to open up a bit about my personality; when I become comfortable with whoever I am and that was the easiest of all obstacles. To finally becoming who you are is a flight risk; it takes the most courageous effort to let my guard down and strip naked in the eyes of the believers. Those students...they made me realized that there is nothing great about yourself than to start becoming your own self. And this is the package that I came with, Mohd Azham Bin Amran and I promise myself to keep living they way that I want it to be. I cannot pretend anymore, it has been 21 years wasted to be this tough guy figure that I am not, and I am done trying, full stop. 

P/S: Relieved :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Salam Ramadan everyone! How are you so far? Sinking or surviving in this holy month of Ramadan? Well, I am still doing good so far alhamdulillah! Now that I am doing my internship at MRSM Ulul Albab Kepala Batas, my days are filled with classes and projects with the students here. I like it this way; I get to go to school in the morning and meet fresh faces everyday. At least I do not spend my fasting month lying down on my couch and watch TV shows or go online like in the previous years. I really like it this way; my days are fruitful that I get to serve my students the knowledge they deserve.

We have done our Raya Preparation few days before Ramadan started; my family and I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to buy new baju Melayu and baju kurung, some new shirts and jeans too. I prefer doing earlier preparation because there will be less people at Jalan TAR and definitely better choice of stuff. I love Jalan TAR because of the many choices of baju Melayu I get there and the recent style and design of our traditional Malay wear. I know that sometimes we can save a lot of money by doing last minute of shopping because shop owners would auction off their stuff but I am not comfortable going to places with so many people like Jalan TAR at times like that. Well, that is all for today; I hope that all of you get to prepare for Ramadan and Syawal in peace insyaallah. Take care and God bless :)

P/S: Do you prefer early or last minute preparation for Syawal?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Salam guys and girls! It has been a week of Ramadan already, alhamdulillah syukur! For those who did not know, I am actually having my internship at MRSM Ulul Albab Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang with my classmates, Hasanah (left) and Rina (right) for a month. We are here to conduct a Short Film Project with the Form 4 students and Photo-Story for the Form 2 students. These projects are aimed to give opportunities for the students to use and practice English in their daily life and inform them that learning English can take place via various methods apart from classroom-based learning. I am sure that these students can speak, write, read and listen in English very well but how much do they practice using the language right? So we are here to the rescue, we are here to help them in any ways that we can.
Aside from our university project, we are here to help the English teachers with their clerical works and experience classroom teaching as our very own practice. We have had the chances to enter the classroom and assisted the teachers with the teaching and learning session. Alhamdulillah, I must say that I totally had fun in the classroom but the worst part is yet to come. We helped the teachers to mark the students examination paper and keyed-in the marks into the system these two days. It was another great exposure for all of us since we now know how marks are accredited to students' works. Marking the papers is a tiresome duty that teachers must adhere to so we must be very careful and credit the marks to the students that deserve them. Well I guess that is all for tonight, I shall write to all of you soon, if the inspiration strikes hehehe. Take care and God bless :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beauty.Health.Success with Amelin Catalyst

Salam guys and girls! How is your Ramadan going on so far? Alhamdulillah I am having the best time of my life because Ramadan this year is truly different from last year. I would like to share about my friend's successful business today because this blog post has been delayed for over a year already; I am so very sorry Amelin Catalyst
I believe that beauty comes from within; your personality, attitude, and perhaps your physical attributes. I am very sure that most of us are dealing with personal matters regarding our self-identity; such as weight problems, skin tone and confidence. Amelin Catalyst also faced problems regarding her self-identity as you can see from her testimony for this Catalyst product. Just look at how she transformed; like a beautiful metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a colorful butterfly spreading her wings.
 We are so lucky today because I have interviewed Amelin Catalyst about the product she sells at her online store, Amelin Catalyst! Let us read through the interview session okay :)

-Terima kasih Amelin Catalyst kerana sudi ditemubual. Boleh saudari ceritakan bagaimana saudari terlibat dengan produk Catalyst ini?
Saya tertarik dengan produk ini secara tidak sengaja melalui Facebook. Pada mulanya agak sukar untuk saya mempercayai produk-produk kesihatan dan kecantikan seperti ini. Saya membuat sendiri tinjauan ke atas produk ini dan setelah berpuas hati dengan testimoni pelanggan Catalyst, barulah saya mencuba sendiri pada Jun 2011. Catalyst VCO Soft Gel adalah minyak kelapa dara dalam bentuk kapsul yang sangat mudah digunakan, menggunakan 100% bahan semulajadi yang baik untuk kulit. Antara kelebihan minyak kelapa dara adalah:

+Menghasilkan tenaga segera
+Meningkatkan kadar metabolisma badan
+Meningkatkan tenaga dalaman lelaki dan wanita
+Melindungi tubuh badan daripada risiko kanser, penyakit jantung dan tekanan darah tinggi.

-Mengapakah saudari mahu mencuba produk Catalyst berkenaan?
Sebab utama saya mencuba produk ini adalah kerana masalah kulit muka yang berjerawat, ton muka tidak sekata dan juga masalah berat badan yang ketara. Tambahan pula, Catalyst merupakan sebuah syarikat yang beroperasi di Malaysia dan kilangnya terletak di Kedah jadi saya menjadi yakin untuk mencubanya. Catalyst telah menghasilkan pelbagai produk kecantikan dan kesihatan bermula dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki dan tidak hanya tertakluk untuk golongan wanita sahaja, malahan terdapat produk yang berkesan untuk lelaki.

-Bagaimanakan pula dengan cara penggunaan produk Catalyst VCO Soft Gel ini?

Anda boleh telan kapsul berkenaan sebagai supplemen harian ataupun sapu cecair di dalamnya ke muka anda. Kapsul berkenaan boleh dimakan dua biji setiap hari sebelum atau selepas makan dan anda boleh makan sekaligus atau telan satu kapsul pagi dan satu lagi pada waktu malam bersama air suam atau kosong. 
Untuk sapuan pada muka, anda perlu membuat satu lubang pada kapsul berkenaan menggunakan jarum dan sapukan pada muka anda sebelum tidur pada waktu malam. Biarkan selama 15 minit ataupun semalaman untuk penyerapan yang berkesan; hanya RM 39.90 sebotol untuk Semenanjung Malaysia dan RM 43.90 di Sabah dan Sarawak. 

-Apakah yang menyebabkan Amelin berminat pula untuk menjadi salah seorang pengedar produk Catalyst?
Saya merupakan pengedar secara tidak langsung sebenarnya. Rakan-rakanlah yang telah menyebabkan saya menjadi seorang stokis; daripada hanya seorang pengguna, saya menjadi agen biasa dan apabila permintaan meningkat, saya membuat keputusan untuk menjadi pengedar utama dan juga stokis di Kuala Lumpur. Selain itu, faktor keberkesanan produk ini terhadap diri saya membuatkan saya mahu orang lain merasai perubahan hebat produk Catalyst terutamanya Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Soft Gel. 

-Apakah antara perubahan yang boleh didapati setelah menggunakan produk VCO Soft Gel itu?
Perubahan adalah tertakluk kepada individu itu sendiri dan ada kesan yang baik dan buruk sama seperti produk-produk lain. Nak cantik dan sihat adalah tidak semudah yang kita sangkakan. Seingat saya, jerawat keluar di muka saya selama seminggu setelah menggunakan produk VCO Soft Gel ini dan mungkin itu adalah salah satu cara pembersihan dalaman yang berlaku kepada badan saya. Selera makan saya juga semakin bertambah-tambah tapi yang seronoknya, saya kehilangan dua kilogram dalam masa beberapa minggu setelah menggunakan produk ini. Ada yang akan berasa kulit mereka semakin halus seakan kulit bayi dan kurang berminyak; apa yang saya boleh katakan, itu adalah tindak balas positif terhadap toksin-toksin di dalam badan. Anda boleh rujuk album testimoni bergambar di Facebook saya, Amelin Catalyst untuk keterangan lanjut. 

-Apakah cara untuk para pelanggan membuat pesanan Catalyst VCO Soft Gel ini?

Anda boleh SMS nama, alamat, no telefon dan produk ini ke nombor telefon saya 014-5348900 untuk membuat pesanan. Seterusnya, anda perlu membuat bayaran ke nombor akaun bank Maybank atau CIMB saya termasuk butiran transaksi pembayaran, jumlah pembayaran dan waktu transaksi dijalankan ke nombor telefon saya. Sila simpan resit transaksi sebagai rujukan. Anda juga boleh menghantar emel ke acik_hagemaru@yahoo.com untuk pertanyaan lanjut.

Nor Amalina Binti Haron 114487161684
CIMB : Nor Amalina Binti Haron  13020150739521

:To Be Continued:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blogger's Block

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Just because I have not been blogging quite recently, that does not mean that I have lost my passion in writing; I am just a bit uninspired, I am just a little bit tired. That does not resemble the whole idea of me quitting blogging as this has ever been the greatest passion within me and it will always be. I am just waiting for that spark of light to get over this Blogger's Block, a sadly state of mind in which a blogger is unable to create and post new blog entries. A Blogger's Block is a dangerous condition that could take months and years and in some serious cases, bloggers have even abandoned their passion. So here I am at this lonely part of my cognition, collecting boring pieces of my life to put together as an anecdote, no better and no worse. Help me recover people, pray for my quick inspiration :)

P/S: Have you been uninspired before?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Almost Home

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Alhamdulillah; Semester 5 in UPM ended gloriously and I am back in my home in Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang for good. It has been two months that I saw my parents and siblings so now it is time to reconnect with them. I know that my family matters most to me even though we do not appreciate each other's presence most of the time. That is what a family does; we love and hate, we fight and re-conciliate but at the end of the day we gather in a family album like nothing ever happens. 

I am a grown up person now with a little bit of childishness within me; my parents are getting older too that they need to relive their moments like when they were younger. And I need to keep telling myself that I love my family even though I do not say that aloud very much to them. We need to tell our parents that we love them because they would really love to hear that from us every once in a while :)

P/S: Write me the ever fond memories of you and your families, I would love to read that!