Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo-story at MRSM Kuala Krai

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"Photo-story" is a creative way for students of an English language classroom to convey messages through meaningful humor with the correct use of the language in a comic strip. Photo-story is invented by Professor Dr. Jayakaran a/l Mukundan, my lecturer in Universiti Putra Malaysia as another way to attract students' interest in using English language in various situations. 
Prof. Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan
In MRSM Kuala Krai, B. Ed TESL students of Universiti Putra Malaysia were asked to conduct a photo-story project with the Form 5 students. Each class was instructed to produce a comic strip with the theme "humor" and each photo-story will be evaluated by Prof. Dr. Jayakaran himself for research and leisure purpose. Let us view the products of Form 5 students of MRSM Kuala Krai Kelantan.

5 Alpha

5 Beta

5 Cigma

5 Gamma

5 Lambda

As for my opinion, all five classes did well for this project as we can see how they produced a correct and concise language in the comic strip, of course with the help of UPM facilitators. What I would like to highlight here is their willingness to try and use English language in the classroom while the project is being carried out. These students can speak, write, listen and read in English but most of the time they are just afraid of being mocked by friends and feel shy to practice the language even with the teachers. 
Form 4 Gamma
For your information, these Form 5 students were asked to converse and discuss in English only as the facilitators helped in various ways to improve. The students produced the idea, they recorded and edited the comic strip while facilitators observe the progress of the project. In only two days the students managed to come out with such humorous comic strip and most importantly, we could see that they are no longer afraid of English language. The moments these students tried to converse with the facilitators in English were the most heartfelt ones, as we are all proud with their willingness to communicate. Hopefully with us coming to UPM last week will open up a wide space in their hearts and minds that English is easy and please do not feel afraid to use English at all; that is how you can practice the most.

P/S: I miss my kids at MRSM Kuala Krai, they are super intelligent!


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