Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Skinny Jeans To Be!

Location: Seed Boutique, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Price: Worth it!

I found this jeans after I searched the whole Kuala Lumpur 
(Berjaya Times Square, Sg. Wang Plaza and Pavilion KL)
for it!

So what do you guys and girls think about this skinny jeans?
Well, for me, I love it.
I cannot see my big thigh anymore
 and I wonder how this jeans makes my thigh look small and slim.
Hello, it is skinny jeans and that is the purpose after all.
I have made up my mind that I am going to buy it, 
but that will be after Raya Holidays.
I need to save some money first then I can buy this lovely jeans!
Argh, lovestruck!

A Kiss for Santa

Source: Google Image

He saw his mother kissing Santa last Christmas,
But he did not tell his father because for him, 
That was just an act to show appreciation to Santa
Who has been giving kids presents each year.

He don't know yet what is adultery at the age of six,
And was happily playing with the set of cars Santa gave him.
His dad was furious when he knew the truth,
And slapped his mom nearly killed her if grandpa was not there.

He did not understand why his father acted violently
That he compare him to his friends at preschool 
Who beat him black and blue when they fight for toys.
For him, his friends need help from Santa,
And his daddy needs to see Santa too and apologize,
For he had been such a naughty man that year. 

Tagged by Sis NorFa and Merazati

I've been tagged my Sis NorFa and Merazati but the questionnaire was in Malay
 so I translated it to English Language. 
I hope that by doing this tag, 
my friends and followers will get to know me better.

1. What is on your mind now?
Skinny jeans by Seed! 
I have already tried it in Pavilion KL 
but have to wait for my allowance to be banked-in tomorrow! 

2. What is your nickname?
+Am or Mr. Vosovic.

P/S: Please don't call me Azam. 
My name is spelled with an 'H' to be pronounced!
It is A.Z.H.A.M!

3. List three people that you love.
+My family.
+My friends.

4. Your nickname to your loved one?
Sorry, I am single.

5. The kind of present you have been wanting from your loved one?
Just a simple love and care. That's all.

6. The list of Blogs that you love to visit?
Please refer to my blog yea? 
It is stated in the section 


7. Please tag 15 Bloggers

+Ikhwan Ceria
+Minty Mint
+Yukina Rei
+Gwen Velora

and all who are free to do this tag!

Are You Moist Enough?

Are you moist enough?

Hello people! Happy 53rd Independence Day to our beloved country, Malaysia and its citizens. I went to Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil this morning to celebrate Independence Day together with thousands of patriotic Malaysians there. The weather was just nice but when I stepped outside the stadium, the heat started to melt my Botox and Collagen (kidding!).

 Yes, it was so hot until I could feel my not-so-skinny jeans was burning and I panicked. My skin started to dry like I was in Sahara Desert at that moment and the worst was my not-so-Angelina Jolie's lips. I ran to the nearest shelter and took out my secret formula from the inside of my authentic Larrie bag and applied the secret potion all around the exposed area of my body as I have to take care of my assets. 

It is so hard to keep up with this kind of weather but thank goodness that I have my Vaseline lotion secured in my bag. That is my secret for a moisturized skin and forever will be. Vaseline really help me in case of emergency and I love it very much. No more dry skin and lips so after that, I headed straight to Berjaya Times Square, Sg, Wang Plaza, Pavilion KL and KLCC to search for my new skinny jeans. Not only that, I went to buy more Vaseline lotion for my family members as next week will be the time for me to go back to Penang. 

So, are you moist enough Malaysians? Remember, you can have a moist skin as well if you use the one and only Vaseline lotion in this kind of weather. Don't be surprised if one day paparazzi come stalking you like I face everyday because I have a moist skin. Let me tell you a secret; having moist skin is the best option to be a show-stopper in clubs around Kuala Lumpur. Oops, I have to go! My publicist is calling for my next interview. See you guys and girls next time in a more radiant and moist skin (only if you use Vaseline!). 
Take care. Lots of dry skin to be repaired. 

Are you moist enough?


P/S: This blog post is brought to you by Vaseline.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

The 53rd Merdeka Celebration will be held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil tomorrow.
I am not going to let go of the chance to go there this year 
So hopefully I can meet some of my friends and juniors 
Who will be performing for 'Human Graphic' tomorrow.

I just want to wish Malaysia and Malaysians a Happy Independence Day.
I hope that the spirit will not be cherished for tomorrow only.
We must nurture nationality spirit in oneself and not only when 31st August comes every year.

Remember, all these comforts we have are all the results of what our ancestors had done.
Without them, Tanah Melayu (at that moment) will never gain independence.
I hope for just one thing:
-Take care of our country-

No one can or shall take Malaysia away from us!
We must be united and put aside our political views to help develop our country.
Please, I beg you, take care of Malaysia,
Our beloved country.

This is my favorite quotation,
Yes, for us to ponder about:

"My name is Malaysia and I have been living in independence for 53 years.
 I just hope that you Malaysians can help me and retain the independence forever".

The death of a father figure

Policeman said he died of heart attack,
While he was driving down the road
Trying to get home before dinner,
With his children waiting for their father figure.

After a month he was away,
His wife cooked the best delicacies 
For the man, her husband she loved truly.
And checked her weighed in case of losing curve.

When he decided to overtake the bus,
His heart pounded and he was in pain.
His car crashed and stuck under the bus.
He can barely move, and the seatbelt got him.

Yes, suffocated.
He died for he was unable to breathe,
Not caused by heart attack at all.
That was the beautiful part of his life.

After my heart was killed

Ok fine.
An ex now is back.
Added me in Facebook.
Says sorry like forever.
Asks for forgiveness after my heart was killed.

Damn easy for this type of people to get back to me,
After my heart was eaten alive.
Felt sorry to myself for being so stupid last time!

And to make me fall again, 
Wanted to commit suicide.
Go on honey!
Go straight to hell in this holy month.
I just want you to make things right,
And never play with people's heart anymore.

To tell you the truth,
You really are bugging my life.
Yes, after we broke up,
I mean when I was dumped for no specific reason.
I thought about you each and every night
Thinking how I had missed the chance to see you.
And I cannot get over you at all,

And now you're back,
I don't know for what reason?
Just for you to know,
I will eat you alive if you dare to hurt me again.
Take care MNA.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It hurts me so far...

God, this is hurting me!
I need one of those for "Hari Raya"!
Please, please, please!

Skinny Is Beautiful

I just want to be anorexic, bulimic.
when I see my big butts reflected in the mirror.
I want to throw up like Hollywood celebrities 
in the toilet bowl.
I want to make fuss 
of every calorie intake and my meals.
I want to check the scale 
before and after I go to bed.
I want to go to Celebrity Fitness 
and work out like a bitch.

I want to wear the skinniest jeans 
and the smallest tees ever.

I want to walk the runway 
according to the beat though I am sick.

Slim skinny and anorexic
I want to be skinny like them.
I just want to make myself happy.
But, am I ...

Never be!
Or else I want my mum to kill me 
with her pair of heels.

Happy Birthday Jaazli Ahmad!

Happy Sweet 19th Birthday!

Do visit his blog yea?
-The Teacher Season-

Jaazli Ahmad's Blog

Dear Jaazli Ahmad a.k.a JaaZ...
Happy Birthday!
May Allah bless your life always.
Happy many returns.
Don't miss me when I am away yea?

Thanks for being my 'buka puasa' mate all these while,
For always with me when I have problems.
I am so touched with your love and care as a best friend for me.
Yes, I have regarded you as one of my best friend now.
Hope that we can be best friend forever.

Happy Sweet 19th Birthday dear!
Lots of hugs and kisses to you!
Take care.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love is in the air

I used to be like this guy, 
bloody heartbroken (but fashionable) almost two months ago.

Had taken the pill of Hate to ease the pain, yes I was crazy at that moment.

I blamed Love for my condition, but actually I love the wrong person.
Sorry Love.

And alone, 
while my room mates on the phone
 each and every night with their girl friends.
I envy them when their phone ring.

But hey, fuck the pain away!
I need a new love story.
And the first thing to do is to find a new eligible candidate.
Love, help me okay?



Kiss My Pain Away

Pain, pain,
Go away...
I don't need you in life.
Pain, pain,
Fly away.
I need to start loving someone.
Pain, pain,
Stop bugging!
I must hug the one I love.
Pain, pain,
Move on!
Blow away this sorrow.

Love, love,
Kiss my pain away.
Love, love,
I am ready to venture another relationship.
Love, love,
Match make me with a new one.
Love, love,
Make it happen this time,

Payback Time

This post is just an expression, 
so nothing to do with the living or the dead, 
especially IPBArians that I love!


You may claim that I am hypocrite,
But I don't mind, that's part of my reality.
You may say that I broke the promises made,
But who asked you to innocently pour them out?
You need to be true to yourself first,
and not to blame others for your sexual preference.
You need to make things right, 
not always to play the victim.

I may be infamous, 
Unknown, and who knows for the rest of my life?
But at least I tried my hardest to make sure
 My name to be written on the clouds.
You can say whatever you like, 
I have no right to stop you.
You are a big boy now,
You can take care of yourself.

Yes, you have different kind of attraction,
because you broke all straight guys.
And this is just the starting for my payback,
For you had taken the love of my life once.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Next Station: Unknown

Ring ring,
The phone rungs.
It was my mother on the other line.
She has bad news she said.
And the news was we are going to move again.

This will be the another time I have to make new friends,
Moving from one place to another is a common thing for me,
Being raised in a family of policeman and woman,
I have to bear with them being transferred here and there.
Firstly Baling in Kedah, Kuala Terengganu and currently in Kepala Batas, Penang.
Our next location is unknown as I want to keep it as a surprise when I get back home.

So, my supposed to be 'Hari Raya' break will be the time to pack my stuffs,
Thank God that it is two weeks of holidays so hopefully we can get things done immediately.
Will hopefully be moving before 'Hari Raya' so that we can celebrate it at our new house.
As for me, I don't know whether I should be happy or not?
I am just immune to all these matter, kind of expecting it though.