Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Longer Singer At-Heart

I am officially singer-on-stage!
Thank you Allah for giving me double opportunity for me to sing on stage.
I sang Keep Holding On together with Chaca, Julia and Iona (they are all my juniors).
They approached me saying that they need a male vocal to help them 
and I thought I did my best part on "Malam Gala MPP", two nights ago 
though now I am having sore throat, light fever and terrible coughing.

Secondly, I managed to handle my own show choir club!
Remember my post about Musica's Glee Club?
Yes, we performed Don't Stop Believing for our debut in IPG KBA.
Alhamdulillah, everything had been done and I can focus on my assignments.
Fasting month will start next week so I can rest from any stage performance.
I need to finish all my assignments before Eid'ul Fitri break.

And yesterday, I went to Bukit Bintang to accompany Adibah Khalidah
 to see her boyfriend, Noh Hujan.
That was a terrific night!
Free t-shirts, drinks and entertainment!
Next time, I want to perform live in Bukit Bintang!

Okay, I have to go. 
I need to finish some of the assignments that are needed to be handed-in this week.
I have lots of stuffs to catch up, and sleep too.
Take care, salam....

Azham and Julia!

Some of the singers in Musica's Choir Club

The Hotties!

The Big F&N Fun Fest in Jalan Bukit Bintang!

Azham Vosovic, Rina Bberi and Adibah Khalidah!

See how fanatic she is? 
That was Noh, performed in front of her very eyes on stage.
I guess I had given her the best pre-birthday gift ever!
But wait for another surprise D!


Amalina Sulaiman said...

haha! Azham...I wish u will recover soon..u gotta vair good voice.. ;)
nanti bila sore throat da ilang boley nyanyi tuk aku ye? hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

heheh, Leen, I will definitely sing for you, but after raya n assignments have been submitted eyh?? heheh