Sunday, August 22, 2010

Press Release: High-class Pleasure

I don't know that by writing about a high-class male prostitute would be very meaningful. Now some people think that I am really doing that service and that is very funny dude. Let me be straight this time; if I were to be a prostitute, I would never serve for ordinary people like you because I will do things for the VIPs and royalties only. That was what I meant with being a high-class male prostitute. Then a friend of mine asked why I was not working yesterday night, and my answer is total silence. It was mentioned earlier in that post that I was just immersing myself into the life of a male prostitute. I am concern with the inclining rates of students from higher institutions getting involved with this social sickness, that's all.It does not mean that I have to be one to feel like one right? I am not mad at any of you because at least you read and appreciate my poems but please don't jump into conclusions because it is dangerous for me and you. Thank you so much.

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