Friday, August 20, 2010


Family is our safest place. It is where we seek for help when in trouble but in family, there are also booby traps hidden without our notice. That is where questions about marriage and kids are being asked. These are the reasons why most people don't want to go back to their family. Teenagers especially rebel and don't trust family constitution. Some of them regard family as bullshit, and they are being carried away in the heavens they made with their temporary friends. As for me, I like my family though sometimes I feel like going away from it. Well, growing up to be an adult has shown me the importance of family, because in time I have to start mine. I will always put in mind that no matter how good or bad my family is, it is still my family and I should be proud of it. Family is precious, don't let you loose it to feel how bad losing it.

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