Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Undefined Sexuality

This is a story of a young boy,
A good looking hunk for the eyes of horny girls.
Yes, he has already been in a relationship to a senior girl 
When they started just as a good friend.

Both were madly deeply in love.
Vowed in the city hall to be together forever.
They were the center of attraction in their college,
And the parents have been arranging their marriage.

What she does not know was he has a very good male friend.
Yes, they are like brothers but literally closer than that.
They spend most of their time together when she was not with him,
And when she was out for shopping, she saw her future husband kissing that guy.

She passed out for a moment and was confused with his undefined sexuality.
Not knowing that the guy had forwarded their wedding date,
She was forced to get married to a guy who kissed another guy,
And they did not live happily ever after because his husband loves another dude.

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