Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Pictures: Astro Hitz Yuna Inspired Press Conference!

Salam and hi to you guys and girls. Here are the updates about Yuna Inspired Press Conference, powered by DiGi. The event took place at Spasso Milano, Jalan Ampang and it was so hard for me to find this place. I tried to Google Map it but "hampeh", no further information was given about this place. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me and even the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the taxi driver cannot detect the place. 

I arrived after 15 minutes the event started, so I got the back seat but I do not blame anyone. It was my fault for starting off my journey at 1.45 PM when the PC started at 2.30 PM.

Jojo Struys, the emcee!
And obviously I cannot get a clear picture of the whole press-conference. Even I forgot to bring the memory card for my camera so I had to use my mobile phone. I was lucky to have you Nokia 5320!

Yuna with her opening speech. She's cute, humble and gorgeous I must say.

Love this thing actually. One day I am going to have my face printed there as well.

See the food...yummy!

They are lucky that I was full that time, or else?

Yuna is being interviewed by Astro Awani...

Another interview...

This is when she is signing the album we got! Yeah, Decorate! 

You see, her signature there! And I love all the songs in the album. 
Songs like Decorate, Super Something, These Streets, Random Awesome, Penakut Rocket, Cinta Sempurna can make me fly up in the air because he voice is so melodious! Love Yuna...

Jojo is so cute that she still remember me from the Vaseline Amazing Skin Celebration Party last year. You know what Jojo, I am glad that I met you one more time! Good luck with Yuna Inspired project (Jojo is the director of this project okay!).

Photo credit to www.nikelkhor.com! Thank you Super DiGi Blogger. And yes, I also met Kak Ruby, Michael and Nikel from the DiGi Done Right Camp! Can't wait for the reunion...

For more information about Astro Hitz Yuna Inspired, please log on to:

P/S: I love Yuna's acoustic version for the song Rocket! 

P /P/S: I did not manage to interview Yuna, someone from the event asked me to wait outside if I want to ask her questions so I just left after the event. Glad that I managed to talk to her and introduce myself and get her signature. 

Hello, Mimi from Om Nom Nom Media called me to interview Yuna that day but you (the body guard or whatsoever name he is) made me wait alone there. Lucky that I went to Pavillion KL after that to release my stress. It has been 3 months and we missed each other very much, right Pavi?

Dear Yuna, I have started to love your music! Good luck!


So what the fuss is with Interlok?
People have been throwing tantrums quite lately,
In the news, on the streets everywhere.
Even today my dad has been called to settle down 
The people wailing on the lanes.

They have made my daddy out for work
While he was supposed to stay at home for a day.
Roads were closed and traffics got nowhere to go.
Thank you people, for you have caused
Silent chaos to the nation again.

And I still keep my mouth shut
Even when they have been asking a lot.
This is not racism but a call for everybody;
Policemen have tons of work to do,
 Just stop your childish acts on Penang's busy streets.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Pictures: Eating Out @ Kampung Baru!

Hi guys and girls. Here is the story when we have got our degree allowance on Wednesday last week. Alhamdulillah, the first time ever I have that big amount of money in my account. We went to a Western food restaurant in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur and it was awesome! Yes, more than 15 people were there to celebrate the event and here are the pictures, so enjoy...

Look at the ship behind, that is where they cook our food!

Diba the Dibot and he famous sugar-free drink! 
It's a honest compliment from me her trainer-from-afar!

We want our food!

Camera time!

I love my class mates, TESL Secondary Class A and B plus Kak Jiha so much!

Just want to show off our rings. Kak Mariah has got a lot of rings!

Two beautiful TESLians and a neighbor! Kak Jiha in her pink-red shawl!

Hungry faces, look at Rina, she's so desperate for food!

Kak Jiha and Kak Mariah in her red shawl.

Table full of food! Chicken chop, Gordon Blue, Sirloin steak, salad dressings, what else?

Yeah, we are so busy with the food, finally!

Azham Vosovic, Hakimah Mohd Abdul Wahid and Alexs Nuk!

.:On our way back to IPG KBA:.

At Kampung Baru LRT Station, some of us had taken the first train already.

Fitness first!

Cam-whoring time!

I love this picture so much, it's like I have gained weight again! Yes! 

Who farted? It smells like Thai food in here!

P/S: We were late that night, entered the hostel at 11.30 PM but luckily the guards did not take our names. Lucky us because the guards know that we went our for food. And that was the moment I received a call from RHAD about my winning, alhamdulillah.

Too young to die so soon

I'm too young to die so soon,
Not really a teacher by profession,
I'm not yet a movie star in Hollywood,
And yet the chance to record my own album.

Sad to be leaving sooner than anybody else.
Hope that this cancer cancels go away,
Far from my scheduled mummy's dreams,
Hope that I can stay fit for them for another day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friends Can Change

Maybe friends are now like robots...senseless.
And maybe I am one quite like that,
I do not have to blame you people.

Maybe I started the distance,
So I have made my mind,
I will just stay away from you.

I am not going to fret, 
Never I going to be sad.
Keep this is mind that friends can change.

Second-class Friendship

Friendship is not a game I play but it feels like a
Second class relationship when the other boys 
Get extra attention from him in the house, everywhere.

And seeing his blog post today, I know I am right.
I am not listed at all in his list of friendship.
Maybe I don't have what he takes to be his buddy.

I am sorry but this is firm, 
I am hurt with your actions quite lately,
I got to know where I am standing on now, just today.

Friday, January 28, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp: Press Release

Praise to Allah the Almighty,
Alhamdulillah, thank you so much to Allah for the opportunities given to me. He had given lots of challenges in my life but He never forget to leave me with something to smile about. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, I can't utter any more words...I'm totally speechless.

I would like to thank Mr Bruno Jaazli Mars for asking me to accompany him to the DiGi Done Right Camp. It is was not from him, I would never have the chance to experience all good things and the changes in me. Thank you buddy, I love you so much!

Loads of thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang for allowing me to join the DiGi Done Right Camp few weeks ago, and for reading my blog posts, for emailing the good news...for everything. I owe you guys big time!

I am glad that I joined the camp, met new friends there, free lessons by Mr U2 Kumar and company, tour around D'House, everything sponsored by DiGi. I really do not afford to repay all the kindnesses given to this humble blogger-boy. Thank you once again people.

Thank you to my love-hate followers+friends+everything: Diba, Zati, Leen, Pokjat, Apple, Ijai, Alexs Nuk, Farah, Gwen, Alana, Sis Norfa, Merazati, Suzai, Kaizen Shinobi (to name a lot of other names but hopefully you guys and girls can understand). I love all of you so much!

Seriously, I need to hug each and everyone of you tonight! Rayyan Haries, thank you for forcing me to finish off all ten blog posts about DiGi Done Right Camp. I will treat you Ikea meat balls after the Chinese New Year holidays! Thank you thank you so much! Lots of hugs and kisses! 

Dear DiGi Angel,

Thank you for participating in the post-event blogging contest for the DiGi Done Right Camp! It was great to see how much all of you enjoyed the 2-day experience there :) We're glad to announce that we have the results of the blogging contest already, and the lucky Angel walking away with a brand new HTC Aria for the most creative post is Mohd Azham bin Amran of http://azhamvosovic.blogspot.com!

Congratulations Azham, your eXtraOrdinary blog posts have paid off! :D To the rest of you, fret not as you're all still Super Bloggers and there will be more contests for the DiGi Angels in the future :)

Teoh Xinxian
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yeay! An interview with Yuna!

Email from Nuffnang:

Hey Ya,

Thank you for wanting to join us at Yuna's press conference tomorrow, 26th January 2011.

Attached is the whole run down for your reference, you can call me at 016-243**** or Michelle Wong at 016-311**** once you are there?

Be there on time okay? Because you don't want to miss any moments with Yuna hahaha...

Till then, can't wait to see you guys there, yay for Yuna! =)
Thanks again.


Best Regards,

Jestina Goon
Account Servicing 

m: (+6016) 24*****


So Jestina from Nuffnang called me this evening to invite Rayyan Haris and I to the Astro Hitz Yuna Inspired Press Conference. We are among the selected 10 DiGi representatives to meet and greet Yuna at the press conference. Surprisingly, we are also tasked to interview Yuna at the event, so I can't wait to be the next reporter in town. I am going to prepare lots of questions and take lots of pictures with Yuna!

Press conference rundown:

Date: 26th January 2011
Venue: Spasso Milano, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.

2.oo PM: Arrival of media and guests
2.30 PM: Jojo to greet crowd and introduce video
2.45 PM: Video to be played
2.50 PM: Yuna to go on stage to say a few words
3.00 PM: Official sticker to be placed on guitar, Yuna to sign
3.15 PM : Official Q&A session
3.40 PM: Impromtu' Yuna performance using signed guitar
3.50 PM: Refreshments
4.30 PM: End

*As copied from the attached document with the email.

Yuna, Diba and Azham!

P/S: I can't wait to meet Yuna and Jojo for the second time after we met each other during the Vaseline Amazing Skin Celebration Party last year. If only Diba the Dibot can follow me too tomorrow but she is quite sick now. Hope that she will get well soon. Take care...

PP/S: Spasso Milano is an Italian Restaurant! Oh God, You have helped me so much, I don't have to feed on stale bread anymore... Alhamdulillah.

PPP/S: Internet sucks here! I can't go for blog walking for a few days. Sorry yea but I will make it up to all of you once I pay this broadband bill. I am truly sorry...

I've got the mail; thank you Amira Atiya!

Salam guys and girls. When I was on my way to the Student's Affair Department of my college this morning, I stopped by at the office to check whether I have yet to receive the mail from my blogger friend, Amira Atiya or not. She sent me something for I have became the 500th follower of the blog and yes, I have got the mail.

It took more than a week for the mail to be processed so I guess that we can't really rely on "Pos Ekspres" anymore. Not so express!

Copy that address, who knows any of you would like to post something for me too right? By the way, the address should be "Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa", not "Kampus Antarabangsa". Thank God that the mail has come to the right place. Not to blame anyone here, *peace.

The goodies:
* Surah Yasin Tahlil & ;Doa
* Mickey Mouse Notepad
* Refrigerator magnet from Beijing (is it?)
* And a note that says " Teruskan blogging ya".

Thank you Amira Atiya from Jasin Melaka. Thank you so much for the gifts, I really appreciate it!

Please visit her blog by clicking this link:

Dear Amira Atiya, you are one of the greatest blogger too.
Keep in touch! Get lots of followers yea!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad as a stale bread story

When wind was telling the stories of the coming currency,
Rainy days stopped me from wondering about uncertainties.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the day the money coming in
But there was no news, total silence from the man of authority.

And I have been feeding on stale bread for every meal,
Keep on munching though it had passed the date of expiry.
I have no money, am thinking of a sugar daddy,
So bad news is bad, bad as a stale bread story.

That is how beautiful my love life is

If I tell you I want more than "just a friend",
I know that the world is going to freak out 
Because we are not just two normal friends.

I love you more than anyone would do
Because each and every moment of us
Is just a never ending story.

I don't have the courage
To move closer as everything I do
Recklessly will ruin our friendship.

I will just love you from afar,
Painfully looking because
That is how beautiful my love life is.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am just pretending...

I'm telling these love stories in the first person point of view although I am in no way connected to it; I just don't want to pretend to the reader that I know more about it than I really do.

Restless when I think about you

I am sickly in love with you my faraway bride,
Just a moment together would make the world right again to me
But everything I do I see your smile through the door,
Time is the slowest when we are falling apart.

Now is the moment to shed this tears because
Until now you have not called me your darling.
Broken-hearted and I don't know why I confess;
Restless when I keep on thinking about you.

Nobody is chasing

O' breeze leave let go of my burden,
Rain drops pour like my tears of a gloomy night.
Preserving sadness from my friend's talks and bitching,
Keeping to myself all I trust that no one would ever do.

I will stop running because nobody is chasing.

*Picture credit to Google Image.

To let you know that I love you

You were the one I was talking about,
You were there too in the conversation
And in fact, I got to know you here my darling
But you just seemed to be blinded by my straight face.

I know I am not going to get hold of you my dear
But at least let me one chance to say I love you.
Can you please for once open your eyes wide
Because I don't know what else to do to let you know that I love you.

This is freaky, I know.
This is fanatic, I know.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Note to Myself

Back to my big blogging taste, I'm going to start writing poetry again!

What is the point I kept on running when you're not chasing?
You are not mine so I should stop from stalking.
I have crushed my heart when I fell in love with you
Because you are actually that photographer's favorite.

You are getting married and I should keep my distance.
I must stop before I kill your fiancĂ© for my jealousy.
I know I am fanatic, for your love I would do,
Just keep this in heart that I used to love you.

*Get well soon Azham, I must warn you not to fell in love easily because all you have got is just scar in your heart. Take care Azham, you are golden!

I want to go for this hairstyle people!

Enough of spiky hair and "songkok" to get away from Mr. Arus Bin Kudus's eyesight because now I am planning to cut my hair short like Emma Watson. Yes, she looks so cute with this kind of hairstyle plus it is easily manageable. Should I get my hair done before or after Chinese New Year? Oh allowance, can you please do the talking. I hate silent treatment like this...

P/S: I hope that more male students in Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia, Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa cut their hair short too. I don't really like guys with long hair; it's messy sometimes. Let's cut our hair short, it's smart!

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 10: Goodies!

Hello guys and girl, this will probably be finale of the DiGi Done Right Camp edition. Wow, I am really fanatic about the camp that I went to. Well, I better be because I have gained so much of good things and positive aura from the people at the camp. Some might say that I have been overdoing the blog entry about the camp but I don't mind. That is just a CHALLENGE!!!

I would love to share about the goodies we all have got from the camp. So, enjoy the pictures...

DiGi GB Dollars, Handphone pouch, pens, pendrive and many more...

Done Right Camp folder and book.

DiGi internet t-shirt...

I got two special edition of All-American Rejects of DiGi wrist-drive (pendrive actually).

Thank you DiGi!

Hey people, we are also planning on our reunion next month. Haha, we have set the date on February 12, 2011, Saturday and it ill be held in Carl's Jar, Mid Valley. It is going to be fun to have a reunion after 4 weeks. The theme is yellow color t-shirt with thick spec with a nerd looks. Wow, I can't wait. Hope that the allowance will be banked-in by that time.
For more information, please click the link attached:

And Nuffies, you guys are invited too!