Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye-bye 2010, Hello 2011

Yes, another rough year has been left behind and I still missed some things that I should do in 2010. I haven't yet gone to modelling audition due to the situation of my face. I have not yet done "bungee jumping" with the girl who loves extreme sports like me too, Tnal_GaGa. Well maybe "bungee jumping" is an expensive hobby so Tnal_GaGa and I would love to try wall climbing first at 1 Utama. Is there anybody would like to join?

For this year, I would love to:

* Join Red House Cheer leading team again!
* Represent Red House in any of track sports because I love long distance running.
* Practice will make me skinnier than ever so my target is to fit M size perfectly.
* Sing solo in IPBA if I have the courage to do it.
* Join more contests and win more prizes.
* Update LoveHateVosovic more often.
* 100% focus on my studies.
* Shop less, save money.
* Work part-time.
* Be happy.
* Change.

That's all I think. Happy New Year to all of you! Live life to the fullest and don't judge!


.:rizaL:. said...

happy new year GS

Queen F said...

happy new year senior.. :)

may all your dreams come true.. :)

long live teslians! :P

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: Happy New Year BW!

Queen F: Happy New Year too... long live TESLians!