Thursday, January 20, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 3: Around D'House

Salam and a happy blog-morning! Happy Thaipusam for those who celebrate it today. It's a holiday so I have so many time to update my blog about DiGi Done Right Camp.
Now, let me proceed with the tour around D'House, which is actually DiGi HQ in Subang Jaya.

We toured around the house after lunch on our first day. We started off at the place where you can see the benches. That was where we had our "makan-makan" throughout the two days of the camp. There was not many DiGizens working at that moment because it was weekend already. 

Next, we headed to the special meeting room because it is named after a word in Norwegian language. Sorry I did not copy the meaning of that word. So this is the meeting room:

It is called Midgaard (if I am not mistaken because it sounds like that).

It is a spacious meeting room for more than 10 people. One of the best things here at the DiGi HQ is that the DiGizens are allowed to come to work with their casual attire and only the CEO will wear an office attire (correct me if I am wrong here). 

Our next destination was to various DiGizens office and their leisure room. I like this kind of stress-free work environment and they are so many places that the DiGizens can come to relax. Even us feel very calm when we entered their work station.

This is a prove to all my statements above. The environment in the D'House is so welcoming and makes us want to work there. Seriously, that was what I felt the moment I saw their office.

Then, we moved to the outer part of the HQ. You can see that DiGi really emphasize on the green environment because we can see green scenery everywhere. They will even change all the fresh flowers every Sunday so that when the employees come to work, they will not have Monday-blues!

There should be waterfall flowing down the small hill there but unfortunately, they switched it off on weekends to conserve the energy. When the architects were planning on the design of the building, they suddenly decided to construct a man-made waterfall because there is a beautiful rocks formation behind the building. What a sweet move right?

Up on top of the building is the CEO office. Mind you that only the CEO have his own office as other DiGizens can shift places to their own likings. If today they want to work in Level 3, they can do so because nobody there stays permanently in their office. They will even clean the place where they have been working all day so that other people can use it the next day. 

This is very smart though, because that is where new friendships will be made and relationships between them will be bonded stronger. I guess that I would want to practice this when I start to work later. But wait! I want to start it now! I don't want to be in my comfort zone forever...right people?

Enjoy the pic of the humble Mr Vosovic.

This is another relaxation area inside the office. This is where the DiGizens can build sandcastle!

Our tour guide, Mr. Prashan Chitty.
Find him in Twitter, @melakaboy

This is another special meeting room. Note that all DiGizens are environment-friendly staffs because they use less paper than us. Even they will read newspapers via their i-pad!

Creativity center:

All these drawings can be found at the staircases in DiGi HQ. Believe me that all the childrens of the DiGizens painted the walls and stairs. The initial of these drawings is to let the children expose their creativity with colors and drawings. Well, they can also get to know to their parents' workplace right?

I wish I can paint the wall and stairs of my college like this. *looking up to the sky and smile

Before the tour ended, we went inside the DiGizens town hall and it is spaciously wide to accommodate all the staffs at one time. This is the place where they have their badminton games, assembly and this place had once been turned to become a million dollar spa. Trust me that the CEO decided to let the employees come and have their back massaged, facial treatment and etc  for over a week if I am not mistaken. Well, it's free and the employees are so lucky!

Our last destination is the DiGi Call Centre. Have you call the DiGi careline and talk to someone on the phone? Well, this is the place where they answer your calls and help you through your problems. 

If I were to work with DiGi, I would want to work here because I love stress sometimes. This is where the staffs get bombarded with questions, anger and loathe from the customer but they are cool people. I can see them eating biscuits, chatting around with their colleagues, reading magazines and texting. Trust me that their work is fun! Let me have my internship there DiGi!

Wow, what a long post right? Wait for part 4 of the DiGi Done Right Camp!


Amirul Faiz Abd. Razak said...

I have worked in a call center before, it depends on the customers. If they are Malaysian, they can compromise a bit. But if they are Singaporean, whoaa, they will ask back for refund even if it is only 10cent. Haiyo..

SizZLing SuZai said...

WOOOWwww...i dont know that we here in msia got a cool office like this..huhhu bcoz ijust knew that at other country already hv lots of this such as the Yahoo! comp..
best best ^^

Azham Vosovic said...

Amirul Faiz:Wow, you have worked at a call center? How does it feels to be the person who customers got angry with? Yea, I know some of them can tolerate but some other don't right?

Suzai: hehehe, yea the office is sooooooo coooollll! I love the office so much! If only I can visit Nuffnang office one day...hehehe