Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet Nonsensicality of This Life

There is a co-pilot when I am driving; yes, ironically she is in a car. She will be instructing me of where the car should be heading to and which turn I should take at the junction. I even have to park at a specific place that only she knew and gave last minute instruction to me. Phew! Terrible isn’t it?

Sometimes it feels like I am sitting for another driving test and the failure on her face I get every other day. Nevertheless, I should thank her cautiousness for I have never failed to obey red lights at the junction and never park my car with a note given by the police officer on the windscreen (yet).

            However this morning, she scratched the rear bumper of the car my daddy bought last week and she totally regrets it. I can tell it from the look on her face. It is okay mommy because everyone is not perfect; we tend to make mistakes even when we tried our hardest to avoid it. Still, I have to drive carefully because I do not want my mother to nag at me. After all, she will always be my super-mommy!

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