Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get Tested, Get Treated

I have been infected with HIV when I slept with Jimmy two months ago. I'm truly sorry honey for I have cheated on you when you were in India. I know that we vowed in front of the  priest and our family members on the day we got married but, I did not tell you the truth about my sexuality. I am not like what you thought I would be; a husband; because I adore guys too. 

I know it's stupid for me to admit it now because we have been married for too long. Our children shouldn't know about this because they will hate their father forever. Please don't say that I had lied to you about this because I have tried to change but persuasion is too strong. 

Honey... thank you for not freaking out like other bitches in the movies. I am glad that you're my loyal listener; a wonderful wife for me. Now that you know your true husband is, I hope that explains why I somehow behave like the wife in our family.

Take care honey because I think that you are not infected. It has been three months of our intimate moments together but you can go for your check up. Remember that you should be tested and if you are positive please be treated. HIV/AIDS patient with proper medication can actually live longer than other healthy people. 

For more information about HIV or AIDS, please click the links attached:

P/S: In conjunction with the World AIDS Day 2010.


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