Monday, October 31, 2011


Since my course mates are talking and posting statuses on Facebook about "the three more weeks", I have decided to jump into the bandwagon too and say, "Yeah, three more weeks of lec-torture and I am done".

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Roses are purple,
Violets are red.
The world's going to crumble
These people are mad.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Cupcake

Halloween Cupcake, exclusively at Bisou Bangsar and KLCC. Get it today for only RM 6.50 each, so delicious! I am addicted, so will all of you yeah!
R.I.P, Boo!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Mom called last night; I guess she misses me after almost two months I left Malaysia Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. She asked whether I am coming back this Raya Haji break because my grandparents in Kelantan are having a "kenduri arwah" sort of thing. I know that she hopes that I come back and join them though I have a really short break this time; trust me that I have a son-instinct kind of gift.

My father would always hear out our conversation silently by the phone--you know how the scene is frequently portrayed in movies right? And despite all frequent fights I have with my parents--my mother especially, I know that it is our weird way of expressing love towards each other. Although I hurt my parents most of the time, I know that they are the best I have ever had and nobody can replace them; even my lecturers no matter how fatherly/motherly they are. 

I will find some time and fly back to Kelantan insyaallah. My dearest apology to Mr. Amran and Mrs. Rosnah because I am not perfect, like a son other family has ;(

P/S: Well, do I have the resemblance of my father or my mother?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lecturers' Lecturer

"Teachers must be left to teach, 
and politicians to stay politicking".

-A paraphrased version of what was mentioned by Professor Dr. Malachi Edwin Vethamani, Dean of School of Education, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus during our meeting for Malaysian Literature in English assignment. Really sir, you inspire me to serve for the nation one day and correct the mistakes some people are doing in our education system, specifically in English education. 

P/S: Mr. Edwin was my lecturers' lecturer in University Putra Malaysia (UPM) before he moved to Taylor's University. I am sure Dr. Premalatha, Dr. Raja Mazuin, Dr. Chandran, Madam Ann, Mr. Manoharan and few others are so proud of him. Well...one day my lecturers will see me lecturing young generations too, hopefully. Dare to dream people ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Waiting Game

Do you want to play a waiting game? The rule is simple; keep your hands off me, your lips off mine and I will only be yours once our marriage is official. I do not want to rush over things when our friends had already "done" what married couples do; marriage is still sacred for me though. If you cannot wait for the right time to come then maybe we are not destined for each other. Please dodge this bullet my dear because I would rather kill you than just jump into the bandwagon, and have sex out of wedlock. 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Interview: A. Samad Said

Alhamdulillah, I am done with my interview! Thank goodness that my favorite writer, Bapak A. Samad Said is a very down-to-earth type of person and he did most of the talking. 

Aiman and I are paired up to conduct a research about Malaysian writers this semester and insyaallah, my portfolio for the subject Malaysian Literature in English will be completed by this week. I can only elaborate more about my interview after the portfolio is done and will share our findings here for further knowledge. Dear bloggers who are interested in knowing more about this National Laureate (Sasterawan Negara), please wait until I finish the touch-ups of this portfolio okay?

Friday, October 21, 2011

R.AGE Featured Blogger

Alhamdulillah, it is finally happening! One of my friend told me about this good news a few minutes ago and I could not wait for tomorrow to share about it. R.AGE The Star finally decided to list me as this week's featured blogger after two months of waiting. Yeah, I admit that I emailed the person in-charge because R.AGE has been my favorite site/column since two years ago and it is such an honor for me to be featured here. 

For those who are wondering, R.AGE is actually a special spread on THE STAR newspaper, every Wednesday focusing on youth issues. It is written by young journalists and it is not just a youth paper but comprises of its own website http://rage.com.my, blog, a Facebook group, and Twitter too. 

Now I need to make sure that my blog posts will be of quality and let my voice be heard. Dear bloggers out there, you can email your details at alltherage@thestar.com.my and be the next R.AGE Featured Blogger too ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Are What We Eat

Secret Recipe, Amcorp Mall,
Petaling Jaya.

My lecturers told me again and again: 

"Do not forget to treat yourself after you have done a really good job". 

So the three of us grinned, grab the car keys and headed to Amcorp Mall to scavenge for FOOD! Oh my, we have been burdened with assignments, presentations, essays, Mid-term Tests and everything cramped into one. *Well, students should not complain like me so I am sorry Ya Allah for complaining.

Ida Khalidah and Atie GaGa.

Caught red-handed:
Azham Vosovic

This meal really managed to distress Atie's craving because she had been longing to loaf around Secret Recipe for a long time already. I know her well...if she eats a lot, that means she is undergoing an unbearable stress.

This is my all time remedy, my favorite Japanese Soba! Oh yeah, I think that my body is now made up by Japanese Soba, fried noodle, nasi lemak, chicken chop, laksam, spaghetti, kerepek ikan, Chocolate Indulgence cake, McDonald's burger and many other unhealthy food. Gosh, my favorite food are all not really good for my health, no wonder....

Nevertheless, I had the best dinner and the three of us talked a lot #LIKE A BOSS! I bet the people around were annoyed by us but this is a free country right? And I love to go around the city in my class attire because I want to get used to being a TEACHER ;) Teaching is a NOBLE profession for me because I get to shape a human being and prepare them to face the worst of the world.

Well, it sounds like I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of self-rewarding to be done and if I am given a chance to live longer, I will serve for the nation insyaallah. Oh my, why three years is such a long way to go? I am afraid that I might not be able to achieve my dreams.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skip The Fantasy

She planted dreams abroad,
So she got up and exited the hallway
Down the stairs, out of the scenery.
Poor the father, the assemblyman in worry,
The dreams shattered, the agony on board.

I wish I could ask her to wake up,
Skip the fantasy and back to reality.
The jolly sister, the toughest fighter,
The daughter we love, the humble attire.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sarcasm of Finger Lickin' Good

Salam guys and girl...remember this post? Well, I sat for the Mid-term test on Friday evening; it was hard and I sprained my wrist for writing too much nonsense for Malaysian Literature in English paper. I love literature but the questions were too many and I do not have enough time to elaborate my points at all. Then my partners-in-crime and I escaped to KFC Jalan University to feast our mind and tummy right after the torture.

Then angrily we went to KLCC and Dataran Merdeka, spent half of the evening inside the Jaguar singing the songs that distressed our tension. 

So glad that I went out that evening, no further discussion about the tests, more calories consumed and a happy tummy ;)

 Our lecturers reminded us not to study hard but to study smart, involve actively in group discussions and get help when you are in trouble. Meet your school or college counselor because it is free-of-charge and they really know how to tell you to live your life accordingly. Oh my, what a sarcasm ;)

P/S: Oh yeah, the new advertising slogan for KFC is So Good, no longer Finger Lickin' Good. Oh my, another sarcasm!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


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I had my hair cut yesterday, kind of Emma Watson's short and I was so happy until someone gave bad comments about it. Then my roommate, my close friends and everybody seemed affected by this kind of haircut and I do not know why. 

I know they prefer me with a longer hair but this hairstyle is easily manageable, and I can wear songkok or the Fedora Hat without feeling warm or dizzy anymore; that is my whole intention but they never ask me why.

Then I fake a smile as I am not happy anymore; it feels like people want me to live my life according to their rules. Then I wonder what happens to living our life accordingly? Well...if anyone would like to sponsor RM 150k for me to live my life as they wish, I would do it. However, I get no pleasure if I do not live my life dangerously so this is just an attempt for me to look different for my everyday figure. Glad that I do not go bald yesterday so please accept me the way I want myself to be and you can expect the same from me too ;)

P/S: No heart feelings, this is just a press release.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Malaysian Taste of Escapism

Thank God that tomorrow is Fry-Day ;)

I cannot wait for this week to be over; I want to hang out with my buddies, walk to Pasar Malam Kerinchi tomorrow evening and get my favorite yong tau fu, nasi dagang, Uncle Bob's Chicken(s), more fat, salt and calories. I want to have my pillow talk with Abul, Alexs and Rizal again at night while watching White Chicks, and to wander around Kuala Lumpur alone like a rich boy. 

I know that it is hard to get back those hours I have missed as Semester 2 is ending in November. Well, mourning about this stressful semester will not make it any better as my course-mates and I are already breaking apart. Another sad news is that the supposedly trip to Melaka this weekend is also postponed to an unofficial date in November due to the sudden Mid-Term examination next week. 

All I can do now is to just stare at this "Malaysian Literature in English" course-book wishing that I could just eat the knowledge out of it. The book stares at me back laughing at my stupid imagination and all of the words in the poems starts to circle around my head mocking my foolishness for having such a thought. 

I catch them one by one, crush them in between my teeth, down my throat and straight to my stomach. Alhamdulillah, I have digested enough texts and this Malaysian taste of escapism is so scrumptious! 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drink and Drive

She was late for her scene,
The final take of Barbie's Magazine.
So she got her hair done, rushed to the set,
Pressed the accelerator like a professional,
And then the brake did not function well,
She tried to stop the car with her leg
But it was too late that it hit the egg.

Thank goodness that this is just a movie,
She took the credit, her double got nothing.

P/S: Don't drink and drive people; Barbie did it and never return the same as she was before. 

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Blood on the bitumen

So I drove home alone, slept on my bed like nothing happened and wished that everything is going to be fine tomorrow. I hope that nobody found the dead body of the girl I crushed with my brand new Cayenne on the deserted highway of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. 

I did not see that she was standing at the side of the road and it was all too late when I press the brake. Her skull was completely crushed and I dialed the police officer who happened to be my friend at the bar the night before.

I wrapped her body with a who-knows-when-I-put-a garbage bag and quickly washed away the smeared blood on the bitumen with a bottle of Coke. Then I grabbed the steering before the cops managed to reach to the scene. 

And all I did was stupid; why did I called the police inspector and ran away like a guilty child? I know that I am so dead right now, what should I tell the jury during the hearing at the court one day? They are not going to believe my part of the story, and I deeply know that the ghost of the girl will eventually come to haunt my sleep at night. Oh dear ghost, you were so cute before you are ugly now, can you please forgive me? 

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Nothing personal

Remember me? I used to be your best friend until you told me that you are like the season, that you need to change. From autumn to winter (I don't care which season comes first), the thick wall between us is expanding and it makes me feel like a monster for typing this out. I know this is a war that I cannot win, so I back out when it is still legitimate to do so.

I know that you are tired of me taking you for granted, just move on because you deserve better my dear. Starting from tonight, I will focus on what is coming next and if you are going through a hard time, just keep going as I will never be able to help you anymore.

P/S: The real reason I am crying right now is because of the onion I am slicing...my very own best friend, nothing personal actually ;)

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Driving The Cancer Car

Well, we saw it in person here in LA, and the Aston Martin N400 Roadster

A florescent orange car with a leopard-print interior but not as fast as as the African Jaguar; I enjoyed the ride home with Dibot yesterday and we sang our favorite songs dangerously driving on the wet asphalt. 

Without we knowing it, that car is going to be put to a permanent stop as the owner cannot take care of it anymore. Thursday next week is the day that the mechanic will conduct the lethal injection process like some animals have to face when they are too sick or too old to take care of themselves. It is finally happening...that I am going to miss the Jaguar that has been very loyal to this very end of its life. Rest in peace and in pieces...I never knew you have Stage 4 cancer, melanoma to be exact ;(

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Saturday, October 8, 2011


THE CUBE is cute!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful prince mobile-content portal called THE CUBE. It was officially launched on September 15, 2011 at Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand, Kota Damansara. It was a glorious night for THE CUBE as its parents invited the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin Yassin to officiate the ceremony, and the biggest names in local music industry such as Reshmonu, Bunkface, Aizat, Joe Flizzow and Noh Hujan performed for this baby prodigy, THE CUBE

Picture courtesy of: Mr. Nuffnang

There were a lot of guests who came that evening and for your information, that "Majlis Cukur Jambul" was also held in conjunction with Malaysia Day, so there were fireworks in the sky, dances and many more exciting stuff. For all of you who have been wondering, THE CUBE is not an ordinary three-dimensional square box as it has features that are beyond expectation. THE CUBE uncle's, Mr. NUFFNANG provided me with all of this information and I would like to share it here people.

THE CUBE provides you with the latest lists of songs ready to download, the choice of Malay, English and Chinese songs which is the cheapest compared to other portals. Now you can get the funkiest tunes of GaGa, melodious love songs from Selena Gomez and do not forget to support our local artists too people. You can also get full update of entertainment news with just only a flick of a finger by heading to www.thecube.my and you will be always be updated directly from your mobile device; that is so COOL!

This is also the site for all Facebook-ers and TwitterJaya citizens(those who live, eat and sleep with Twitter) to indulge themselves fully with the application. Just click on the FRENCUBE icon and you are set to update your FB status or tweet your whole life again. Easy peasy right? 

Do not forget to get the freshest games, sports news, wallpapers, movie extras and contest all from your mobile too as it will be constantly updated in THE CUBE. All of this is exclusive for your mobile so you will be the trendiest person of all, simply out of this cute little box. So, ask this question to yourself:

"Have you been CUBED yet?

Click www.thecube.my or http://m.thecube.my to begin with the CUBING process hahaha *evil laugh!

And THE CUBE is growing happily ever after ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Pranks

*No smoking please ;)

I have this weird wish which is to be prank-ed on my birthday; Dec 15 this year. I have celebrated nineteen years of my life yet have never been prank-ed by anybody; that is the real reason why I love to prank my friends on their birthday. I wish that they will hold grudges against me and let it all out on my birthday. 

When the day comes, please pour the flour on my face in public, throw water balloons at me and paint my face any color you like. I will accept all those pranks with an open heart and will prepare better surprises for all of you next year. I just hope that my friends will not damage my stuff on that special day, especially my beloved phone that costed me a fortune. 

Now I hope that my friends and all of you know what I have been wanting all these while ;)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heavy Downpour

It was a gloomy evening, and same goes to my feelings when my favorite lecturer throw her tantrums at me. I run in the middle of a heavy downpour just to cry out loud and nobody realized it; I know it sounds stupid but when you are sad...you will never care about anything at all. 

On my way to the lecture hall, I met a brother who happened to be so understanding and offered me a ride to the faculty. He was so kind and his smile was the sincerest, so I agreed to join him at the mosque later. 

He told me about his past mistakes and how he had been tested with the strongest of fear to the sins he cannot clean. I stood there for a while, and I realized that the dark side of me was haunting finally. Then he asked me to pray but I know that was the hardest thing to do; I have forgotten to even take the ablution.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Famous Sensitivity

Friends in this industry know me by my famous sensitivity and sometimes they cannot handle it I am sorry. For me...it is not fair to ask only the oversensitive person to change and at the same time the others are free to shoot anybody with their newly-learnt language. "Freedom of Speech", as they would always say and I unwillingly have to go with their flow; I repeat, "their flow...".

This has nothing to do with any incident happening between me or any artist but it is just a silly thought before bedtime. Funny to think that it is always the oversensitive person to give in and the others win right? 

And when it is I who give such a horrid opinion, the TV station will band me for the rest of the year and the press will condemn. Then I wonder what kind of person the society wants me to be? Maybe it is time for me to step down the popularity?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweat and Tears

I love running; I will turn up the volume of my MP3 player and jog like I don't have a care in the world. I will never hear what people say about my style because it will just bring my neck down. To be safe, I will just sing-along with the songs and focus on the track.

When I feel stressed up or sad, you will see me circling the lake and all of the tensions will be released. Thank God that it helps to manage my stress and I think my fellow bloggers should exercise too. I know that we spent a lot of time on the net or on the bed because I always do that but please think about your health. Medical treatment nowadays is not cheap and pills are not sweet so please consider this.

I know that it is quite too late for me to start exercising but at least I have sorted out something. I do not want to end up on the hospital bed at a very young and lively age, so hopefully God will bless me with health and wealth. All I need is an effort to achieve all that, and an effort seriously needs sweat and tears.


This picture was taken at Tasik Varsiti University of Malaya; my favorite jogging track all these while apart from Taman Jaya and KLCC Park. I am so glad that UM is just a walking distance from IPG KBA and we can share the facilities there right UM students? I hope that it is not going to rain in the evening as I am so well-prepared to jog there. Well, if any of you happens to meet me there, say hello because I don't bite ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Maroon Faive

From left: 
Fizur, Niwashini, Alexs, Izat and Azham.

Taken at the backstage, before our concert.


Izat Valentine(guitar)
Alexs Madden (keyboards)
Fizur Carmichael (bass)
Azham Levine (vocals/guitar)
Niwashini Dusick (drums)

We are not Maroon 5...we are the Maroon Faive!


The Grandma's Book

One part of Teaching English as a Second Language course which I hate the most is GRAMMAR. I have never been the top scorer in my class when it comes to analyzing the sentences, drawing the Tree Diagram and to even use the correct tense in speaking and writing. 

I know that there are too many notes to digest, a thick book to read yet so little time for me to do all that. I have been wasting my time too much on the net scrolling down the dashboard and I know that one day I am just going to fail the test.

Then I will start to freak out because I know that the knowledge I have this semester is not sufficient to make me a great teacher  in three years time (hopefully). Well, I heard stories about my seniors failing their examination and how they had to leave the college in despair for not succeeding like their other course-mates. I put myself in their position and then finally opened up the Grammar Book that I think has the same level of difficulty as learning Mathematics or Chemistry. 

The first page was full of words, and then phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and then comes the journals. "Nouns, verbs, adjectives, determiners, adverbials etc", keep spinning in my head and later I dozed off (much expected actually). In my dream few minutes after that, I praised myself for at least revising the notes while blogging, and then the librarian knocked the table and showed me the time. It was about time to leave the building as I was the only student "studying" religiously in my sleep. 

On my way back to the International Block which is my hostel, I kept on wondering how do all the excellent students in my class study grammar? Don't they need to sleep as well? Oh my, maybe I sleep too much right? I wonder...

P/S: A fictional short story of a TESLian who dislikes the crucial part of learning English language; too bad he cannot go back ;)

So tell me why I call it The Grandma's Book?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Some people are fond to talk about other people's life as if they know the stories better. They will do anything to defame the person involved so please be extra careful people as we never realize that there are eyes watching our each and every move. They don't just stare but pathetically spread rumors too, mind you.

As one of the new media user, I would assure all of the fellow bloggers to clearly check the facts and the validity of a story before posting anything on your site. This is to ensure that nobody is being emotionally disturbed by the unconfirmed news i.e gossips and rumors etc. Remember that words can hurt and I believe that all those bloody apologies can never cure the emotion of the affected person.

We share this internet world together so why should we humiliate other users right? Millions of people around the world have the access to the net so please be mindful with what you are writing. If anybody is caught to do so, the authorities concerned should punish the do-er for that malicious statement. As for my advice, please repent when you still have the chance to do so and never repeat the same mistake ever again okay?

P/S: Some people spread rumors because they are jealous; they wish that they can just be popular and successful like you. 

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