Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boys meet Girls

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    Welcome to Sororities vs Fraternities; the place where some guys and girls lose their Big V to their own or the opposite kind. This is definitely not your typical kind of school; there will always be cliques, exclusive social groups and you are only accepted for who you hang out with and not by who you are. Geeks and losers are the subjects of peoples jokes while pretty girls deliberately become the object of lusts to some guys; most of the time I fall victim to those people high up on the social-staircase. 

    This is a subtle reminder to all new students registering in any university this September; your hormones are going to roam free that you will develop your sexual desire to your seniors or your batch-mates. Next month is be the first time of your freshmen year that you will probably feel left out when your friends have started dating, and when they have got their first kiss you would want your own fairy-tales too. Well guys being guys, girls being girls and the world will keep on feeding the boys meet girls phenomenon. I can never stop anybody from committing it because most people have already experienced sex as early as their puberty; please spare yourself some contraceptives because only dummies have unprotected sexual intercourse #justsaying.

P/S: Tell me what do you think of the teenagers who have already committed the taboo word sex since their school days in less than 100 words? 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Axe Anarchy Island Getaway


    So it has been tweeted, blogged plus Nuffnang really urge me to writing a blog post on how to showcase my best efforts at being suave and charming to the opposite sex. I must warn all of you that this blog post would appear to be so 'self-obsessed' to some but trust me that I am whatever this contest wants me to be, plus no judging okay! 

Dear AXE Girls,

    I am Azham Vsvc and will reach 21 years old in December, hence young and lively. I am an English language teacher to-be graduating from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2014 so hopefully my profession as an educator to the young Malaysians will win the heart of my dream girl soon, and it should be a plus point  to my in-laws too!

    I am very down-to-earth even though I am 180 cm tall, plus most people say that the air up here is fresher and cleaner! Apart from studying, I am a talent of my university for advertisements and publications because I always believe in living my life to the fullest. I am a singer-at-heart, an actor off the stage, a writer of my own blog-azine on R.AGE The Star online and totally an interesting  alpha-male to make out hang out with. I used to write poems to the girls until I realized that it is too mainstream then I started to compose a lyric to the girl that I like. Girls can check out the first lyric I composed here, and many more to come.


   I deserve to be exiled  in Axe Anarchy Island because I am a big fan of AXE Anarchy products and so far I have tried the new AXE Anarchy FOR HIM just to make sure that I smell good when I mingle around girls. Words on the streets telling me that more AXE products are coming to hit the country and I totally cannot wait for all of their temptation!
Wait, why have I mentioned AXE Anarchy Island? I heard that the beach is so sexy/sandy/sunny, have a look at this video people but viewer discretion is advised ;)

Nuffnang Malaysia in collaboration with Axe Anarchy has launched a blogging contest to a secret and exclusive private island in the Carribean! The winner will walk away with TWO Invites to an all-expense paid 4 Days 3 Nights trip to a location secretly preserved from the hustle bustle of the city. 
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Imagine a 22 acres strands of long private beach and the sea breeze forever enticing you to take a swim deep into blueish-greenish sea with the marine creatures! Just in case you get tired of the sea, or the tanning session probably then please head on to the totally fancy swimming pool(s) day and night with an of course a 5 stars experience in the Carribean. Yes, I am also excited about the lists of international DJs, world-known models and 60 other social media fans from all around the globe joining the fun, and relaxing our mind from our busy lifestyles! 

It is RM 40, 000 worth of vacation for you and no worries because AXE Anarcy Island has a lot of interesting outdoor activities as well! You will get your own personal speedboat to go around the islands, take part in Water Ball races, and for the big fan of extreme pleasures please welcome Bungee Jumping and Para-Sailing to make sure you get the drift! *drooling. Dear Axe Anarchy and Nuffnang I totally deserve a break in the Carribean sea, partying with the boys and girls all day long without worrying of any other thing in Malaysia; pretty please please please :)

So what are you waiting for? You have less than four more days to submit your blog post to http://bit.ly/MlSk6T before the deadline ends at 5 PM, 31 August 2012 this Friday! Please do not waste this opportunity and who knows that you would not want to go back to Malaysia once you are in the Carribean right? Hopefully this blog post will make one the the girls (Carribean or Malaysian) fall in love with me and like a sweet cupid I want to shoot my own arrows to her dear heart. Take care and God bless you girls, (and boys)...good luck!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kembara Ilmu UniKL (Wakaf Quran)

   There are plenty of ways to do good deeds;  some would throw an exaggerated iftar celebration for the old folks, some would give alms to the unfortunate orphans and some would just sincerely hug or smile to the less unfortunate people. Yes...good deeds should go beyond boundary, race, status, or even religion because no matter how different we are, we are still humans at heart. This is what a group of students from the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) in corporation with Syarikat Etikad Cipta Sdn. Bhd. try to achieve when they organized the program "Kembara Ilmu UniKL (Wakaf Quran) last July. I have invited Shameer Shaari, a representative of the noble act to elaborate further on their project so let us take a read at his profile. 
Shameer Shaari's Profile

Full name: Mohamad Shameer Bin Shaari
Nickname: Shameer Shaari
Birth date: 9th April 1992
Origin: Kuala Lumpur
Educational background:
-Sek. Keb. Desa Petaling
-Sek. Men. Sri Sentosa
-Sek. Men. Teknik Kajang
-Universiti Kuala Lumpur MIIT


1) Boleh saudara Shameer ceritakan tentang program Kembara Ilmu UniKL (Wakaf Quran) yang telah dijalankan pada bulan lepas?

-Wakaf Quran ini adalah suatu program dimana peserta boleh mewakafkan Al-Quran bagi keperluan saudara Islam yang memerlukan. Program ini bertujuan untuk menggalakkan orang ramai  berwakaf sebagai salah satu daripada saham kita di akhirat. Program ini dianjurkan oleh Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Mahasiswa UniKL MIIT dengan kerjasama Syarikat Etikad Cipta pada 2-6 Jun 2012 bertujuan untuk membantu para pelajar tahfiz di Indonesia dengan menyumbangkan Al-Quran melalui cara berwakaf. 

The Qurans to be distributed to the chosen pesantren.
2) Bagaimanakah pihak saudara mengumpul dana dan sumbangan orang ramai terhadap program ini?
Shameer upon arriving in Bandung.
-Kami telah mengiklankan program ini di seluruh kampus UniKL MIIT termasuklah poster di setiap aras dan lif bangunan. Kami juga telah membuka kaunter di beberapa tempat perhatian ramai seperti di KL Downtown dan majlis-majlis rasmi politik Malaysia untuk memudahkan orang ramai menyampaikan sumbangan. 

3) Bagaimanakah pula dengan pelaksanaan program Wakaf Quran ini?
One of the pesantren in Bandung, Indonesia.
-Kami telah menyampaikan sumbangan wakaf Al-Quran kepada para pelajar tahfiz di Indonesia kerana setelah membuat tinjauan di beberapa pesantren, keadaan mereka adalah sangat susah dan amat memerlukan bantuan umat Islam yang lain dari segi pembangunan sekolah dan pelbagai aspek lagi. Kami telah menetapkan bahawa semua bentuk wakaf hendaklah dalam bentuk wang ringgit disebabkan faktor-faktor tertentu dan sebahagian daripada wang yang telah diwakafkan akan disalurkan juga kepada pembangunan sekolah. Kami akan kembali ke sana untuk mengikuti perkembangan para tahfiz supaya lebih senang untuk melihat tahap kemajuan pendidikan di negara mereka. 

Some of the tahfiz students.  
Old copies of Al-Quran in the pesantren.
A briefing session before the program started. 
The distribution session of Al-Quran at the pesantren.
Volunteers carrying a whiteboard for classroom use. 
Tahfiz students at another pesantren.
Volunteers taking part in slaughtering the sheep as part of the feast after the program. 
4) Adakah pihak saudara mempunyai perancangan untuk mengadakan projek yang sama di Malaysia pada suatu hari nanti?
Shameer and few copies of Al-Quran to be distributed.
-Setakat ini target projek kami yang seterusnya masih lagi di Bandung kerana terdapat banyak lagi pesantren yang memerlukan perhatian dan bantuan dari segi pembangunan pendidikan. Mungkin pada masa akan datang kami juga akan membuat program ini di Malaysia dan pelaksanaannya mungkin berbeza berbanding di Indonesia kerana pembangunan pendidikan di negara kita adalah lebih baik. 

5) Bagaimanakah caranya untuk orang ramai turut serta dan mengeluarkan sumbangan dalam program Wakaf Quran selepas ini?
Shameer's style of saying goodbye.

-Bagi yang ingin menyumbang dana wakaf untuk program yang akan datang, anda boleh hubungi saya Shameer Shaari di talian 013-2021998 atau terus bank in wang yang ingin anda salurkan ke akaun bank CIMB Syarikat Etikad Cipta (No akaun 14070000305105). Anda juga boleh melawati Facebook Page Program Wakaf Quran (UniKL) dan pihak kami sentiasa bersedia untuk membantu anda di sana. 


    "Program Kembara Ilmu UniKL (Wakaf Quran)" is definitely one of the best option for all of you to start a good deed today; perhaps you guys and girls can start small by giving alms (bersedekah) or donating your money to the nearest mosque, orphanage, old folks home or wherever possible. Remember that a small amount of money spent the right way will always effect the eternity and Hereafter. I give all my salute and respect to this group of UniKL MIIT students for taking a small but meaningful step in helping the underprivileged citizens and in fact this is a sweet Malaysia-Indonesia brotherly affair.

    Here is a little help that I need from all of you; since Shameer and his friends are going over there again in a near future so perhaps my dear blog readers can help to spread the news by sharing this blog post to any personnel or organization who are willing to contribute in this kind of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programs. Remember that this kind of program is important for your saham akhirat if it is done very sincerely; so until we meet again, take care and keep helping the others yeah!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friendship Beyond Blogging

This is a tale of the fourth day of Syawal when I kidnapped Saiazuan from his family barbecue out of the blue uninvited! Saiazuan went back to his kampung in Kulim Kedah for Eid Mubarak which is so near to my house in Bertam, Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang. Since both of us had not met properly in Kuala Lumpur (just managed to shake his hands when we both went for the premier screening of The Avengers) then I took the liberty to meet him at Old Town White Coffee, Kulim Landmark Central. 

    Saiazuan is a really humble guy plus he is chatty as well so it was very easy to make a conversation with him. We talked about our future in blogging, studies, blogger gathering and many others. It was a really exciting session for both of us as time passed by so quickly that we had to bid good bye eventually. Please visit Saiazuan's Blog at the link provided because he has written great movie reviewscomicsvideospapercraft collection and many more. 

Then this afternoon I had the shock of my life when the postman sent two envelopes of raya cards from my blogger friends. The first card was from a sister that I have never met, Sis Aziela. She is a sister that I have never had my entire life because our online friendship has gone beyond; she is like a family to me already. She has this sister-instinct when she knew that something was bothering my mind, she called and consulted her comfort words. Thank you Kak Aziela, insyaallah we will meet one day in Kuala Lumpur, can't wait!

The second and probably the last card this Eid Mubarak comes from Jue and Hanie, two best friends from Jue and Hanie's blogThanks yeah for the card, I truly appreciate it! The motto of their blog is "Baca entri mesti mau kasi habis supaya tak nampak kejanggalan di ruang komen", which is a subtle reminder to all bloggers right? I have met them once for an interview and hopefully will get to hang out with Jue and Hanie another time. Jue and Hanie are Zuan's sisters (kakak angkat) so you can see how blogging can take all of you to a whole different level if you are very sincere and genuine? Blogging is really beyond friendship, the friends that I have collected on my dashboard and reading lists are like my family and I will preserve this relationship until death do us a part.

P/S: I have plans for a blogger gathering but...(fill in the blanks).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kinds of Death

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    We are all going to die someday; some die thinking, some die trying and some die dying. If I were given the chance to choose the kind of death for myself then it would be so difficult; I just want to die gracefully that it should not hurt so seriously. Drowning in the water is the most feared kind of death for me, getting cramped in a car-crash is second, murdered is third, falling off a high building is fourth, getting a heart-attack is fifth and the list goes on and on and on. I know that we can never cheat death because it is already fated in Luh Mahfuz but can I ask for my death to never be so painful? I have strayed so far and I know that I am going to die a very sickening death unless I repent for all of my wrongdoings and Allah forgive my mistakes; which does not appear to be happening any time sooner because a typical slave like me will always delay on the good things like forever and ever!

Now tell me in less than 100 words the kinds of death that you fear and why? 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eid Mubarak 2012

    Who says that kad raya is no longer relevant in this ever-changing world of some people who have made the internet their sub-religion? Some people are still a big fan of the old-school art of posting kad raya but this tradition is sadly fading away very slowly. Some people prefer the easier method of exchanging wishes via e-cards and Facebook photo-tagging competition of whoever can collect the most number of likes right?  

    I received the first kad raya from my Musuh Ketat Labis out of the blue uninvited but I couldn't help to read it the moment the postman handed the envelope to me. Such a well-written note about the same old drama of the same old people but we are already "kosong...kosong" (Najwa Latif's style).

    The second kad raya is from Mr Ash Give along with a duet raya attached to the card okay! What I really like about his card is his reminder for me to keep on writing bombastic blog entries, wow I am so touched Abu! Thank you so much for your kind words yeah, let our online friendship remains true and blessed by Allah insyaallah.
Facebook Photos 

    Rayyan Haries Si Traveler Comel did not forget me this Eid Mubarak because he sent this wish card all the way from Ayuthayya Thailand! Yes, he is a college drop-out but a  world traveller with no stopping! Please head on to his blog for his experiences abroad okay.

    This blogger needs no introduction; he is the blogger of the virtual world and he is Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik! It has been a really great friendship with Zuan plus most of my blog-mates actually originate from Zuan's blog, so can you see how great his influence is? Please give him a visit sometimes and tell him that you come from my blog, that's the least I can do to repay him ;)
    Henry Zackery and his sensational blog, wow he is super something! I've been a reader since he started small but he is unbeatable now. Kind of surprised that he tagged me this photo on Facebook because I thought he would never remember me any more but apparently he remembered.

    Ezad Skytech with a really techno-kind of kad raya design (for me); thanks Ezad! Happy Eid Mubarak to you too and thanks for tagging!

    This is my handsome Atok Suhami Ahmad sending his kad raya all the way from Nismilan! Thank you Atok for remembering your grandson here and no worries because I am not expecting any duet raya from you this year okay?

    A kad raya from Cikgu Hana, a senior of mine in UPM graduating in October with a Bachelor of Education in Counselling degree insyaallah, thanks a lot yeah akak!

    Here is a little something for all my blog readers and followers; I am very sorry for all my wrongdoings and for not being able to visit your blog frequently but I will try to make it up to you guys and girls. Have a blessed Eid Mubarak with your family and friends but please consider the unfortunate people as well okay. Drive safely and please take great care of your health this holiday season. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin :)

P/S: Aziz Hazmi produced a really interesting short film based on a true story entitled "Tangguh". Yes, why delay on your happiness people? Please watch the short film and support our industry.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Really Bad, Bad Man

-This is super-personal-
    Hell is a teenage boy years; I wasn't always this cracked but I guess I'm not exactly intelligent myself. I used to be normal as any other male student is under the hormonal influences of the society but after the examination result happened I started to feel different. Who knows that a 'B-' for Linguistics and Second Language Teaching course can drop down my pointer and CGPA to the lowest point of my self-esteem that made me believe that I am the stupidest student of them all. 

    Maybe this is karma but sometimes a classy downfall can be good because you might get lucky for once in your miserable life. This bad news has made me a different person now; a person who would kickback and smash the sluggish me to study. This change has made me a very bad, very damaged person in a totally brighter side that I actually accept my defeat and swear to God to do better next time. I do not want to be sad again because my target is to hold a first-class B. Ed TESL degree since it is relevant to the society and me. Yes, no more playing games these four coming semesters because like a really bad Bad Man; I am whatever my studies need me to be.

P/S: An over-exaggeration of a boy's guilt for not studying very hard, padan muka! Actually, if I don't get a CGPA of 3.75 and more for my degree then I would have to pay for my PTPTN loan (*joking!). 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Ticks and Tocks of the Internet

    Welcome to the Internet Olympics; they are big on online recreation here because supposedly it helps us vent our aggressive behaviour but no. Personally I think that the internet is trying to wear us out with the littlest exercise of our fingers to make us fat so there won't be a healthy person anymore. For some, the internet is the only place where they can meet friends because they are not really socially relevant in the real world. For the others this is the only place they get to express their sexuality without being judged or compromised; the lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transexuals (LIGABUT) or the straights. This is the channel for many politically-inclined men and women where they can win votes and sympathy with their on-going propagandas, both the government and the opposition party. This is the new education tool for teachers and students too but many choose to abuse than to use the world-wide web efficiently. The internet is the new time-bomb of the millenium because it ticks and tocks with the slowest reminder of its devastating effect to the world no matter you are ready or not. 

Now tell me in less than 100 words about your opinion of the internet; does it do you more harm or more good? And what about the enactment of Act 114A? You decide ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sky High with Syazwan Che Deraman

    A pilot does not only fly an aircraft for a living but a pilot is responsible to fly a plane full of passengers and cargo in a totally expensive machinery. It is not like a video game where you simply manoeuvre the plane with a joystick because one simple mistake can result in a seriously deadly consequences. Flying air-planes is no leisure business; it is a delicate art of the skills mastered only by the pilots and there is no extra life if mishap happens. I believe that many people out there would want to get a clearer picture on how to becoming a pilot so I have invited Syazwan Che Deraman to talk about pilot training and practice. Now let us take a look at this cadet pilot/blogger profile before we move on to the interview session. 
Syazwan's Profile

Full name: Mohd Syazwan Bin Che Deraman
Nickname : Wan
Birth date: 17 March 1991
Origin: Besut, Terengganu
Educational background:
-Sek. Keb. Kg. Baharu, Besut Terengganu
-Sek. Men. Sains Sultan Mahmud, K. Terengganu
-Asia Pacific Flight Training, Kelantan.
Blog: http://www.syazwancdm.blogspot.com/ 

The Interview

a) Kenapakah Syazwan memilih untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang dan bukan kerjaya lain?

-Sebenarnya dulu semasa sekolah rendah nak jadi engineer Formula 1, sebab suka tengok Formula 1 dalam TV. Bila di sekolah menengah, kebetulan sekolah dekat dengan airport jadi minat bertukar daripada engineer kepada pilot. Bila di asrama mahupun di sekolah, selalu tengok aircraft take off and landing, jadi timbul minat sejak itu.

b) Bolehkah Wan kongsikan pengalaman semasa melanjutkan pelajaran di Asia Pacific Flight Training Institute? 

-Wan mendapat pinjaman daripada Yayasan Pelajaran Terengganu jadi YPT telah menghantar Wan ke sekolah penerbangan tersebut. Kami dibahagikan kepada dua bahagian iaitu ground school dan flight training. Untuk ground school kami perlu belajar teori penerbangan dan menghadapai 3 fasa peperiksaan melibatkan subjek-subjek seperti Principle of Flight, Human Performance and Limitation, dan Radio Telephone and Radio Navigation. Kami perlu khatam semua subjek berkenaan dalam tempoh satu tahun, sungguh sakit kepala dan stress!

Bagi flight training kami perlu mengumpulkan 200 flying hours bergantung kepada cuaca, aircraft serviceability dan selalunya mengambil masa selama 25-30 bulan untuk mendapatkan Commercial Pilot License
c) Apakah antara pengalaman manis dan pahit semasa menjalani latihan penerbangan?

-Pengalaman manis adalah apabila kali pertama menerbangkan aircraft bersendirian tanpa instructor iaitu "my first solo". Memang berdebar tahap maksimum dan pengalaman manis ni berlanjutan apabila kita dapat terbangkan aircraft ke merata tempat ( navigation ). For your information, my longest navigation route was from Kota Bharu to Kerteh, using inland and coastal route ( singgah pulau pulau ).
Pengalaman pahitnya adalah bila kita tak dapat perform dengan baik apabila terbang bersama instructor. Setiap sortie ( jadual terbang ) ada exercise yang tertentu dimana cadet pilot perlu buat dan tunjukkan kepada instructor jadi jika tidak bernasib baik, kita tak dapat perform dengan sempurna.

Berdasarkan pengalaman dan latihan sebagai seorang juruterbang bertauliah, apakah kriteria yang perlu ada dalam diri setiap juruterbang?

-Syarat minimum kelulusan akademik yang ditetapkan oleh DCA iaitu Deparment of Civil Aviation Malaysia adalah tidak terlalu tinggi namun melalui pemerhatian saya, mereka yang berkelulusan tinggi dan cemerlang dalam SPM tidak akan menghadapi banyak masalah dalam kelas teori. Setiap juruterbang juga perlu mempunyai disiplin tinggi, mematuhi masa, berfikiran jauh dan good airmanship kerana ini adalah ciri-ciri yang penting bagi majikan

e) Apakah respons Wan tentang laporan akhbar beberapa minggu lepas tentang kadar pengangguran juruterbang di Malaysia? Apakah pendapat Wan tentang jalan penyelesaian yang patut diambil boleh pihak berkenaan? 

-Saya sangat bersetuju kerana ramai yang tidak perasan tentang perkara ini. Ramai yang ingat bahawa jika anda mendapat lesen penerbangan, anda akan ditawarkan pekerjaan secepat mungkin  tapi sebenarnya tidak. Untuk mendapat peluang pekerjaan anda mesti sangat kompeten dan memerlukan "kabel" serta resume yang bagus. DCA dan airlines tahu tentang cara penyelesaiannya namun masih dalam peringkat perancangan. Wan rasa DCA perlu meningkatkan had kelulusan minimum dan kadar pengambilan kadet juruterbang pada masa hadapan supaya selari dengan permintaan.

f) Apakah pendapat peribadi Wan tentang kemunculan juruterbang wanita di Malaysia? Rasa tercabar tak?

-Untuk pengetahuan Azham, di tempat Wan sendiri ada beberapa orang kadet juruterbang perempuan, dan daripada pengalaman Wan bersembang dengan mereka, mereka merasakan latihan penerbangan adalah sangat mencabar tapi lama-kelamaan sudah tentu tidak menjadi masalah kerana mereka makin berpengalaman. Buat pengetahuan semua, Air Asia sendiri mempunyai ramai juruterbang wanita dan ada juga yang berpangkat kapten, jadi kesimpulannya juruterbang lelaki dan perempuan sama sahaja.
g) Apakah nasihat Wan kepada mereka di luar sana yang bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang?

-Secara realitinya mengikut keadaan semasa, makin ramai juruterbang yang menganggur jadi kepada mereka yang berminat dan bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang eloklah jika anda memohon di bawah kadet syarikat penerbangan. Pada mereka yang mahu terlibat secara private eloklah simpan niat berkenaan buat beberapa tahun dan yang paling penting jangan berputus asa dan simpan minat itu. 
    Thank you so much Syazwan for willing to be interviewed by this journalist-to-be and that is all I had for your reading pleasure this time. Hopefully this blog post would inspire others out there and my humble advice to all aspiring pilots; just when you are high up on the cloud please remember that the ground misses you so much, so come back and visit the earth sometimes okay! Take care and God bless people. 

*All photos are courtesy of Syazwan Che Deraman, copyright is protected.