Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogger Interview: Jue & Hanie

Hey guys and girls! This is story of an interesting event when my editor, Azham Vsvc assigned me to set up an interview session with TWO best friends + allied blog writers Jue and Hanie from Jue & Hanie's Blog! The meeting point was at Nando's Restaurant KLCC right after these career ladies clocked out from their offices nearby, so busy they were and still are!

Our main agenda was to hang out in real life since the three of us have only seen each other "on line" but somehow it ended up like an interview session. The truth is I was nervous to finally confronting Jue and Hanie for the first time so I sounded very much like a reporter. 

My questions were not steaming hot as these Peri-Peri sauces; it was just a dire curiosity to know how they started blogging and the gist of our interview session has already been concluded by Jue and Hanie in their blog post here. We had fun in getting to know each other and exchange ideas on how we operate and manage our blogs. 

Jue and Hanie are so sweet; no hesitation in sharing their unique ways of "blog walking" and replying bloggers' comments to me at all. To trace back on how our "blogging-relationship" began...wow it would take a while! One thing that caught my attention back then was the fact that both of them run the blog as TWO AUTHORS and they told me that they will not FOLLOW any blog unnecessarily. They prefer "mutual visit" rather than the "I FOLLOW YOU, FOLLOW ME BACK" basis, which I later adopted and applied the idea. 

It was indeed a productive meeting but too bad that another close blogger mate of mine Saiazuan did not have the chance to join us. It is okay, I will try to organize a proper Blogger Meeting and gather other blogging mates in a near future hopefully. Thank you once again Jue and Hanie for the special Nando's treat, I will return the favor one day okay hehe. I really hope that our "blogging-relationship" would last and needless to say...the two of you are AWESOME! Until we meet again, take care and God bless.


Assigned          : menugaskan
Set up            : menetapkan
Allied            : bersekutu
Meeting point     : tempat pertemuan
Career ladies     : wanita bekerjaya
Clocked out       : habis kerja
Confronting       : berhadapan
Sounded           : berbunyi
Reporter          : wartawan
Steaming hot      : tersangat panas
Dire              : teramat sangat
Curiosity         : perasaan ingin tahu
Gist              : inti sari
Concluded         : telah disimpulkan
Operate           : beroperasi
Manage            : menguruskan
Hesitation        : teragak-agak
Sharing           : berkongsi
Trace back        : menjejak kembali
Began             : bermula
Back then         : pada masa itu
Run               : menguruskan
Mutual visit      : saling kunjung-mengunjung
Adopted           : mengambil
Applied           : menggunakan
Indeed            : sangat
Productive        : membuahkan hasil
Close             : rapat
Organize          : menguruskan
Mates             : rakan-rakan
Near future       : masa terdekat
Treat             : belanja
Return the favor  : membalas budi
Needless          : tidak perlu


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

woahhh nando? dem! akak aku tu tak blanje pn aku makan kat situ.. arghhh nak nandossssssss

Ezad Skytech said...

untung dpt gathering mcm ni..makan nando's pulak...nanti kalau ada masa free cuba organize gathering ramai2..mesti best kan..

> arghhh....teringin nak makan nando's sama mcm zuan...huhu~

Anonymous said...

one word.


Hanie Dew said...

waahhh...sweet giler entry ko..hihihiih..hanks for the entry. best jugak kene interview.aku sgt menyokong bakat yang ko ada.part tak tahan tu ko ckap jawapan kitorang, "macam jawapan artis" hhahahahaha...

till we meet again.just lepak minum pun ok je kitrg.

Zuan, sapa suruh tak datang.kuang kuang kuang...

Ezad..pegi ke Nandos sekrg. Rasai kepedasan sos peri peri tu. hhahahaha

Anonymous said...

nanti kita gather ramai2 pulak eh?

Azham Vosovic said...

Zuan: hehe...nanti suruh la akak-akak kau belanja hehe...diorang sangat baik heheh ;)

Ezad: hehe...yes...kalau ada masa boleh je buat gathering kan?

Izudean: haha...alhamdulillah syukur hehehe ;)

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: hehe..sweet ke? Ini je yang termampu hehehe...entah la...masa tu mmg I rasa tu jawapan golongan artis hahahahah....

Olrite...nanti kalau I lepak KLCC lg I bgtau....

Chemay: wah...Chemay nak join juga yeay!!!

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

bolat takde? tak ajak.. okay :'(

Eera Shera said...

bestnye dpt jmpe dgn blogger lain ;)

Azham Vosovic said...

Bolat: haha sensitip plak heheh

Eera: yes...diorang sgt sporting hehehe

eva said...

oke jeles!!! eyh jeles pulak.. hahahha.. sama2 dah jumpa dgn jue n hanie.. diaorg mmg sweet!

part yg klakar yg rasa mcm interview.. faham perasaan tu hahaha..

nanti sy dtg kl boleh sama2 jue hanie jumpa.. ramai2 makin sronok kan.. lps tu bawa ice skating.. hahaha..

Azham Vsvc said...

Eva: hehe kenapa nak jeles....hehehehe...insyaallah kalau rezki lebih boleh I join sekali hehehe...... pegi skating lg hehehehehe