Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homec Restaurant

Alhamdulillah, finally the weekend is here and I am going to enjoy the moment until it is time to finally deal face to face with 5 pending assignments, scary right? Alright, put my workloads aside and now it is time to blog about Homec Restaurant, yummy!

This is a truly exclusive fine dining restaurant in the University of Malaysian Prince (UPM) and it is open only on Thursday from 10.30 AM until 2.30 PM. Homec Restaurant is located at the ground floor level of Block B, Faculty of Educational Studies (Fakulti Pengajian Pendidikan, my faculty!) and is operated by the students of Bacelor Pendidikan Sains Rumah Tangga. These are the students who will be teaching Ekonomi Rumah Tangga (ERT) for secondary schools in Malaysia so I presume that Homec Restaurant is a part of their coursework for this semester.

The theme for last week was Modern Malay cuisines and the set up of the restaurant was fantastic! I can truly experience FIVE STARS service in an intimate setting accompanied by traditional Malay music which actually levitated my desire to taste the food. The appetizer was "tauhu sumbat" and I must admit that it was kind of awkward for me to "attack" the appetizer without knowing which forks and spoons to begin with, funny!

This is the drink for the day, Orange Sunquick juice with Nata de Coco. You can choose two sets of the cuisines;

Set A which comprises of Nasi Keju with Ayam Masak Merah, Dalca Sayur and Papadom or

Set B with Nasi Keju, Ayam Masak Hitam, Dalca Sayur and Papadom. No worries of humiliating yourself once you have accidentally break the rules of table manners! The chicken has already been nicely sliced for our comfort but mind you that "Ayam Masak Merah" is quite spicy for me ;)

These are the Food Critics for the session, Rina, Qing Yi, Yong Cun and me. 

Right after the main course was digested, we were served with puding sagu gula Melaka for the desert, super scrumptious! 

Then last but not least, we were served with either coffee or tea for closure. Please guess how much was the total cost per set for a person? Well, believe it or not...it is RM 11.90 only for a true fine dining experience right in this campus! The price is truly reasonable for students like us so I urge all of you to try this restaurant next Thursday. 

The theme would change every week and next time would be special for Western dishes. My friends and I are seriously going there dressed up for the function and who knows that there will be somebody playing violin right next to our table right? And please reserve your table by calling the number stated above because the seat is selling fast...unless you want to queue up outside, seriously ;0


Deal              : menghadapi
Pending           : tertangguh
Workloads         : beban kerja
Aside             : ketepi
Truly             : sangat
Fine dining       : santapan mewah
Located           : terletak
Operated          : dikendalikan
Presume           : menganggap
Coursework        : kerja kursus
Cuisines          : masakan
Intimate          : intim
Accompanied by    : ditemani oleh
Levitated         : membangkitkan
Appetizer         : pembuka selera
Admit             : mengaku
Awkward           : kekok
Comprises         : merangkumi
Humiliating       : memalukan 
Accidentally      : tidak sengaja
Table manners     : adab di meja makan
Sliced            : dihiris/dipotong
Food critics      : pengkritik makanan
Digested          : dihadamkan
Desert            : pencuci mulut
Scrumptious       : enak/sedap
Urge              : menyeru/mengajak
Reserve           : tempah


fatinlea said...

omg this looks soooo good! i wanna go there la next week. have you reserved your place?

Azham Vosovic said...

Lea: hehe...I have not reserved the table yet...I leave it to Rina to do the honor hehehe ;)

Narumi Isozaki said...

rina ajak juga, tp kami puasa ary tu.. then, kami tgk pic ni tyme t/hari plak tu.. aishh.. gugat iman betoii!! hahaha~ konpem next week nak pi!!

Orked said...


YOUsoF said...

Seminggu cuma dibukak sehari, nampak sangat restoran ni sediakan yang terbaik untuk selera semua.. ;D

Orange juice with Nata de Coco, terbaiklah!

Aku agaksuka makanan pedas² ni, tapi tu lah kekadang perut kalah pulak..

Ezad Skytech said...

wahh...RM11.90 je? harga boleh dikatakan murah jugak la kan...kalau makanan sedap berbaloi bayar dgn harga tu kan..:D

Hanie Dew said...

alaaaa...thursday jew..tu mesti utl training dorg kan.mcm best je course tu kan. wahhh..hari hari masak, bole makan..eeemmmm...

murah gile harga...mungkin sbb bukan officially a restaurant.tu murah kot?

Azham Vosovic said...

Rina: haha okay esok kita serang restoran ni hehe! tak sabaq!

Orked: haha, sedap!

YOU: hehe, ekslusif kan? haha...kalau rajin mai la makan kat restoran ni hehehe....tapi jgn makan pedas2 haha

Azham Vosovic said...

Ezad: hehe...mmg agak murah...dan makanan sangatlah sedap! serious...

Hanie: yes...mmg utk training la tu hehe...lagipun I rasa diorang x boleh charge mahal2 sebab kebanyakan pelajar tak mampu hehehe

dz zain said...

thanks...if i'm no mistaken..time you prgi ni saya salah seorang waiter for the that day....as you said this is mmg salah satu party in my coursework....apa2 pon..thanks n please welcome again....:)..kami bukan this restaurant sehingga week 14...

Azham Vosovic said...

dz zain: hehe... oh rasanya I macam perasan ada 2 org waiter lelaki waktu tu hehehe.... Good luck for your coursework cikgu, insyaallah dapat markah terbaik sbb masakan dan servis yg sgt best! hehehe