Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love, Make Love

Mummy was smart for that come over,
We are not two birds that can flock together.
Maybe we are not meant to keep on loving
Because you will have to leave the next morning.

So thanks for the bliss, the kiss and the smile
But you can save that for another guy.
I can feel it you are promiscuous
But sorry I am looking for someone serious.

One-night stand is not my type,
And I will never strip on Skype!
Making out on the backseat of your car?
That’s so cheap not my kind of spa!

I don’t believe love in the first time of meeting,
I won’t make love on the first day of dating.
So people please, never you be expecting
And stay away from my sighting.
*My advice, don’t have sex with the one you barely know. Easier to say, don’t have sex before you get married but this doesn’t mean that you can have affairs with whoever you like after you get married, because that is called adultery. Please respect your partner before, after you get married and forever. 

How to lose your best friend in one day?

            Friends are gift from God to help you endure high tides of your life and when you have come to the losing end of your journey. They will comfort you with their safe hands and lend you their shoulders when you need to cry. I have a large number of best friends (not to boast) but they really help me and will always be with me when I need them the most. Friends are priceless; I love my friends very much and I cannot imagine if one day they drift away from my life.

One day is actually too long for you to lose your very best friend. One minute is sufficient to make sure that your best friend hates you forever in your life. I have listed few useful tips that you should avoid from committing them unless you want to be friendless in future. This is up to individuality but I would like to share few things that I had done to some of my best friend and made them loathe me. Literally speaking, I killed them with my words.

·         Spread the news to the whole school about your gay best friend; they will kill you for that.
·         Pretend that you are an angel in front of him/her and bitch about your best friend behind them after school with your other friend.
·         Get close to your best friend’s enemy and tell him/her everything about your best friend.
·         Over shadow your best friend’s abilities. Try to defeat him/her in every aspect even though you suffer.
·         Do not reply his/her text messages or even answer their calls when they need you the most and pretend that the phone is off.
·         Laugh when your best friend makes mistake and decline to teach when they ask you to.
·         Never let him/her the chance to point out their views. You are the only one who is forever right and they are not.
·         This is my favourite part. Date with your best friend’s ex. By doing this, you will no longer be in their list of friends.
·         When in fight, push him/her to the bottom of society by isolating him/her at the loser’s table.
·          If you dare, get close to your best friend’s family and gain their attention until he/she feels no longer wanted in the family unit.

I sound so mean by listing all these killing facts but trust me; these are the thing that will make them out of your life forever. I did commit some of the sins but not all because I still have a sane mind. That was when I was in secondary school and I was a bit immature in that sense. Now, reaching the age of nineteen, I think I am a wiser youngster, enjoying the very last year or my teenage dreams. 

Until I write again,
Salam and God bless.

P/S: This entry is not related to any friend of mine in IPG KBA okay? Huhuhu...

Dear Minty Mint,

You are forgiven,
After I saw that post in you blog,
And also those messages sent to my inbox,
I was just too sleepy to answer yesterday...
And I didn't know what made you freaked out?
You totally deserve my forgiveness, and a chance to ask.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am sorry...

I am sorry if I abandoned you.
I am sorry if I had neglected you.
I am sorry if I talk to your best friend just now.
I am sorry if I was with my worst attitude yesterday.
I am sorry if I did not know the sorrow in your heart.
I am sorry if I become so obnoxious towards you lately.
I am sorry if I am too busy with my life until I left you unattended,
I am truly sorry for becoming your very worst partner-in-crime ever.

*Just so you know that honesty is the best policy, you told me that.

Next Time, Don't Ride a Bus!

Sometimes it is good to be on her side,
To be crying out loudly in the bus
For her being sexually harassed.
And to be calling the police
While the harasser desperately
Trying to ask for forgiveness.

Yes, it is good to be at her place
Rather than that guy who would
Never like to be suspected like that,
To be accused in such crime he did not do.

Some said that the girl was just paranoid,
Trying to seek for attention while others were sleeping.
For me, it is normal if someone accidentally falls asleep on your shoulder
While the bus was moving, plus it was two in the morning!
If you want a better ride, hop on the ladies coach or book a flight!

*This poem was written inside the bus after the cop had taken them to the police station. My advice for girls out there, don’t ride public transportation is you are “so beautiful”.  Poor guy, he was not aware of what happened when you screamed with high pitch at his ears. I am sorry but I think that guy was innocent because your only excuse was he slept on your shoulder. That was accidentally done while one was sleeping am I right? It is not that his hands were all over your body or he tried to kiss you?

Seriously, you have put down a man with his pride and dignity. If he has a family, and they read about him in the newspaper, that will cause one major embarrassment for him. If I were him, I will sue you for being so funny. That was a great joke girl but next time, don’t ride a bus okay?

That girl had cost me more than one hour to wait for the police to come and pick her and that guy up to the station. I arrived late at my house the next morning but thank God that I didn’t miss my first pre-dawn meal (sahur) with my family at home!

I know that I am being so biased here but if we think logically, we can guess who is right and who is not. That girl had been a great story inside the bus after we continued our journey to Sungai Petani. Most of the passengers thought that that guy was innocent and felt sorry for him. I know how it feels to be harassed in front of the public because I have a sister and I don’t want that to happen to her but please be more mature next time. Now I wonder, was that girl dreaming on the bus? 

P/S: I just remembered that I made this poem for that girl when I was enjoying my "raya" holidays and now only I posted it here. It's okay, every masterpiece deserves a chance to be displayed here.

I am ready to fall in love!

Hey Mr. Cupid! When is the time?
I have been waiting for a love to strike.
A heart to pound when I see the face
Of my soul mate, my very own date.

It has been ages that you shoot down a heart for me.
It seems like forever that my heart is left empty.
It took me painful months for the pain to recover,
And it will take just a glimpse for this heart to beat again.

I am ready to fall in love,
To laugh and learn from my stupid mistakes,
To be loving a heart and to be taken care,
To feel the pain if it is meant to be for another time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Pictures: Together We Celebrate

There are more pictures to come!
Wait for more updates!

She is not alone...

Source: Mr. Google Image

When she's waiting alone,
It does not mean that she is lonely.
She is just pondering about her necessities in life,
And how she has indulged herself into it until she had lost her friends.

They are not lesbian!

When black meets red, 
Even though they are platform heels,
They still can be together,
Because they are not lesbians! 

You were the best I ever had, until I lost you.

Source: Mr. Google Image

He is going to wait for you,
In the bath tub,
And ready to make you fall for him.
He is just lack of love and attention,
He needs somebody to hug,
He needs security from the person he cares,
And tell tales about every single thing.
He is tired of being a bachelor,
He envy his friends who are madly in love,
He just wants to get married,
 As soon as possible.
Dear MNA, Azham loves you until now.
He really cannot get over you.
You were the best he ever had,
Until he lost you.

She is just lack of love...

Yes, she is alone, lonely, lack of love and attention,
Her husband goes in and out for various outstations,
Her second husband I tell you, what a poor woman.
No wonder she puts up a gloomy face every single day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

They Are All About Me

Source: Mr. Google Image

These poems here are all about me, it is not boring I tell you.
You will realize it one day that I am not lying
Or write about other people's life.
All these masterpieces here are all about me.

Try to figure out the puzzles I made into the poem form 
And tell me what you understand about my life,
I will answer you dear, truthfully.
That is one thing that will not bore you.

I put other people's perspective in my poems because,
I know you Guys and Girls will not believe me
If I told you that it is my story that is being written.
Trust me that I write about my own tale.

P/S: This post is not meant to hurt, just to express feelings and emotions.
I am not angry or affected by your comments dear, but I appreciate it...
Thanks for dropping by...

We Have Nobody Here

Source: Mr. Google Image

It will always be like this,
Those who are innocent will always be called naughty,
We their bad boys are not able to speak, not a chance
Even to stand up for ourselves because no one can help.

We have no one here; we are the one the elders hate,
We are not like our friends who would suck people’s butt for security,
Having no friends in the hierarchy; we don't know how to act friendly
But we are not thieves for we are not desperate for money.
We are just a group of humans trying to suit ourselves with the hostel life.

P/S: Sorry if it's too descriptive, but I have to spell out the truth. 
I am tired Mum, I lied to you about my hostel life...

Part 2: The Best of Their Marriage Years

The miserable pilot was beaten by his army dad like a child,
But his mother did not know that he make out with his cousin.
If they both know, he will no longer serve for the family
And have no place to call home for Aidilfitri.

Azizah was sad when she came to the house,
She told him the truth to Mr. Mahmud and Mrs. Fatimah,
And he was disowned by them straight after that,
Azizah and Hafiz fled to the city and were married.

Blessed with two kids and a house near the beach,
They decided to come home for forgiveness that year.
Fasting month was over but they have no place to go,
And their kids were wondering about their grandparents.

Arrived home when Mr Mahmud was cutting the bamboo
For ‘lemang’ and Mrs. Fatimah was preparing the ‘rendang’,
Hafiz ran to the door and hugged his parents for so long,
And Azizah watched as her kids were in confusion.

That was finally the year they celebrated ‘raya’ as a family,
Their kids have now grandparents to call ‘atok’ and ‘opah’,
And they cook dishes every year and were on good terms,
And that was the most beautiful part of their marriage years.

Love Bite To Be Remembered

Source: Mr. Google Image

They have affection towards each other
After he came back for a holiday from Russia,
A tall guy, a student in an aviation institute
Mesmerized her heart and answers her desperate calls.

Yes, they make love in the car after the concert,
He was so handsome with hazel coloured eyes.
His partner, his own cousin wore skin-tight jeans
And they kissed no longer like brother and sister.

His lips was hungry for a kiss after a year in the over sea,
She let him do as he wished and a bite perched on his neck.
He did not realize it for him was high in contentment,
And they drove away before the clock stroked midnight.

At home, his mother spotted a love bite on his neck,
And was angry with him and locked him in the flat,
His daddy came back and already knowing the fact,
Beats him blue black with his army belt.

*to be continued

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Problem Is Me...

Source: Mr. Google Image

Learning Support session is no longer fun for me. I used to wait excitedly for Friday to come and have sessions with my former Learning Support group but that was a couple of semesters back. I was so close to the previous lecturer and regarded her as one of the best mother in my college. We talked a lot and share our views on various issues among ourselves and that was how I improved my speaking skills. Lecturers focus more on writing, reading and listening skills in class whereas speaking skill is always left behind because of time constraint. There is not much time left that we can all speak out about certain issues plus we sometimes feel ashamed to talk in front of twenty people in the class so Learning Support session is the best time to speak out about almost everything.

In my former group, the group members are also open to talk about certain issues such as sex education but in my new group, I cannot start a bridge for myself to discuss that kind of sensitive matter. I can see some efforts made by my new group members to loosen up the taboo but I cannot fit in with them. Sorry guys and girls in my group but I just cannot blend in. I spent more time talking to Diba and Minty Mint asking when they are going to climb the rocks or their shopping date in Brickfields on Saturday (Sorry Diba and Leya, hehehe). I gained not much of  input in our session every week and I need to do something.

Besides, I felt a huge distant from the present Learning Support lecturer. I cannot find the comfortable button to make me feel okay to talk in front of him. It is like I was forced to talk if he is around though he is an excellent lecturer. I am sorry Mr. M****** but seriously I cannot act or talk naturally when I am with you. All these discomforts are caused by my own attitude actually. I will never blame the lecturer involved or my present group members because I should be the one dealing with it.

Maybe I should consult Mr. Manoharan and change my group but maybe it is too late to react since my final exam is just around the corner. I have had this problem since I was kid and it had never helped. My major setback since I started my primary education was I will not going to be comfortable with male teachers and even until now. I prefer female teachers to teach me and now I wonder, will this problem come back to me when I have graduated and start teaching later? I hope that my students will be comfortable having me as their teacher in future and I will try to make things work.

P/S: Sorry if I hurt the people mentioned directly or indirectly in this blog entry. Take care, God bless.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Daddy

Source: Mr Google Image

Oh Daddy, 
Your son Sonny has a story.
Sonny cannot feel his left leg anymore,
Doctor told him his leg will be amputated, forever.

Sonny will not be able to run on the field playing football,
To be a soccer player like you man when you was twenty,
He will not have the chance to become a supermodel,
To walk the runway and rock the stage with his attitude.

Oh Daddy,
Sonny will leave one day,
With or without his feet.
Daddy please don't loose hope.

I can accept it now...

All pictures here belongs to Mr. Yusry Haidzir, my TESL senior in IPG KBA who is currently studying in Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom. You can check him out in Facebook YusryHaidzirI just want to say that I can now accept the fact that I am not yet chosen to study in the overseas.

I can now click the names of my seniors in Facebook and check out their pictures. They are meant to study there, so do I, but not now. I am going to do my Masters in Mass Comm in Glasgow University of London one day. I want to focus on my foundation course first, and my degree year next year. 

To all B. Ed TESL seniors in United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, good luck for your studies. Take care there, Salam...

Can't Get Over You

Source: Mr. Google Image

Yes, I am still loving you MNA,
I was very happy on the day you added me back in Facebook,
I thought that you were going to crush my heart like you used to,
So I ignored you like you were just a speck of dust in my account,
But the truth is, I can't even get over you MNA, honestly.

I check your profile everyday, to see what is new on you,
I make friends with all your friends, just so you noticed,
I tried to get your attention by posting various statuses in Facebook
Only when you are online so that you can comment.
I keep my Facebook chat online so that you can say hi to me,
I did everything MNA, just hoping you will come back to me.
Half of my heart is still with you,
But you are just egocentric, sorry to say.

Or maybe you are in another relationship?
I wonder...

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Blog, My Territory

Source: Mr. Google Image

My poetry is written and meant to kill because
Somebody needs to die tragically in the making.
Some will hate and some will like it
But do I care I need to keep on writing.

These are some of my advices:
Don’t read if you don’t dare,
Stay away if you don’t care,
Be ready some words are meant to impair.

I talk about my insincerities and dissatisfactions,
The way I have cheated my own predictions.
Keep on laughing for your own entertainment,
 I don’t give a damn on such contentment.

My Blog is my territory,
Well... thank you for visiting.
Sorry if it hurts but this is a good thing,
This is where I can tell tales about everything.

Put aside your judgement while reading,
Leave your comment with your understanding.
Anyway... God bless you for supporting,
Your thoughts will be considered for a better writing.

Wanna Own a Fashion Label

KK Logo by K**** K*****. You have my back okay?
 Can't wait to wear your design!

This is for K.K!

To be honest,
I’m not in it to win this,
Queen B’s throne is just not for me,
I’d rather stick to being the rat of her choice.

Queen B,
You can have your tiara,
And please step back into the hierarchy,
Because I definitely not needing it.

Thank you for your suggestion
But I believe in myself to succeed,
I don’t need to hide behind your shadow
And will start my own fashion label

*I am waiting for K.K to start his own fashion label
And will definitely be the first to buy his design.
So K.K, this poem is meant for you.
Don’t take a long time to hide,
People are waiting to see your talent.

P/S: He should be in Project Runway anyway.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Backstabber Must Die!

Source: Mr. Google Image
I accidentally killed her,
On my way to the office,
In front of Student's Affair Department,
When The Director was also watching.

Yes, I killed her.
I accidentally slitted her throat,
And now I realized that
The girl was my best friend's fiancĂ©.

It was supposed to be him that died this morning,
And now how am I going to tell John?

*Based on the movie John Tucker Must Die

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This will sound so gay.

My room mate is trying to seduce everybody in IPBA with his so-cute-face. 
You think you are so cute Shafik? 

Shafik is my best room mate ever.
We argue a lot, but it is okay.
Isn't he cute? 
But he is not single anymore,
Taken by his own class mate too.

P/S: The purpose of this post is to expose this cute picture of Shafik actually.