Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not so si tenggang's homecoming

My absence is to write more poems,
To gain knowledge on how to become one great writer,
To have more ideas so I don’t copy any cat
And to come out with my own exquisite expression.

My long gone is to bitch about the people I hate,
To gossip about their future planning,
To spread rumours among them and 
To look around me and laugh for what they did.

My silence is to break their lips once I talk about their sins,
To let them know that this boy also have his right to talk,
To let them realize that the one who talks the most will never do work,
And for them to figure out why the best will be the last one talking.

But now I am back, bolder, and bitchier.
I am here with more intriguing masterpieces
To dislocate your brain while trying to analyze its meaning
As I am not a copycat and I have my own gift.

I am back with words to hurt the people I love,
And with sentences built to make them loathe me.
To ask for forgiveness and again commit the same error,
And then play the victim when I make them cry.

I am here now, firmer with more courage than ever,
To speak only when I have to and only about the truth,
To make sure that work is done with less talk and promises,
To be the one standing with people around me and I lead my life.

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