Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love, Make Love

Mummy was smart for that come over,
We are not two birds that can flock together.
Maybe we are not meant to keep on loving
Because you will have to leave the next morning.

So thanks for the bliss, the kiss and the smile
But you can save that for another guy.
I can feel it you are promiscuous
But sorry I am looking for someone serious.

One-night stand is not my type,
And I will never strip on Skype!
Making out on the backseat of your car?
That’s so cheap not my kind of spa!

I don’t believe love in the first time of meeting,
I won’t make love on the first day of dating.
So people please, never you be expecting
And stay away from my sighting.
*My advice, don’t have sex with the one you barely know. Easier to say, don’t have sex before you get married but this doesn’t mean that you can have affairs with whoever you like after you get married, because that is called adultery. Please respect your partner before, after you get married and forever. 

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