Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Diba My Favourite Tumblr-er!

These are my partners-in-crime Adibah Khalidah a.k.a Mim Toge @ Diba. They are one of my very best friends in IPG KBA and (in plural form) were/are/will always be around when I need the three of her. They (in plural form again) are the best so far because they had changed me for the betterment. 

Please visit her Tumblr http://mimtogesegar.tumblr.com to see her creative way of expressing herself. I hope you are okay with this Diba(s) because I purposely include your Tumblr address in this entry. 

You can clearly see that each Adibah has her own name and is being represented by different traits. For example, Adibah on the reader's left side is Adibah Khalidah (the cutest and commonly we can see her in class), the Adibah in the middle is Mim Toge (one of Kapoor's long lost siblings in Facebook) and the last on the reader's right side is Diba (the one who hates sluts as stated in her Tumblr). Each Adibah has their own specialty and distinctive sides which I love and can bear with. 

The three of them are the angels of advices but only for certain fortunate people okay? The three of them are in the same room with Izati (the one who I have started to get closer since I realized that we shared same hobby which is extreme sports activities!). I wonder how Izati can cope with the three Adibahs? Still breathing Izati? hehehe.....This is the picture of Izati, Adibah(s)'s room mate.

 Nurul Izati Zainal Abidin

So today, September 21st is her birthday. We have had her birthday celebration yesterday together with Emily (September 20th). It was a double celebration for the four of them and I cannot express their joy with words.

Dear Adibah(s), I think that I am the he-knew-who-the-busy-person-is (lately).
So, this is specially made for you, though it is not really a poem but still my innermost expression about you three. Hope all of you will like it....

I have something to give you girls for your birthday but please wait for a while okay?
I am sorry if sometimes I cannot be there when you three needed me.
I know I am a terrible partner-in-crime but I hope you girls understand my situation.

Sorry if I did some bad things to you three that changed your mood lately.
It's just that I am excited to see all of you, and have lots of stories and laughs to share.

Happy Super-Sweet-NineTEEN-Birthday!


tnal_gaga said...

Dba's bufday...tp ade pic zati plak...tQ2...!!tumpang glemer....

Azham Vosovic said...

heheh, ala, lupa nk letak link Blog Izati dlm entry ni.. xper2, next time kayh? heheh