Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Bite To Be Remembered

Source: Mr. Google Image

They have affection towards each other
After he came back for a holiday from Russia,
A tall guy, a student in an aviation institute
Mesmerized her heart and answers her desperate calls.

Yes, they make love in the car after the concert,
He was so handsome with hazel coloured eyes.
His partner, his own cousin wore skin-tight jeans
And they kissed no longer like brother and sister.

His lips was hungry for a kiss after a year in the over sea,
She let him do as he wished and a bite perched on his neck.
He did not realize it for him was high in contentment,
And they drove away before the clock stroked midnight.

At home, his mother spotted a love bite on his neck,
And was angry with him and locked him in the flat,
His daddy came back and already knowing the fact,
Beats him blue black with his army belt.

*to be continued

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