Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am ready to fall in love!

Hey Mr. Cupid! When is the time?
I have been waiting for a love to strike.
A heart to pound when I see the face
Of my soul mate, my very own date.

It has been ages that you shoot down a heart for me.
It seems like forever that my heart is left empty.
It took me painful months for the pain to recover,
And it will take just a glimpse for this heart to beat again.

I am ready to fall in love,
To laugh and learn from my stupid mistakes,
To be loving a heart and to be taken care,
To feel the pain if it is meant to be for another time.


Raevarthy said...

cupid will strike soon! stay positive!

Azham Vosovic said...

huhu, Raeva, I am so lonely you know. Kind of jealous of Shafik and Nateesha though.. they are very cute together....

Raevarthy said...

azham, exactly what i feel sometimes! im jealous of them too!! n so many others in our college! but hey u noe what, it takes a special person to look deep inside our hearts to really know hu we r..n that special person wud eventually come! the wait is long dear..hang in there!