Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Next Time, Don't Ride a Bus!

Sometimes it is good to be on her side,
To be crying out loudly in the bus
For her being sexually harassed.
And to be calling the police
While the harasser desperately
Trying to ask for forgiveness.

Yes, it is good to be at her place
Rather than that guy who would
Never like to be suspected like that,
To be accused in such crime he did not do.

Some said that the girl was just paranoid,
Trying to seek for attention while others were sleeping.
For me, it is normal if someone accidentally falls asleep on your shoulder
While the bus was moving, plus it was two in the morning!
If you want a better ride, hop on the ladies coach or book a flight!

*This poem was written inside the bus after the cop had taken them to the police station. My advice for girls out there, don’t ride public transportation is you are “so beautiful”.  Poor guy, he was not aware of what happened when you screamed with high pitch at his ears. I am sorry but I think that guy was innocent because your only excuse was he slept on your shoulder. That was accidentally done while one was sleeping am I right? It is not that his hands were all over your body or he tried to kiss you?

Seriously, you have put down a man with his pride and dignity. If he has a family, and they read about him in the newspaper, that will cause one major embarrassment for him. If I were him, I will sue you for being so funny. That was a great joke girl but next time, don’t ride a bus okay?

That girl had cost me more than one hour to wait for the police to come and pick her and that guy up to the station. I arrived late at my house the next morning but thank God that I didn’t miss my first pre-dawn meal (sahur) with my family at home!

I know that I am being so biased here but if we think logically, we can guess who is right and who is not. That girl had been a great story inside the bus after we continued our journey to Sungai Petani. Most of the passengers thought that that guy was innocent and felt sorry for him. I know how it feels to be harassed in front of the public because I have a sister and I don’t want that to happen to her but please be more mature next time. Now I wonder, was that girl dreaming on the bus? 

P/S: I just remembered that I made this poem for that girl when I was enjoying my "raya" holidays and now only I posted it here. It's okay, every masterpiece deserves a chance to be displayed here.

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