Monday, September 27, 2010

They Are All About Me

Source: Mr. Google Image

These poems here are all about me, it is not boring I tell you.
You will realize it one day that I am not lying
Or write about other people's life.
All these masterpieces here are all about me.

Try to figure out the puzzles I made into the poem form 
And tell me what you understand about my life,
I will answer you dear, truthfully.
That is one thing that will not bore you.

I put other people's perspective in my poems because,
I know you Guys and Girls will not believe me
If I told you that it is my story that is being written.
Trust me that I write about my own tale.

P/S: This post is not meant to hurt, just to express feelings and emotions.
I am not angry or affected by your comments dear, but I appreciate it...
Thanks for dropping by...


Mim Toge said...

sorry.... :(

Azham Vosovic said...

DIba: no need sorry... this is just an expression.. I am okay and I hope you are okay too dear...