Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blogger with Principles

There's a blind person in every one of us because we see with the lust of our eyes and not by the sanctions of our heart. And to a special someone who has always been a darling friend, I'm no longer crushing on you so please regret that ;)

I am just going to be here blogging my heart out no matter how slow my traffic is, no matter how sad I am to see the number of feedback or visitors every other day. Maybe this is a silent treatment from everybody since I have not "blog-walked" for quite a long time concentrating on my studies; maybe I am being punished because I do not go on "I follow you, you follow me" basis. I do not know anymore...I am a blogger with principles but sometimes the rules that I made do not seem to fit anymore.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Panic Attack

I hate being honked at by other drivers especially when I am on a busy road; it makes me nervous and sometimes I lose control of the car that I do not own. That is the reason why I rarely honk other drivers even when they are at fault; they might get some sort of panic attacks and then BANG!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good-Looking Photo

We always have this moment when we feel that we are the most handsomest or the prettiest; we take so many photos but delete the pictures that do not make us look pretty. Without we realizing it, we are actually trashing out our true self and feed on the LIKES we receive once the good-looking photo is up on Facebook. And believe it or not...the secret to look good in your photos is just merely a proper lighting and the right filter from your camera application ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

True North

Safely touched down at True North after a long flight in a classy sedan leaving behind some bittersweet memories of sins and not-so good deeds to those people I hurt along my way to fabulousity. This is my public apology and I really mean it; my social life is over for a moment but the history lives forever. Happy Holidays to all of my friends!

P/S: True North is a rehabilitation centre for troubled kids and socialites who partied all night; please try and change me will you?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sometimes the children will end up parenting their father and mother; that's the most beautiful part of our life so don't run away and promise that you will stay.

We all have this "Parent-Thing"...our constant fights with our parents about almost everything in life. From the smallest argument about the bed carelessly made or as big as not calling home to ask about their condition; somehow those fight are the only reason why we are talking to each other. 

I know that my parents worry that maybe one day I decide to leave home they made for all five of us. I will surely leave like all of the other kids but when that time comes, I hope that my parents will start dating each other again like what they did 21 years ago. Those were the beautiful times they had before they had us so I want them to relive those memories again. I will come back from time to time, unnoticed, but they will always feel my presence like I am always there. That is how I parent my parent one day, doing it from afar just observing pretty handsomely by the stars ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pencarian Remaja Berbakat Media Hiburan Edisi YouTube

Hello people!!! I went to the finale of "Pencarian Remaja Berbakat Media Hiburan Edisi YouTube" at Panggung Sari, Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur yesterday night mostly because of two persons; Nabila Sarah and Azwan Juperi. Both are the people that I knew since Nabila Sarah is my junior in IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa and Azwan Juperi is my friend's friend. Confusing but fret not, more details are coming your way!


This competition was organized by Media Hiburan, one of the top-notch entertainment magazine in Malaysia to search for aspiring teenage singers. The selection was done via YouTube video submission and the contestants had gone through series of audition, semi-final and only 12 finalist performed last night. One Nation Emcees was the opening act for the show and seriously undeniably energetic on stage!

So let's talk about Nabila Sarah, a French language teacher-to-be who did her foundation course in IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa but now is pursuing her degree level in France. I have always known the fact that she is famous on YouTube (watch her channel here for more covers) but I never thought that she would be able to join this competition with the fact that she is studying abroad. Well, fate is on her side that she is now on a short leave in Malaysia so that explains everything. 

She performed a medley of "Terukir Di Bintang and Somebody That I Used to Know" melodiously accompanied by her guitarist on stage. My honest opinion...she has great voice and look but I think that she is quite nervous; perhaps more stage shows in future would prepare her to become one of the best performer in Malaysia insyaallah.

Next up is Azwan Juperi, a friend of my coursemate! Note that Azwan Juperi is the person in the photo frame held by Ikram, and in the other shot he is standing beside me. This is another raw talent that Malaysia should look up to; he performed a song which he composed himself! 

I heard that he wants to get serious in this music industry after he finishes his studies. Well, good for you Azwan! Be an educated artist/celebrity because education guarantees a better prospect in life. He has planned to set up his own recording studio and a label too which I believe is very brave but step-forward. Visit his YouTube channel for more cover versions as well.

The event was hosted by the heavenly-handsome Karl Shafek and Alyah performed few songs too! The juries were among prominent names in our music scene such as Hazami, Farah Asyikin, Dia Fadilla, Noryn Aziz and many more to ensure transparent judgments. 


DiGi was the main sponsor along with Suria Records, Jamu Mak Dara and many other; the winner of this competition would sign a contract with Suria Records and therefore claims a glamourous entrance to the Wall-of-Fame in no time! 

The winner of this competition is Syed Muhammad Hazman and unfortunately for Nabila Sarah and Azwan Juperi, they didn't get the chance to prove better. No worries, insyaallah one day the two of you will get to perform your talent to the crowd as independent singers!

That is all the delayed blog post by the busy socialite and I have another event coming up tomorrow night which I can't reveal yet. Seriously, that would be the last event for this week since I have 3 more final examination papers to kill on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please, I hope that I will pass this exam with flying colours and so hoping for my pointers to rise and shoot the galaxy! Take care people, see you when I see you ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Secret Identity

Everybody has a secret identity, like another Facebook profile to cover up a scandalous relation-shit or playing angel when we are the most satanic; live among each other looking pretty naive with the masks we put on every walking minute ;)

Tell me how many of us have more than one phone numbers, social site profiles-Tagged, MySpace, Friendster etc? I am sure those are used for various purposes-the good and bad right? Like myself, I am juggling two secret life as a blogger and a student; take this gun and shoot me to death if you don't ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Touching the Homeless

Alhamdulillah, I volunteered for "Citi Global Community Day by Citibank" a few days ago along with the other UPM students and it was all related to what I posted here. I have always wanted to join a charity event like this for a really long time and alhamdulillah I was given the chance finally! Special thanks to UPM Marketing and Communication Department (MarComm) for inviting me and to Citibank as well for organizing this Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program.

We gathered at Citibank Tower in Jalan Ampang at around 7 PM, had our dinner and Maghrib prayer there and we were divided into TWO TEAMS. There were Team Kotaraya and Team Chow Kit and there were few stations for distribution of few items like food and used clothes at each location. I was assigned to Table 10 with some of the other volunteers and was tasked to distribute shower gel to the homeless there. LRT and Monorail tickets to Chow Kit Road were also provided by Citibank for our comfort ;)

These were the homeless lining up before each station was open; so many of them and it was sad too see the elder generation as a part of the homeless too. That was the first time that I ever encountered such a situation where I felt helpless about their condition; I wonder what happened to their kids huh? 

This was the food item sections and there was a feast of food for the homeless at that night. I am glad that these homeless have had a proper meal because I know that on every other day they would never have food on the table served for them. At least I could sleep well that night since they did not sleep on a an empty stomach.

As a teacher to be, it really tore my heart apart to hear this boy stopped schooling at the age of 9 when his parents moved from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur thinking about a better prospect here. The father thought bad; there was nothing for them in KL and they had to stray around Chow Kit since they have no place to settle here. This is based on the interview held by the Astro Awani journalist; if only I could take the kids to school and let them have a proper education?

This was the used clothes section but most items are for females only. I seriously believe that Malaysians should donate more MALE ITEMS because we want all of them to look good and appear more hygienic. At least they don't wear torn and stinky clothes right?

This was another station that catched my attention; a lady that groomed the hair of the homeless with no disgusting reaction on her face at all. This is very noble; tell me how many of us would actually touch the homeless and to cut their hair is so out of our mind right? However this lady did not only touch the homeless but she touched our heart too, may Allah bless her with wealth and health always! 

Yes, we always have this intention to do charity but we do not know how and when to start right? Now only I realize how easy to do good deeds...start by doing the things that you know best. As for me, I hope that this blog post would open up our mind about the true incidences in life that is often left unseen; this is the only charity that I afford at the moment.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food for Thought

I totally had more than a few thousand calories everyday and that is so not sexy; maybe I should start a hunger strike to respect the unfortunate and feed the homeless too. We eat too much and in fact we die eating and munching more and more food, unlike the others in foreign countries ironically. I wonder what it feels like to not having enough food on the table, and when you reach to the surface of your pocket there is no penny left and all you could do is to lie down and sleep in hunger? That could be really painful for a guy like me who has been stuffing my stomach with expensive cuisines all the way through, and I want to stop that!

This is high time for all of us to reflect about the amount of food we consume everyday and probably share our food for thought to everybody; bloggers have the control to disseminate meaningful information to everybody out there so do it right. Well as for me...I am going to feed the homeless this evening for "Citi Global Community Day" by Citibank around Kuala Lumpur. Insyaallah this would be my first philanthropy since I have been longing to join this kind of charity event for too long; Allah has opened another glorious door for me so I an thankful for that. It is true what a sister told me "If you walk trough an open door you will find more doors and windows to your dreams but if you don't, you won't".

P/S: I really hope that I would be more considerate with my food intake after this because whatever I eat is going to be a permanent fat part of me, literally!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Alhamdulillah, I am one of the new face of UPM representing the university locally and internationally for publications and advertisements; this is not bragging because I want all of you to realize that there are so many ways to achieve your dreams. I set my goal, I put my heart and soul into it and I grab whatever chances God has given me; insyaallah I will be happy ;)

P/S: Can you spot me in one of the photos above?