Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gossip Girl: Season Two

I'm just done watching Gossip Girl, Season One. 
Yeah I know, I was a bit too late. 
Still two seasons to go! 
My obsession started after a boring week in IPBA.
 I'm broke, got nowhere to go,
No money so I have to stay here until 3rd of May 
That's when the allowance is coming in!
So, I went to Kamal Khairi's place, transferred Gossip Girl into my laptop
 And here I am, still watching it! 
I miss Serena, Blair, Jenny, Dan, Chuck and Nate. 
 I got to go.
 Salam, and God bless. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Latest Obsession: X.O.X.O

My dream casts of Gossip Girl: IPBA Version!

Dan Humprey: Azham Vosovic
Serena van der Woodsen: Alaina
Chuck Bass: Aziz 
Blair Waldorf: Aisya UNn
Nate Archibald: Eizhar
Jenny Humprey: Rina Bberi
Vanessa Abrams: Adibah

This is just my dream team okay, so no offend. 
If any of you don't like it, 
feel free to inform me,
I'll remove your name...

From left, Nate, Serena, Chuck, Blair, Dan and Jenny.
They are all my favorite!

Azham, Alaina, Aziz, Eizhar, Aisya and Rina!!!

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's Elite.
In my case, IPBA's Elite.
And who am I?
That's a secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Dare Myself To Move

I dare myself to move,
Like today, 
And those days of suffering,
And ignorance,
Never happened before!

I have seriously moved on peeps!
Thank you Guys and Girls,
Salam, and God bless.

Thing I will do before I die:

I've got so much things to do before I die and this list is to be updated yeah?

1.       I will eat and drink till I’m full and my stomach blow out.
2.       I will hit my head hard with cotton candy until I faint.
3.       I will shoot myself with a fake blood bullet.
4.       I will sleep from day until night forever...
5.       I will shop until I drop.
6.       I will kiss until I fall.

    And the most important thing to do is...:

    7.       I want to act in Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives until Serena, Blair, Betty, and Gabby are jobless! 

    Things happen for a reason

    Hey, what's up Guys and Girls? It has been a productive weekend for me actually. I had a heart to heart talk to my beloved best friend in IPBA, Raevarthy. Now I know what had happened to her and I felt sorry for not being there when she needs me the most. I managed to clear up things with her. I think that was our first meeting together after almost five months in IPBA. Last semester, we used to sit together during assembly and talk while we were supposed to pay our attention to the assembly. I did with her, just now. We sat together and obviously talks a lot. I had my best moment with her, after few problems encountered my life. She gave me lots of advice and constructive thoughts. I love her so much. Thanks Raeva!!!

    Okay, back to the title, things happens for a reason. Have you ever find yourself in the middle of your feared problems? Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Honestly, I had my own experience when I could not handle my problems. I had one thought in mind, to jump off from Tower Block after class so that my ghost will haunt the people I hate the most in IPBA. When I think about it, I am glad that I did not commit such a sin. I finally realized that things happen for a reason.

    I had lots of problems because Allah knows that I can handle it. So, if I commit suicide, it will be a shame for me because I choose to get away from my problems. I am strong, so I will fight over my problems. I know I am problematic, but that is life. And yesterday, while I was day-dreaming about my ex, I realized that problems and miseries will come in bundle. It will bug our life, and comes with brothers and sisters. I had mine, in package; simply wrapped in a smile but turns out to be my fearful nightmare.

    Enough of that, I think I will have the best of my life if I move on. So, here am I, Mohd Azham Bin Amran, writing here, to my loyal blog and readers and I strongly believe that I will lead a better life next time. Moral from story, don’t you ever dare to commit suicide! Salam, and God bless.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    About Vosovic

    Excuse me,
    "I am a bitch when I want to be".


    Nothing much to say. I am missing:
    • My mother, Rosnah Bt Ismail,
    • My father, Amran Bin Aziz, 
    • My sister, Nur Hidayah Bt Amran, 
    • My brother, Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Amran, 
    • And my beloved Grandma, Che Mah Bt Awang.
    Can I go back to Kepala Batas?
    I want to visit my grandma in Baling.
    I am counting days and months.
    I want to go home, 
    To the place where I belong.
    Back to my childhood memories.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Random Pictures: The Art of Jalan TAR

    Do you need my guide to roam around here?

    Jalan T.A Rahman or Jalan Sultan Ismail? 
    Where to go?

    Mirul: You need a ride around here?

    Macbeth: Behind the Scene

    Salam, and hi to you Guys and Girls. It has been a long time since I write long post right? Okay, for tonight, I would like to share with you Guys and Girls of what is happening behind the scene for Macbeth, a play production by Foundation TESL 2009 Intake. As I have stated in previous posts, I am the leader for Props Committee which means that my committee and I have to prepare, buy or borrow any props needed for the play. It was hard, but I have the best committee members and they are willing to sacrifice day and night to settle the props. I shall start with our first outing together to buy the materials and some props. We went to Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or famously known as Jalan TAR. Most of the committee members were present on that day. We went to Mydin, Kamdar, Jakel, and to some stalls along Jalan TAR. It was tiring but I am glad that we managed to get most of the props needed. The rest of will be done using our not-so-artistic hands and fingers. We had fun there but something unexpected occurred. Here are some pictures I included for reference. Enjoy...

    This is one of the committee members, Amirul Syahmee Ibrahim. He posed in front of Kamdar as a proof that we went there to search for materials. Somehow(his favourite word) he looks like Kamdar's ambassador right? hahahaha...

    This picture was taken in front of Mydin near Puduraya. We went there to buy cellophane tapes, coloured paper and stuffs. Here are the happy faces of us!

    This picture was taken inside Kamdar. We were supposed to buy white cloth here but the price was expensive and somehow(Mirul's fav word) the quality of the cloth was not like what we wanted. So, we went off to Jakel and we found cheap but good quality of cloth. I really like this picture. It looks like we are the contestants of my favourite TV show, Project Runway. hehehe, seriously, I think we are the contestants!

    Okay, this is the sad part of the story. All of us went to Masjid India to pray. I think the mosque is called Masjid India too. My friend here, Rina Bberi (her Facebook name) wanted to top up her phone's credit when she realized that her purse was missing. She was shocked and we went back to the mosque to search for it. I mean, the girls went inside and tried to search it. According to the girl's story, there's another woman in the mosque who lost a purse as well. Rina went out of the mosque and cried. It was sad to see that small and cute friend of mine cried, so we accompanied her to lodge a police report. As both of my parents are police officers (another secret is revealed), I have an experience on how to make a report. So, the policewoman here asked Rina to block all her bank accounts. After we were done with the report, there's a friend of mine, Amy a.k.a Myra approached me and said "Azham, we are collecting RM 5 for Rina". At that very moment, there's a tear coming out from my human eyes but I managed to cover it. Seriously, I was touched by their action. Well of course Rina cried, and I keep a distance so that they will never notice me crying (another secret is revealed). I cried because I know that these people that I mingled with are the dependable ones. They can be trusted. If I ever be in Rina's shoes, I know there will be people who will help me. I am proud of Amy a.k.a Myra, Fatin Athirah, Hui Yang, Mirul, Imran, Waheida and all. 

    The next day, were were busy preparing the props and backdrops. I shall not reveal it here as there will be another episode of Macbeth: Behind the Scene. Till then, I'm Azham Vosovic, signing off.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    I Am...Searching for Another Love Story


    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    This Is the End of My Sad Love Story

    We texted,
    We called.
    We said love,
    To each other,
    Every day.
    After a while,
    You became silent.
    You didn’t answer my calls.
    You didn’t reply my texts.
    You ditched me.
    It all happened,
    After  43 days.
    Is it fair?
    Talk to me.
    I love you.
    But I know,
    This is the end of my sad love story.

    I Bruise Easily-Natasha Bedingfield

    This is another meaningful song that I love the most!

    My skin is like a map
    Of where my heart has been
    And I cant hide the marks
    Its not a negative thing
    So I let down my guard
    Drop my defences down by my clothes
    I'm learning to fall
    With no safety net to cushion the blow

    I bruise easily
    So be gentle when you handle me
    Theres a mark you leave
    Like a love heart carved on a tree
    I bruise easily
    Can't scratch the surface
    Without moving me underneath
    I bruise easily
    I bruise easily

    I found your fingerprints
    On a glass of wine
    Do you know you're leaving them
    All over this heart of mine too
    But if I never take this leap of faith
    I'll never know
    So im learning to fall
    With no safety net to cushion the blow


    Anyone who can touch you
    Can hurt you or heal you
    Anyone who can reach you
    Can love you or leave you

    So be gentle...


    I bruise easily
    I bruise easily 

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    The Curse of Macbeth:

    As you all know, all 2009 intake TESLians are now busy with our coursework, a play production called Macbeth. As we are going to be assessed and marks will be given for this assignment, so everyone in the college are expecting a bombastic performance by the students. This is just a random fact, that I get while struggling with "MACBETH". I realized that Macbeth is no ordinary play, but full with hidden stories, drama and tense. So, enjoy my post for today: The Curse of Macbeth! 
    • I have to be a Props Leader, which I HATE VERY MUCH! but I finally realized that by being a leader, I can ask my group members to do this and that and I kind of liking it, but the burden I'm carrying is hard also. The lecturer in-charge will interrogate me whenever she saw me in the college. I'd rather run away and do things I like in the way I am. As cited from her, decisions are to be made in a concession so, I'm sorry. I'm practicing it with other props members.
    • I heard that Macbeth is a haunted play. Is it true? I heard lots of stories from my seniors, and lecturers. OMG! Mr Mano said that whenever people are rehearsing for Macbeth, someone will have the opportunity to actually see the spirit of Macbeth watching it! The lights in the auditorium will be on and off by itself. Scary is it? Then, in the library, Mr Mano said that there's a room upstairs which cannot be opened and there are spirits dramatizing the play of Macbeth, inside the room. I heard that there are some props and backdrop inside the room but what a waste because somebody else is USING it. Seniors, especially Kak Miza,  please tell me more about this case! Well, I hope that these creepy stuffs will never try their luck on me, I'm not so brave to face these things.
    • My relationship with my friends and seniors are torn apart. I mean, we used to be close, hang out together but because of Macbeth, we rarely go out together, and talk till I felt so alone. Regarding the lecturers, I think I'm okay with Mr Mano, he's such an understanding lecturer, but I had some conflicts with other lecturers. They want this and that, and the way they talk is like the urge me to do things in their way. No way man! I can accept their opinion but still I have to discuss with others from Props Committee. Now, I feel more at ease as we are on the right track.
    Hurm, I will update more about the curse of Macbeth. I will try to explore more about the hidden world of William Shakespeare and Macbeth! Till I write again next time, I'm Azham Vosovic, signing off!

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    This is from Nateesha:

    azham.....i noe u've been very upset recently......n i suppose m beginning 2 undrstnd more aftr readng ur blog....dear,i noe we r facing lots of things nw n we hve soo lil tyme......we r pressured.....i agree completely wit u...yet, sumtymes thgs hppn beyond our undrstndng.......we r da ones who r spposed 2 do evrythg.....maybe thr is a reason 4 dat.......try lukng at it positively dear......1 mre thg, im truly sorry 4 nt being thr when u needed a fren at an utmost level.....u were owez thr 4 me....im nt a gud fren as i asked y u luk sad but did nt go further in2 details....mainly bcoz m afraid u wud nt wnna tell me n dat i wud mke u sadder if i kept on askin....dats all......i hope we can be best frens nw.......coz i really wnt da azham dat i met last sem.....da happy 1......da 1 who lives for 2day n not da past...i hope we can share our happiness n our sorrows lyke we used 2...u were truly nice 2 me as u were thr 2 listen...i hope u'll 4gve me n be my best fren 4eva once again......i wud lyke 2 be thr 4 u whenevr u need sum1 2 talk 2........i really do......do not hesitate 2 confront me....m owez here 4 u.....n u can trust me.....i shall nvr betray u fren......tke cre dear....


    To my dearest Nateesha,
    thanks for dropping by at my blog, and to text me through Facebook. I really appreciate it. Now, u've understood my problems rite? huhu. Now i'm feeling much better. can't wait for Macbeth to be over. Teesha, the part about they asked me why I look sad and walkaway was not pointed at you, seriously. Don't take it to your heart ok? it was meant for someone else. N, you should not be afraid to ask, I really need a friend to talk to. huhu.. Ok, after all these things are done, I'll get my life back! I will enjoy it till I faint or sumthing, hahahah....

    To my dearest Nateesha, 
    thanks for saying that u wud like to be there when i need a fren. I will consult you my dear. seriously, I'm touched, and glad as I still have you and Raevarthy as a best friends. I will see you next time, I promise... 
    Lots of hugs and kisses...

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    This is from Raevarthy:

    Thanks Raeva:

    "dear bff, life has pushed us so far away from each other n i miss those times we use to spend together..u were there for me n i would like to be there for u too..i read ur blog n i dun noe wats gng on but im worried..u sound upset...always noe that i have a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on...n besides u told me im strong n i survived on ur encouraging words..u stood up for me...n i m who i m today partially because of u...i just hate to see u upset because u r so nice...i just wanna let you noe that dun let others push u down..just as you begin to fall, reach into your heart n i noe u will make it...u r strong azham!"

    This is for you: 

    Thanks my BFF! I need you now, seriously. I can't take it anymore. But you are busy too. I don't want to burden you. I miss our old times together, we cried together right? You are the kind of friend that I need in my life. We laughed and cried, and I hope that it will remain that way. But i was quite shocked because when you had problems, you didn't tell me. I thought you don't want me to be your BFF anymore. Then, i keep on quiet, I didn't tell you about my probs. U've been nice to me, n I love you soo much. Thanks Raeva, for giving me support. I appreciate it very much. I really2 miss you... 

    I Need A Friend, Now.

    Dear friend.
    I need you now.
    I can't just rely,
    On Love Hate Vosovic only.
    I need a friend,
    That will support me.
    That just don't ask me why I look sad,
    And walkaway.
    I need a friend, honestly.

    Sorry I'm Not A Good Leader...

    I'm so sorry,
    I'm dumb.
    I'm not a good leader.
    I don't know how to lead.
    Hundreds of sorry,
    We are moving too slow.
    To my Props team members for Macbeth.
    It's going to be a crap.
    We are going to borrow seniors props,
    Which I think is going to affect our marks.
    I didn't consult the lecturers,
    Because I know they are going to alter this and that.
    I know, we trusts ourselves right?
    We know we are able to do things right, right?
    But the lecturers and friends didn't notice that.
    I am seriously sad, 
    I hate it to be a leader.
    Firstly, I want to act.
    It's so happen that during the day of audition,
    I was on leave.
    I was sick.
    So they put me under Props Committee.
    Is it fair?
    Then, during the meeting,
    My classmates suggested my name to be a leader.
    I declined, said that I was busy.
    But they insisted, said that Macbeth is an assignment.
    I agreed, bitterly, though they forced me.
    Is it fair?
    Now this morning,
    My classmates scolded me,
    The way she say it,
    Like our team did nothing.
    Yeah, I agree.
    We were too busy,
    Language Camp, Language Week.
    It was hectic, yet pathetic.
    I am so sad.
    I said to Mr Mano,
    That I don't want to be a Props leader anymore.
    He said nothing, and keep on asking.
    I am sick, of doing things I hate!
    I want to act!
    I hate to do props,
    And then to be a leader?
    What the H**l?
    The world is unfair.
    I hope that Macbeth will be a failure.
    I am sorry.
    But can we have more time?
    Can we be excluded from other stupid stuffs?
    Can we just focus on our work?
    Dear God, listen to me.
    I am so sick right now.
    I am tired of living like this.
    Honestly, I want to go back.
    Think that I don't belong here.
    I had lots of troubles here,
    With the seniors, friends.
    I think I'm having mental illness now.
    I'm going crazy if I'm not treated.
    Dear God, listen to me.
    I need a human friend.
    I need support.
    I want to cry now.
    Please help me.
    Will you?

    My 100th Post!

    Hye Guys and Girls...
    I am so proud to write here that,
    This is my 100th post since I've started blogging.
    It has never come to my expectation that I wrote this much.

    I will definately write more often.
    I love my best friend, Love Hate Vosovic.
    He has always been my best pal.
    I love him so much.

    I wrote lots of good,
    And bad stories in my life,
    In this blog...
    This is my life,
    My other side of Azham Vosovic.

    Till I write again,
    Salam, and God bless.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Love is a force of nature (Brokeback Mountain)

    I think tonight is yet another time to watch Brokeback Mountain, again.
    Yeah, the film that managed to make me cried and ponder about love.
    Have you Guys and Girls watch this film?
    Seriously, if you Guys and Girls haven't,
    Please download a copy of this film.
    It's not just a film about gay love,
    But it goes beyond that,
    Because of what?
    Love is a force of nature.
    So, till I write again,
    Thanks for reading Love Hate Vosovic yeah?
    Salam, and God bless...

    Need You Now-Lady Antebellum

    Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor
    Reachin for the phone cause I can't fight it anymore
    And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
    For me it happens all the time

    It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
    Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
    And I don't know how I can do without
    I just need you now

    Another shot of whiskey can't stop looking at the door
    Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
    And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
    For me it happens all the time

    It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
    Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
    And I don't know how I can do without
    I just need you now

    Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothin at all

    It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need you now

    And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now

    And I don't know how I can do without

    I just need you now

    I just need you now

    Ooo, baby, I need you now

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    To My Dearest Love Hate Vosovic!

    To my dearest Love Hate Vosovic,

    Thanks for being my lovely blog!
    I am so in love with you.
    I look at you everyday,
    I will try to update you more often yeah?
    Thanks for being a place,
    For me to talk to.
    For being my best gossip partner!
    For being my best listener!
    We shared a lot.
    I think we've known each other by now.
    What is lack here is that,
    My dear Love Hate Vosovic,
    You still don't have a shoulder,
    That I can lean to.
    It's okay,
    It's alright.
    As long as we love each other.

    Salam, and God bless.

    I want to look at myself differently

    I want to look at myself differently.
    I am stupid boy every other day.
    I am complex but simple at times.
    I want to do things people won't do.
    I write about everything,
    I am open-minded,
    You Guys and Girls can trust me.
    I just don't want to be ordinary,
    Like a boy next door.

    I am still discovering,
    To search for the true,
    Mohd Azham and Azham Vosovic.
    Wish me luck.

    Gidday everyone!

    Runway Model: My Other Ambition!

    I know this is silly, but I still have an ambition. 
    I want to be a Runway Model. 
    I seriously was influenced by America's Next Top Model.
    Excuse me, I have the height! 
    I have the perfect size of my body? 
    What is lacking huh? 
    My not-so-nice set of teeth? 
    A runway model differs from a photo shoot model okay? 
    I don't have to smile all the way through the runway. 
    I just need to walk confidently and be masculine on the runway.

    Let me tell you guys a secret, 
    Whenever I walk around Kuala Lumpur, 
    Especially at Bukit Bintang or Pavillion, 
    I will always dream that the owner of
    Starhill Modelling Agency or maybe Datuk Bernard Chandran,
    Will approeach me, and say, 
    "Hey, would you like to be my model?".
    Hahaahaha, dream on Azham, dream on....

    Don't laugh yeah? It's okay to have a dream, and I am pursuing it! 
    Salam, and God bless!

    I'm Leaving!

    omg… lookin at this is sooooo painful.. =(

    What do you guys think? Sweet right? Okay, I'm not leaving!

    My Partner-In-Crime

    Mim Toge, my partner-in-crime!


    :.I LIKE.:

    A Fashion Review: LDV Assignment!

    Theme: Fashion
    Issue: How to Look Good While Dressing Up

    Fashion has always been in everybody’s blood and breath. Fashion is as simple as choosing colours and accessories in our daily outfits. Based from Macmillan English Dictionary, fashion is defined as the activity or business that involves styles of clothes and people’s appearances. It is also a style of dress that is popular at a particular time. We can make money with fashion. In Malaysia, there are many top designers who have made their way to international level like Datuk Bernard Chandran and Datuk Jimmy Choo. It is funny to think that even a five year old kid would like to dress like Hannah Montana, with fake blonde hair and pink outfits. Most people around the world are willing to spend hundreds and thousands so that they will be recognized as the most fashionable person on Earth but the main concern now is how to look good while dressing up?
    From the article ‘Smile with confidence’, (Seneviratne, 2010), it is stated that smile is one major factor that can make us look and feel good. It is a non-verbal means of expression that people will notice first and it makes a statement of who you are, whether you are approachable or not. There are certain people who do not have the guts to smile because they have chipped or uneven teeth and smelly mouth. To look good while smiling, one must go to see the dentist and see what steps that can be taken to improve one’s smile. It is advisable that one must go for regular check-ups and most importantly, brush your teeth as least twice in a day and after your meal. As quoted from the article, “a good set of teeth coupled with a great smile does wonders for a person’s self-confidence” (Seneviratne, 2010).
    Secondly, it is fine to take a risk and dress distinctively. This is because, fashion is a self-expression, where people express their thoughts, opinions and unique side of themselves via clothing. Only daring people can dress up like Lady Gaga though some think that she is kooky. Based from a fashion review from Galaxie (2009), Kho states that no one shocks us more than Lady Gaga when it comes to eye-popping fashion. In the meantime, Rihanna is fearless when it comes to fashion. She has risen from obscurity to becoming one of the forerunners where style is concern (Kho, 2009). There are now many outlets selling audacious clothes and outfits. We can see lots of people who dare to take the risk, and go against the flow of fashion, and they made it. The most important thing in fashion and to look good is to keep you updated with fashion reviews and to trust yourself.
    Thirdly, try to find something that is age-appropriate. If you are in your golden age, dress up in a classy and current look. Do not be afraid with your age, but be proud of it. Actress, Sophia Loren is still a stunner even though she is now 75 years old. During a photo call for the biopic, she covered her ‘turkey’ neck with a scarf and wore rose-tinted glasses and youthful blush emerged from her cheeks (Vine, 2010). This shows that fashion sense will help you to overcome your most feared stage of your life. One can also try to stand out from the cliché colour of the oldies, black. One can always opt for other palettes like butter yellow and gun metal grey like Demi Moore (Kho, 2009) so that you can stand out in crowd.
    As a conclusion, an ordinary person can also be extraordinary, if they dressed up the right way. There are many options out there for us to improve our knowledge about fashion, be it magazines like FHM (For Him Magazine), Cosmopolitan or fashion reviews in television such as Fashion TV and E! News. It is us who determines whether we can look good while dressing up, or the other way around.


    Kho, G. (2009, December 17-31). Stylish set. Galaxie , pp. 28-29.
    Seneviratne, V. (2010, March 24). Smile with confidence. New Straits Times , p. 9.
    Vine, S. (2010, March 24). Still a stunner. New Straits Time , p. 15.

    From Mim Toge's Tumblr...

    I wishhh…………….

    Sweet right?????

    Mim Toge a.k.a Adibah Khalidah

    "Mim Toge" for Dummies

    She is:

    .: Hujanaddict :.
    .: Hujanholic :.
    .: Hujanmaniac :.
    .: Hujanobsessed :.
    .: Hujankipas-susah-mati :.
    .: Hujandie-hard-fan :.
    .: Hujanisme :.

    Thanks Mim Toge.
    I took this without your approval!!!

    I Will Definitely Go to United Kingdom!

    I want to go there, United Kingdom.
    I want to make my parents proud.
    I want to make them happy.
    But maybe it's not time yet,
    My siblings still need my existence.
    My parents still need me here in Malaysia.

    I want to try something new,
    In United Kingdom maybe?
    I want to post "Hari Raya" greetings from UK.
    I want to do do everything my seniors do.

    Huijia and her batch will be leaving for UK this September.
    Then our Cohort 5 seniors will come back this Disember.
    Huhuhuhu, I'm so jealous of them you know?
    I read Kak Ana's blog,
    I checked Kak Miza's pictures in Facebook,
    I heard stories from Kak Mun and Kak Hijrah.
    Seriously, I want to study abroad.
    I need to say this out loud.
    I can't get this thing out of my head.

    Oh God, help me.
    I will do everything so that I can go to UK.
    I am willing to be a year older, 
    So I can be with Huijia's batch.
    I'm willing to leave, and pack my stuffs right away.

    Does this sounds like I am full of myself?
    Am I being selfish?
    Am I not being thankful to Allah?
    Somebody call 911.

    Azham, dream on.
    You are twinning with University Putra Malaysia (UPM).
    Go achieve your dream here first yeah???

    Maybe it's true,
    That I am still not eligible to be one of those TESLians,
    The one with international twinning program?
    Maybe I need to improve first?
    Yeah, who knows right?
    I will definately go there, United Kingdom,
    To do my Masters in TESL!
    Insyaallah, amin.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Thank You My Beautiful and Handsome Followers!

    I have 19 followers since I started blogging...
    Yeah, it's great to finally have someone who can read your mind, thoughts and opinions.
    I am still counting, hehehe, I need more followers!
    Hahahaha, I never had enough!
    Guys and Girls,
    Thanks for reading Love Hate Vosovic yeah?
    I'm still new to this, will try to improve,
    and develop my writing skill, like LDV obviously...hahahah...

    This is the Best Love Hate Vosovic Reader Award!

    • Gwen Velora
    • Merazati
    • Kak Miza
    • Rizal
    • Miss Teddy
    These are all Love Hate Vosovic Followers!
    • Niwashini
    • Amalina
    • Kak Ana Syukriah
    • Dayana Hashim
    • Hizryanz
    • Anam
    • Sweet91_Anie
    • Winnie
    • Zalinda
    • Mim Toge
    • Wadewick
    • Budak Baik
    • Kak Shap Nuna
    • Slahh(who is this person?)
    • and Azham Vosovic obviously
    Salam, and God bless...

    We Belong Together

    We Belong Together

    Artist: Mariah Carey
    (Ooh, ooh, sweet love, yeah)

    I didn't mean it
    When I said I didn't love you, so
    I should have held on tight
    I never shoulda let you go
    I didn't know nothing
    I was stupid, I was foolish
    I was lying to myself
    I could not fathom that I would ever
    Be without your love
    Never imagined I'd be
    Sitting here beside myself
    Cause I didn't know you
    Cause I didn't know me
    But I thought I knew everything
    I never felt

    The feeling that I'm feeling
    Now that I don't hear your voice
    Or have your touch and kiss your lips
    Cause I don't have a choice
    Oh, what I wouldn't give
    To have you lying by my side
    Right here, cause baby
    (We belong together)

    When you left I lost a part of me
    It's still so hard to believe
    Come back baby, please
    Cause we belong together

    Who else am I gon' lean on
    When times get rough
    Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
    Till the sun comes up
    Who's gonna take your place
    There ain't nobody better
    Oh, baby baby, we belong together

    I can't sleep at night
    When you are on my mind
    Bobby Womack's on the radio
    Saying to me
    "If you think you're lonely now"
    Wait a minute
    This is too deep (too deep)
    I gotta change the station
    So I turn the dial
    Trying to catch a break
    And then I hear Babyface
    I only think of you
    And it's breaking my heart
    I'm trying to keep it together
    But I'm falling apart

    I'm feeling all out of my element
    I'm throwing things, crying
    Trying to figure out
    Where the hell I went wrong
    The pain reflected in this song
    It ain't even half of what
    I'm feeling inside
    I need you
    Need you back in my life, baby

    When you left I lost a part of me
    It's still so hard to believe
    Come back baby, please
    Cause we belong together

    Who else am I gon' lean on
    When times get rough
    Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
    Till the sun comes up
    Who's gonna take your place
    There ain't nobody better
    Oh, baby baby, we belong together, baby

    When you left I lost a part of me
    It's still so hard to believe
    Come back baby, please
    Cause we belong together

    Who am I gonna lean on
    When times get rough
    Who's gonna talk to me
    Till the sun comes up
    Who's gonna take your place
    There ain't nobody better
    Oh baby, baby
    We belong together

    I Will...Try My Best!

    I will try...for my best.
    to make this blog,
    an English blog.
    I am not egocentric,
    Never I am denying those beautiful Malay words.
    I just want to improve my English, my language and grammar.
    I will try, to write in English only.
    I am not showing off.
    But it is something that I need to do.
    English is my passion.
    I will upgrade myself.
    It is me who need to walk the talk.
    I want to be English-literate like my friends, seniors and lecturers.
    Guys and Girls, the reader of Love Hate Vosovic,
    Let me know of my wrong usage of language yeah?
    I appreciate your constructive comments, or maybe the destructive one.
    Till we meet again...
    Salam, and God bless.

    If I...Am Bored!

    This is what we do if we are bored!

    Michelle-Michael Confusion!

    It happened during English Language Camp,
    When I volunteered myself for forum.
    I said to Gaya,
    "Hey, I can act as a transgendered person!".
    Then she said, "Can you? It might offend you anyway".

    Then it happened, when I said to the rest of the audience.
    "I was Michelle before, but now I am Michael!".
    Most of the sleepy-head in the audi woke up.
    They did laughed, and clapped.
    hahaha, it was funny indeed.

    The next morning, they called me,
    either Michelleor Michael.
    They found me in Facebook,
    and they still call me that.

    I am flattered that I managed to send the message.
    I am proud to say this that,
    I love to be Michelle, Michael and Azham Vosovic
    and I am seriously having Michelle-Michael confusion!

    Thank You!

    Thanks for making me the happiest human ever on Earth today!
    I Miss You Soo Damn Much!
    Thanks for being my Hero today!
    Thanks for not making me a single person anymore!
    I'm off to bed.

    P/S: I Love You!

    Hero-A Song For Me

    Enrique Iglesias - Hero

    Let me be your hero

    Would you dance,
    If I asked you to dance?
    Would you run,
    And never look back?
    Would you cry,
    If you saw me crying?
    And would you save my soul, tonight?

    Would you tremble,
    If I touched your lips?
    Would you laugh?
    Oh please tell me this.
    Now would you die,
    For the one you love?
    Hold me in your arms, tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Would you swear,
    That you’ll always be mine?
    Or would you lie?
    Would you run and hide?
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    I don’t care...
    You’re here, tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Oh, I just wanna to hold you.
    I just wanna to hold you.
    Oh yeah.
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    Well I don’t care...
    You’re here, tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by your forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    I can be your hero.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    And I will stand by you, forever.
    You can take my breath away.
    You can take my breath away.

    I can be your hero.