Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank You My Beautiful and Handsome Followers!

I have 19 followers since I started blogging...
Yeah, it's great to finally have someone who can read your mind, thoughts and opinions.
I am still counting, hehehe, I need more followers!
Hahahaha, I never had enough!
Guys and Girls,
Thanks for reading Love Hate Vosovic yeah?
I'm still new to this, will try to improve,
and develop my writing skill, like LDV obviously...hahahah...

This is the Best Love Hate Vosovic Reader Award!

  • Gwen Velora
  • Merazati
  • Kak Miza
  • Rizal
  • Miss Teddy
These are all Love Hate Vosovic Followers!
  • Niwashini
  • Amalina
  • Kak Ana Syukriah
  • Dayana Hashim
  • Hizryanz
  • Anam
  • Sweet91_Anie
  • Winnie
  • Zalinda
  • Mim Toge
  • Wadewick
  • Budak Baik
  • Kak Shap Nuna
  • Slahh(who is this person?)
  • and Azham Vosovic obviously
Salam, and God bless...


.a.n.a s.y.u.k.r.i.a.h. said...

welcome! and welcome to the club! marilah kite same2 memeriahkan lagi dunia pembloggeran.hehe,,

~M i z a ~ said...

thanks! me totally flattered :)
happy improve-ing lds! i know u can do it.

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Ana: hehehehe, thanks yeah??? haven't heard from u for a long time, but i know you are having a great time there ryte???

Kak Miza: wah, gitteww... hahaha... thanks, u r such a noble-hearted Year 4 Cohort 4 Senior! i hope that soon you will find someone to fill your heart..(nada keciwa)hahahahah

zz said...

nice blog! keep writing and chill~

Azham Vosovic said...

yeah2, thanks yeah????