Monday, April 12, 2010

I Will Definitely Go to United Kingdom!

I want to go there, United Kingdom.
I want to make my parents proud.
I want to make them happy.
But maybe it's not time yet,
My siblings still need my existence.
My parents still need me here in Malaysia.

I want to try something new,
In United Kingdom maybe?
I want to post "Hari Raya" greetings from UK.
I want to do do everything my seniors do.

Huijia and her batch will be leaving for UK this September.
Then our Cohort 5 seniors will come back this Disember.
Huhuhuhu, I'm so jealous of them you know?
I read Kak Ana's blog,
I checked Kak Miza's pictures in Facebook,
I heard stories from Kak Mun and Kak Hijrah.
Seriously, I want to study abroad.
I need to say this out loud.
I can't get this thing out of my head.

Oh God, help me.
I will do everything so that I can go to UK.
I am willing to be a year older, 
So I can be with Huijia's batch.
I'm willing to leave, and pack my stuffs right away.

Does this sounds like I am full of myself?
Am I being selfish?
Am I not being thankful to Allah?
Somebody call 911.

Azham, dream on.
You are twinning with University Putra Malaysia (UPM).
Go achieve your dream here first yeah???

Maybe it's true,
That I am still not eligible to be one of those TESLians,
The one with international twinning program?
Maybe I need to improve first?
Yeah, who knows right?
I will definately go there, United Kingdom,
To do my Masters in TESL!
Insyaallah, amin.


Dyana Hashim said...

stdy local pun okay. tp tu lah, semua ada impian to stdy abroad. jst do the best okay ? klo xdpt stdy pn, nnt g la hnymoon kt uk. hihi :p

Azham Vosovic said...

hahahahahah, insyaallah...
Nnti sy g melawat akak eyh??? hehehehehe
tu la, impian n cita2, xper...
I'll definately be going there, for my Masters... huhuhuuh

.a.n.a s.y.u.k.r.i.a.h. said...

Insya-Allah.Keep faith and don't give up tau! =)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Ana, thanks yeah???
keep ur blog updated tau...

~M i z a ~ said...

i know one day u will b there! dont give up ok. suma itu rezeki. work hard for it alright.

p/s: bila dah smp sana, roger akak ok. akak nk g olidey. bleh tumpang umah. dah save dah bajet. lol