Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Curse of Macbeth:

As you all know, all 2009 intake TESLians are now busy with our coursework, a play production called Macbeth. As we are going to be assessed and marks will be given for this assignment, so everyone in the college are expecting a bombastic performance by the students. This is just a random fact, that I get while struggling with "MACBETH". I realized that Macbeth is no ordinary play, but full with hidden stories, drama and tense. So, enjoy my post for today: The Curse of Macbeth! 
  • I have to be a Props Leader, which I HATE VERY MUCH! but I finally realized that by being a leader, I can ask my group members to do this and that and I kind of liking it, but the burden I'm carrying is hard also. The lecturer in-charge will interrogate me whenever she saw me in the college. I'd rather run away and do things I like in the way I am. As cited from her, decisions are to be made in a concession so, I'm sorry. I'm practicing it with other props members.
  • I heard that Macbeth is a haunted play. Is it true? I heard lots of stories from my seniors, and lecturers. OMG! Mr Mano said that whenever people are rehearsing for Macbeth, someone will have the opportunity to actually see the spirit of Macbeth watching it! The lights in the auditorium will be on and off by itself. Scary is it? Then, in the library, Mr Mano said that there's a room upstairs which cannot be opened and there are spirits dramatizing the play of Macbeth, inside the room. I heard that there are some props and backdrop inside the room but what a waste because somebody else is USING it. Seniors, especially Kak Miza,  please tell me more about this case! Well, I hope that these creepy stuffs will never try their luck on me, I'm not so brave to face these things.
  • My relationship with my friends and seniors are torn apart. I mean, we used to be close, hang out together but because of Macbeth, we rarely go out together, and talk till I felt so alone. Regarding the lecturers, I think I'm okay with Mr Mano, he's such an understanding lecturer, but I had some conflicts with other lecturers. They want this and that, and the way they talk is like the urge me to do things in their way. No way man! I can accept their opinion but still I have to discuss with others from Props Committee. Now, I feel more at ease as we are on the right track.
Hurm, I will update more about the curse of Macbeth. I will try to explore more about the hidden world of William Shakespeare and Macbeth! Till I write again next time, I'm Azham Vosovic, signing off!


~M i z a ~ said...

ha? sapa lgik yg buat play macbeth slain dri cohort 4 n cohort senior akak?
n then mr mano ckp tntg bilik mana? nk tau jugak.

akak xtau la plak spirit2 macbeth, sbb time akak buat play dlu, xder r dgr plak kisah2 spirit ni.. kitoerg praktis smp 1 pg kat audi, alhmdulillah xder la dgr crita kena kacau. npe? ada crita ke? cpt2 nnti story kat akak.

Azham Vosovic said...

heheheh, yg ni senior blok 6 ckp kat classmate Am. diorang terlibat dgn lighting masa tahun akak buat Macbeth tu... so, diorang yg paling awal n paling lewat tinggalkan audi. so, masa nak tutup lampu tu, ada jer sesuatu yg pasang balik. huhu, akak xda cerita seram pasal Macbeth ker? story la..

Azham Vosovic said...

bout the room in the library, m not sure.but when I went all over the library to search for props n backdrop, there's a room which is locked. cuba akak naik tangga dkt lif dalam library tu.. nnti jumpa r... level pling atas...

~M i z a ~ said...

ooo..org lighting ke? xingt plak is there such story.. tp ada gak 1 story kwn akak kena time the next day after play.. siang2 hari plak kat dlm audi tu.. hahah! jgn harap akak nk crita kat sni..later r kita story mory nnti..

ha? tgga mana plak ni? ada lif ke? xtau pun..haha! seingt akak, dlu time kiteorg kemas brg2 macbeth kitorg, kiteorg ltak kat bilik blakang tgga dlm library. suma kiteorg lempar situ.

Amalina Sulaiman said...

ololo...pasal spirit tu..quite eerie lah azham..haha..ko ni menakutkan aku je..^^

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Miza: ok2, nnti kita story mory eyh psl kes kawan akak tu? hehehe, hurm, ok, I'll check the room behind the stairs tomorrow...

Leen: hehehe, we should know bout these kind of stories la, so, we'll be more careful next time...huhuhu right?