Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry I'm Not A Good Leader...

I'm so sorry,
I'm dumb.
I'm not a good leader.
I don't know how to lead.
Hundreds of sorry,
We are moving too slow.
To my Props team members for Macbeth.
It's going to be a crap.
We are going to borrow seniors props,
Which I think is going to affect our marks.
I didn't consult the lecturers,
Because I know they are going to alter this and that.
I know, we trusts ourselves right?
We know we are able to do things right, right?
But the lecturers and friends didn't notice that.
I am seriously sad, 
I hate it to be a leader.
Firstly, I want to act.
It's so happen that during the day of audition,
I was on leave.
I was sick.
So they put me under Props Committee.
Is it fair?
Then, during the meeting,
My classmates suggested my name to be a leader.
I declined, said that I was busy.
But they insisted, said that Macbeth is an assignment.
I agreed, bitterly, though they forced me.
Is it fair?
Now this morning,
My classmates scolded me,
The way she say it,
Like our team did nothing.
Yeah, I agree.
We were too busy,
Language Camp, Language Week.
It was hectic, yet pathetic.
I am so sad.
I said to Mr Mano,
That I don't want to be a Props leader anymore.
He said nothing, and keep on asking.
I am sick, of doing things I hate!
I want to act!
I hate to do props,
And then to be a leader?
What the H**l?
The world is unfair.
I hope that Macbeth will be a failure.
I am sorry.
But can we have more time?
Can we be excluded from other stupid stuffs?
Can we just focus on our work?
Dear God, listen to me.
I am so sick right now.
I am tired of living like this.
Honestly, I want to go back.
Think that I don't belong here.
I had lots of troubles here,
With the seniors, friends.
I think I'm having mental illness now.
I'm going crazy if I'm not treated.
Dear God, listen to me.
I need a human friend.
I need support.
I want to cry now.
Please help me.
Will you?


Amalina Sulaiman said...

azharm..be patient..
God helps those who help themselves..
Life IS Fair..one day you'll know the miracle hidden underneath all these chaos..
We asked for strength..ALLAH gives us troubles to handle
We asked for love..ALLAH gives us troubled people to be helped out..
We always asked for things that we want..but God gives us the things that we need..

~put that in mind ok (~_^)

Azham Vosovic said...

thanks Amalina Sulaiman....
I need a best friend...

Niwashini Nambiar said...

hey azham chill yar..life is complicated now the only way to get out frm all tiz stress is juz be u'rself
take a deep breath and stay relaxed k....
have a nice day and hope u vill be happy alwaiz ny dearest fren!!!!!!

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Niwa.. i really appreciate it...
hurm, i will be myself, and the best...
I love you guys...