Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Will...Try My Best!

I will try...for my best.
to make this blog,
an English blog.
I am not egocentric,
Never I am denying those beautiful Malay words.
I just want to improve my English, my language and grammar.
I will try, to write in English only.
I am not showing off.
But it is something that I need to do.
English is my passion.
I will upgrade myself.
It is me who need to walk the talk.
I want to be English-literate like my friends, seniors and lecturers.
Guys and Girls, the reader of Love Hate Vosovic,
Let me know of my wrong usage of language yeah?
I appreciate your constructive comments, or maybe the destructive one.
Till we meet again...
Salam, and God bless.

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