Thursday, April 22, 2010

Macbeth: Behind the Scene

Salam, and hi to you Guys and Girls. It has been a long time since I write long post right? Okay, for tonight, I would like to share with you Guys and Girls of what is happening behind the scene for Macbeth, a play production by Foundation TESL 2009 Intake. As I have stated in previous posts, I am the leader for Props Committee which means that my committee and I have to prepare, buy or borrow any props needed for the play. It was hard, but I have the best committee members and they are willing to sacrifice day and night to settle the props. I shall start with our first outing together to buy the materials and some props. We went to Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or famously known as Jalan TAR. Most of the committee members were present on that day. We went to Mydin, Kamdar, Jakel, and to some stalls along Jalan TAR. It was tiring but I am glad that we managed to get most of the props needed. The rest of will be done using our not-so-artistic hands and fingers. We had fun there but something unexpected occurred. Here are some pictures I included for reference. Enjoy...

This is one of the committee members, Amirul Syahmee Ibrahim. He posed in front of Kamdar as a proof that we went there to search for materials. Somehow(his favourite word) he looks like Kamdar's ambassador right? hahahaha...

This picture was taken in front of Mydin near Puduraya. We went there to buy cellophane tapes, coloured paper and stuffs. Here are the happy faces of us!

This picture was taken inside Kamdar. We were supposed to buy white cloth here but the price was expensive and somehow(Mirul's fav word) the quality of the cloth was not like what we wanted. So, we went off to Jakel and we found cheap but good quality of cloth. I really like this picture. It looks like we are the contestants of my favourite TV show, Project Runway. hehehe, seriously, I think we are the contestants!

Okay, this is the sad part of the story. All of us went to Masjid India to pray. I think the mosque is called Masjid India too. My friend here, Rina Bberi (her Facebook name) wanted to top up her phone's credit when she realized that her purse was missing. She was shocked and we went back to the mosque to search for it. I mean, the girls went inside and tried to search it. According to the girl's story, there's another woman in the mosque who lost a purse as well. Rina went out of the mosque and cried. It was sad to see that small and cute friend of mine cried, so we accompanied her to lodge a police report. As both of my parents are police officers (another secret is revealed), I have an experience on how to make a report. So, the policewoman here asked Rina to block all her bank accounts. After we were done with the report, there's a friend of mine, Amy a.k.a Myra approached me and said "Azham, we are collecting RM 5 for Rina". At that very moment, there's a tear coming out from my human eyes but I managed to cover it. Seriously, I was touched by their action. Well of course Rina cried, and I keep a distance so that they will never notice me crying (another secret is revealed). I cried because I know that these people that I mingled with are the dependable ones. They can be trusted. If I ever be in Rina's shoes, I know there will be people who will help me. I am proud of Amy a.k.a Myra, Fatin Athirah, Hui Yang, Mirul, Imran, Waheida and all. 

The next day, were were busy preparing the props and backdrops. I shall not reveal it here as there will be another episode of Macbeth: Behind the Scene. Till then, I'm Azham Vosovic, signing off.

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