Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things happen for a reason

Hey, what's up Guys and Girls? It has been a productive weekend for me actually. I had a heart to heart talk to my beloved best friend in IPBA, Raevarthy. Now I know what had happened to her and I felt sorry for not being there when she needs me the most. I managed to clear up things with her. I think that was our first meeting together after almost five months in IPBA. Last semester, we used to sit together during assembly and talk while we were supposed to pay our attention to the assembly. I did with her, just now. We sat together and obviously talks a lot. I had my best moment with her, after few problems encountered my life. She gave me lots of advice and constructive thoughts. I love her so much. Thanks Raeva!!!

Okay, back to the title, things happens for a reason. Have you ever find yourself in the middle of your feared problems? Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Honestly, I had my own experience when I could not handle my problems. I had one thought in mind, to jump off from Tower Block after class so that my ghost will haunt the people I hate the most in IPBA. When I think about it, I am glad that I did not commit such a sin. I finally realized that things happen for a reason.

I had lots of problems because Allah knows that I can handle it. So, if I commit suicide, it will be a shame for me because I choose to get away from my problems. I am strong, so I will fight over my problems. I know I am problematic, but that is life. And yesterday, while I was day-dreaming about my ex, I realized that problems and miseries will come in bundle. It will bug our life, and comes with brothers and sisters. I had mine, in package; simply wrapped in a smile but turns out to be my fearful nightmare.

Enough of that, I think I will have the best of my life if I move on. So, here am I, Mohd Azham Bin Amran, writing here, to my loyal blog and readers and I strongly believe that I will lead a better life next time. Moral from story, don’t you ever dare to commit suicide! Salam, and God bless.


~M i z a ~ said...

everyone has their own probs. it's up to us how to handle it. i know u r strong to handle these probs. commit suicide is just for loser. n u r not!

bout r/ship, it's very cmplicated to handle. i was at my rock bottom when i entered ipba early this year. up to a point i feel my life is meaningless and i dont want to do anything in my life. but then i realized every cloud has a silver lining. i lost my one and only so-called lover, but i get a lot of good friends in returns. so, dont let problem bothers u. just enjoy ur life to the max ok. :)

gwen velora said...

u'll be better azham..take care always yea boy..yea..its true..things happen for reason and remember, god never give a problem that we cannot handle..because god loves us..i know our religion is different but dat doesnt mean we cannot share..sharing is caring rite..

chill ya..be happy owest boy..^__^

Azham Vosovic said...

To my lovely Kak Miza n Gwen...
thank you so much. It's just a silly thought n I'm glad that I didn't do it. Hurm, I think I'm happier now. Will try my best to lead a happy life. Kak Miza,let's jog at UM? Gwen,keep ur blog updated yeah? Gosh, I'm happy today to see u two care bout me so much! Thanks a lot!

Amalina Sulaiman said...

God helps those who help themselves..May Allah bless you always azharm..put your faith on ALLAH ..and surely you won't feel those deep disappointments..this is life..live it to the fullest! =)