Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is from Raevarthy:

Thanks Raeva:

"dear bff, life has pushed us so far away from each other n i miss those times we use to spend together..u were there for me n i would like to be there for u too..i read ur blog n i dun noe wats gng on but im worried..u sound upset...always noe that i have a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on...n besides u told me im strong n i survived on ur encouraging words..u stood up for me...n i m who i m today partially because of u...i just hate to see u upset because u r so nice...i just wanna let you noe that dun let others push u down..just as you begin to fall, reach into your heart n i noe u will make it...u r strong azham!"

This is for you: 

Thanks my BFF! I need you now, seriously. I can't take it anymore. But you are busy too. I don't want to burden you. I miss our old times together, we cried together right? You are the kind of friend that I need in my life. We laughed and cried, and I hope that it will remain that way. But i was quite shocked because when you had problems, you didn't tell me. I thought you don't want me to be your BFF anymore. Then, i keep on quiet, I didn't tell you about my probs. U've been nice to me, n I love you soo much. Thanks Raeva, for giving me support. I appreciate it very much. I really2 miss you... 

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