Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fever and Flu; all around Kuala Lumpur

Patient's name: Adibah Khalidah
Sicknesses: Fever, flu and coughing.

The Tumblrian who got sick: Adibah Khalidah.

Poor her...

But she didn't want to eat.

Oklah, she ate that "pau" finally.

Mr Shafik, our driver and Miss Farah Michaels, the health consultant.

Mr Vosovic with lots of food. Yeah, we bought a lot of food because there was such a long queue in PPUM. We ate, we laugh and we talked like nobody's business. Lot's of Diba's relatives were there too, hehehe...

Diba, Shafik and Farah. We had fun there right? We stayed up until 1 AM and went to places around Kuala Lumpur. Yes, we did! 

Somewhere near Little India, Brickfields.

Dataran Merdeka

Love the lights.

We reached IPBA at about 2 PM because we have the permission from the guards to come back a bit late. That explains why we went all around Kuala Lumpur at night even though Adibah fall sick. She's so "sempoi"!

Mr. Bolster, Mid Valley

Congratulations, you're still in the running for Diba the Dibot's Next Top Bolster. For those eliminated, I am sorry to ask you to go back to the hostel, pack your bags and leave the country. You're not huggable enough for Miss Diba's perfect sleep.

Love this candid moment. Thanks to Nateesha Kaur Gill for driving Diba, Zati, Azam and I to Mid Valley last Sunday. We went there to search for Diba the Dibot's new bolster since she has been complaining to Miss Zati about her terrible sleep. Poor Miss Zati, her room mate hehehe...

Mr Alexs Nuk is not so voluptuous next to this huge teddy right?

Miss Nateesha's new boyfriend, nay!

Our babies in the nursery.

I have twin babies, yeay me!

Another twin I found in Jusco Mid Valley. They are not so identical this time. 


Miss Nateesha and Diba the Dibot.

Miss Zati and Mr Alexs Nuk.

The IPBA's Angels.

My devils in heart.

The Treats models.

Super-duper like this photo because I look a bit muscular and I like it. And Diba the Dibot always look fabulous right?

Self-proclaimed Treats model. I don't care if the stuffs there are for girls only or not because I just love to pose. Hire me people!

P/S: All images belong to Mr Android and Miss X5.

Carl's Junior and my devils in Mid Valley

Yes, we are in the Forever Hungry community, founded by Mr Vosovic. We love to eat and don't mind spending a lot of money to make our tummy happy. Last weekend, we went to Carl's Junior and managed to eat a lot that the car can hardly move after that, right Nateesha? Enjoy the pictures people, courtesy of Mr Android and Miss X5. 

Miss Diba the Dibot Hates Sluts

Miss Zati, Living in My Life, 

Mr Alexs Nuk, The Libidinuos Me

Miss Nateesha Kaur Gill, our lovely driver.

My burger...

Nateesha's burger.

Mr Vosovic is busy with the phone, uploading photos.

The Room Mates, Miss Diba and Miss Zati.

Mr Alexs Nuk and the half of Miss Diba, that is so Greece-ish.

Oh God, I love them all my devils; but why devils? My answer is simple, because they are angels in my heart. So far, they haven't betrayed my trust on them and love me for who I am. They are going to be super-teachers one day, and get married with lots of kids, especially Alexs Nuk hehehe.

Kayaking in University of Malaya

All the images belongs to Miss Farah, taken from Miss Zati's blog:

Today, I would like to share to all my blog readers and followers about my current obsession. Yeah, I am into kayaking now! Glad that my college(IPBA) is located near to the University of Malaya that I can just walk and "abuse" the facilities there. Well, I can't wait to go to UPM next year, seriously; to do more exciting and unexpected things that I can never do before. Now, let the pictures do the talking, thank you.

This is the lake where I usually jog around it in the evening.

That's myself and Alexs Nuk.

The bloggers I met there, Mr iGossip and Miss Zati. They are so friendly and unexpectedly, they are actually my own classmates in IPBA! Hahaha, they are my friends, forever and always.

Kayaking is so tiring.

Happy moments with the bloggers.

We brought our own photographer as well, Miss Farah.

Look at how Alexs tried to capsize Miss Zati and Mr iGossip's kayak, that was so bad of him, hehehe!

This is Miss Farah,

Can't wait to go there again plus it's so cheap; only RM3 for non-UM students and it's open everyday except on Tuesday. Come on, let's lead a healthy lifestyle IPBArians!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forgive Me

Stupid me! I went out for food hunting with my friends when I was supposed to wear black attire and mourn today. Seriously, my parents would be very sad to see that I enjoyed the day to the max while they are back in Kelantan attending my uncle's funeral. You know what, blame me for being so selfish and quickly moving on with my life when other people are still sad about the loss. I know that I would never be forgiven, but I am sorry for being too happy today. Forgive me, all.  

P/S: Rest in peace Pok Su, Kamarul Arifin Bin Ismail. My mum told me that you passed away in sleep but you smiled peacefully. Al-Fatihah. 

Image source: Google

Love is fake

Glad that I was the problem because love is fake.
If only there were no strings attached between us,
But you are mine and that is the way it goes.


Rest in peace uncle,
You are too young to die for cancer.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Peter Pan

Peter Pan, kidnap me now and bring me to the land far far away. I am too sick and tired of my own drama, the endless conflicts. And I don't want to grow old too, I want to stay young forever and live my childhood dream. I want to fly up in the air, far from the people who disgust me greatly.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The way it hurts

Not going to fake a smile or personality anymore as I  have the authority to decide what I want to do with my life. Well, I love being myself, no one can ever be badly bombarded with hatred like Azham Vosovic right? And this is not bragging, I am sure that I am living my life terribly than others but I like the way it hurts.