Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life's a mess

Life is a mess when your friends have started to lose faith in you even when you have apologized and quit the fight long time ago. It hurts to the bottommost when your closest friends have drifted away just because of one silly mistake that every one knows about it. It sucks when you have become the "mutton" crossing the road waiting to be crushed by a truck when they ignored your intention to make things better for the upcoming years. I guess I shall put the pen down and ask Allah why friendship is not easy for me anymore? 

P/S: I miss my room mate, I don't know why we have stopped talking to each other?


syariffs halim said...

I've been in this situation before.In fact,I am still.we don't talk much since then.I've tried everything to go back the way it used to be.Too bad he's the one who seems trying avoiding being close to me again.

syariffs halim said...

typo.* I still am

Azham Vosovic said...

I see... I think I know the kind of situation you're dealing with. Seriously, why don't we just focus on our life and move on now? I'm sick and tired of the drama la, in fact I have stopped acting in my real life! Go Syariffs, move on!

syariffs halim said...

I'm sure you are cos we are in the same boat.exactly.this drama is undeniably tiring and gets us nowhere after all.you're right.let's focus on our precious life rather thinking of something which makes us hurt even more.thank! you too Azham,move on!

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Syariffs! Let's move on for a better life. We are freaking tired of faking smiles and personalities!