Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kayaking in University of Malaya

All the images belongs to Miss Farah, taken from Miss Zati's blog:

Today, I would like to share to all my blog readers and followers about my current obsession. Yeah, I am into kayaking now! Glad that my college(IPBA) is located near to the University of Malaya that I can just walk and "abuse" the facilities there. Well, I can't wait to go to UPM next year, seriously; to do more exciting and unexpected things that I can never do before. Now, let the pictures do the talking, thank you.

This is the lake where I usually jog around it in the evening.

That's myself and Alexs Nuk.

The bloggers I met there, Mr iGossip and Miss Zati. They are so friendly and unexpectedly, they are actually my own classmates in IPBA! Hahaha, they are my friends, forever and always.

Kayaking is so tiring.

Happy moments with the bloggers.

We brought our own photographer as well, Miss Farah.

Look at how Alexs tried to capsize Miss Zati and Mr iGossip's kayak, that was so bad of him, hehehe!

This is Miss Farah,

Can't wait to go there again plus it's so cheap; only RM3 for non-UM students and it's open everyday except on Tuesday. Come on, let's lead a healthy lifestyle IPBArians!


Miss Zati (^___^) said...

abg tmpt kayak: budak UM ker?
azham: erm,.. a'ah..

Azham Vosovic said...

Masa tu da gelabah hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

datang lah lagi ke tasik varsiti, kami um kayakers mengalu-alukan kedatangan anda semua. dan kami berharap sukan ni dapat diperkembangkan ke seluruh pelusuk malaysia.

Azham Vosovic said...

Anon: hehe, thank you....kalau terjumpa kt sana, tegur2 lah kay hehehe