Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Pictures: Maulidur Rasul

I am too tired to write already, 
Let the pictures do the talking okay? 

Preparation for "Bubur Lambuk" 
and other delicacies:

Nurr Shafik and Yazzeid Yassein

The best "bubur lambuk" I guess?

Nurul Amyra showing her expertise.

Rina Bberi, Mim Toge Kapoor and Miss Zati
plus "batu lesung" as well...

Amirul Aurelius and the ingredients...

My beloved classmates... 

Perarakan Maulidur Rasul

The FEAST!!!

Mim Toge Kapoor and Mr Azham Vosovic.

(Images belong to: Android Album)


~aisya~ said...

i miss gadis berbaju hijau n purple so much!!!! huhuhu..miss sume org laa!! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Eh, rindu Kak Jeha dgn Kak Mariah je ker??? hehe....