Monday, March 14, 2011

39.50 degree Celcius, University Malaya Medical Centre

It was a cold evening yesterday, the fan was off but I was shivering while trying to sleep. I told myself that I can't stand the fever anymore and decided to go to the hospital. My whole body ached and I thought that I have been infected with dengue. I asked N-ta to call Madam Normadiah, the warden of my block and headed straight to University Malaya Medical Centre. 

Her husband was very kind for driving Azam and I to the hospital because I could barely walk at that time. We arrived there, registered myself at the counter and waited for my name to be called. Since Azam and I had not eaten from the morning, we went to the cafeteria and stuffed our tummy with food. 

Look at the portion of my rice, that doesn't resemble my appetite as someone who was sick at all right?

This is Mr Azam who was very stubborn for wanting to accompany me to the hospital. I told him that it will a long process but alhamdullillah, he is a true friend indeed. He was supposed to do his assignments yesterday but he was with me all night at the hospital. May Allah bless him with wealth and health in life.

This is me, who still wants to look fashionable even though I was sick at that time. Look at my tummy, I am getting fatter, help me!!!

The doctor said that my body temperature was quite high, 39.50 degree Celcius but my blood pressure is okay. He said that I have infection in my throat so that causes my fever, flu and terrible coughing. Oh God, I don't want to get sick anymore, it's sick.

So this is my "dessert" for every meal. Argh, I hate medicines! I have to take Paracetamol, Diphenhydramine CO Expectorant a.k.a "Ubat Batuk", Chlorphenamine a.k.a "ubat selsema" and Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate a.k.a antibiotic.

Great! One enjoyable way to kick start my assignments. Hopefully I won't fall asleep due to the amount of medicines I am taking. Good luck Azham, good luck!

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