Saturday, March 19, 2011

That makes my day


I am in KFC Jalan University to complete the video and PowerPoint Presentation for "Kemahiran Berfikir" assignments with Alexs Nuk, Nateesha Kaur Gill, Mohamat Nurr Shafik and Nur Siti Rozaialaina. Great, the due date is this Monday but I have no Windows Movie Maker installed in my computer system. Now I have to wait for the software to be fully downloaded until I can do my favourite part, video production. 


AfiQ said...

hahaah.. bagooos!! rajin2!!! hahaha

Pirate said...

ooouu... lalu situ td... ingat nak singgah tp cancel sbb nak trus ke destinasi :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Afiq: enjoy gila buat assignments bila semua happy...hehehe..

Pirate: ala, kenapa tak singgah? Kalau tak boleh sy berjumpa seorang blogger di sana hehe.. Anyway, Encik Pirate tinggal area situ ker?

~aisya~ said...

all the best!! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak CHa: hehe, thanks... video da siap! Alhamdulillah.. nanti sy upload kt sini yea.. hehehe