Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dare to quit Linguistics?

The awkward moment when Madam R, Madam H and Mister T are arguing about the correct method of doing the Tree Diagram. I just don't give a damn because I have never thought that learning Linguistics could be that confusing. Besides, they are the experts right? What do you think TESLians? Dare to quit the course now? hahahahaha....

P/S: Drawing a Tree Diagram here is not an easy task.
 Check this out:

Seriously, I thought that I was learning Mathematics that time. Oh please, I hate Maths!


Aly89 said...

Oh yeah, I remember that when we were in Maktab. Really confusing.

My tips: Start from whichever angle/side u're comfortable with. And also just need do A LOT of exercises.. :)

P/s: I hate Maths too :(

~M i z a ~ said...

guess what?
tree diagram was my favourite part in learning linguistic!
seriyes xtipu.
trust me, sng je. seriyes xtipu again.
u can do it bro!

Azham Vosovic said...

Sis Aly: I know, it's really confusing. I always start my tree diagram from below, then I will draw the arrows upward... that's easier for me...

Sis Miza: Haha, tak best la bila da masuk degree ni. Lecturers da x spoon-fed us anymore. We have to stuggle for ourselves... huhuh... ok2 I will try sis.. Thanks for d advice!